TSA Quietly Moves to Make Body Scanners Mandatory

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As you head to the airport this Christmas, knowing full well that you’ll soon have to endure the indignities of the TSA, you can at least take solace in the fact that you’ll get to choose your indignity. When it’s time to go through security, you can either go through a body scanner, or endure a grubby pat-down. However, that choice may not be available in the future

The TSA has changed their policy on letting passengers opt out of the scanner. You’re still allowed to opt out, but under certain circumstances the TSA can now force you to go through the scanner. According to the DHS “TSA is updating the AIT PIA to reflect a change to the operating protocol regarding the ability of individuals to opt opt-out of AIT screening in favor of physical screening…While passengers may generally decline AIT screening in favor of physical screening, TSA may direct mandatory AIT screening for some passengers.”

The DHS hasn’t explained what conditions would prompt their agents to force you into the scanner, which is awfully convenient. I suppose if they wanted to, they could just force everybody to get scanned, which is probably what this policy change will eventually lead to. The TSA is after all, notoriously bad at catching terrorists (as are these machines). Their real job is to acclimate the population to be more obedient, and that means periodically introducing new rights violations in small, unnoticeable increments.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .

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  • AllodialTitle

    Bypass all that and just buy your own plane

    • NonYo Business


    • Better build your airport while you are at it, and be prepared to be intercepted by fighter jets if you didn’t file a flight plan and obtain the FAA’s permission to enter their jurisdiction.

      • AllodialTitle

        piss off

        • I can’t help it if you are too stupid to come in out of the rain, and fully willing to demonstrate it in public.

        • And never get above the local ceiling…

  • ccambridge

    Tsa = terrorist security assholes

    • 1PissedAmerican

      The Sexual Act

  • ccambridge

    And when you’re screened make sure you give them the NY salute with both hands and blame it on a disability so they can’t say anything without violating disabled people’s rights.

    • masterblaster

      Eat good FART food just 30 minutes before the grubbing search it always works

  • mayday911us.

    Wait I have a question if it doesn’t work why are you forcing people to do it?

    If you failed to find 90% of the weapons explosives etc. what do you even still exist?

    • Like all the wars since WW2, it is designed to garner greater control over the sheeple and military-intelligence complex profits.

      • mayday911us.

        You do realize military intelligence is an oxymoron in its self.

        Have you seen the people that work at the TSA they’re not the most educated people.

        How many people that work for them been fired for theft or abusing the system?

        • Most of the people who work for the TSA only do so because it pays more than McDonald’s without any more competence or intelligence.
          Military intelligence isn’t part of the military-intelligence complex.

          • mayday911us.

            OK have you looked at the pay scale for TSA employees?

            Depending on experience from other jobs depends on what you’re paid. Most people started that the low-end.

            OK you’re the even read what you type military intelligence profits let’s think about that. What the hell is military intelligence complex?

          • In the places where I’ve lived, the TSA has always stated the highest starting pay of any position requiring no experience.

            To “OK you’re the even read what you type military intelligence profits let’s think about that,” all I can say is HUH?

            The military-intelligence complex is the totality of all organizations involved in military or intelligence operations of any kind. Everything from the lowliest employee to the highest ranking officer plus all of the contractors and suppliers. This should be obvious if you are the least bit familiar with Ike’s admonition about the military-industrial complex.

          • mayday911us.

            Oh good more pointless words congratulations you must move around a lot.

            What profits are made for military intelligence do you know anything what military intelligence actually does is cost the lives. Based on faulty Intel and The inability to piece it together.

            You do realize there is a different reason he contractors and suppliers? One does the work and the other one supplies the part that are requested for a certain price.

            What you’re probably looking for is Intel operators that do fieldwork. Then data analysis of what they collect and what they can rip off from who they’re looking at.

            The military-industrial complex is basically comes down to control over who gets government contracts to do certain things. With what they push for in funding research development and war.

          • My pointless words are more useful than your unparseable sentences.

          • mayday911us.

            Oh thank you anything else keyboard commando?

            When you have something relevant to say let me know.

  • doucyet

    The TSA is now taking applications for a s s sniffers. Must be willing to work long hours under harsh conditions.

    • none

      Is the TSA now taking applications from T/S’s ( trans/sexuals)?
      Oh boy, I think a lot of people are going to oped out for the scanners?

  • AZBlackDog

    You gotta fly private. NO security, no pat-downs, no burger-flippers power-tripping, no stolen identities, no baggage-check, no dealing with skanky stews, no dumping out your effing toothpaste or water bottles, no being told to turn off your phone or PDA, no problem changing your flight plan, no customs at the other end, no waiting to board, no waiting to disembark, no jack-booted thugs pushing their weight around on or off the plane, no problem smoking on the plane, drinking on the plane, snorting cocaine on the plane.


    No More BS!

  • My choice is to eschew flying.

  • masterblaster

    drive or train

    • TSA will be moving into bus and train stations shortly.

      • Reverend Draco

        I saw a VIPR unit at Union Station in Chicago, 3 years ago when I went by train from Cali to Indiana for my favorite niece’s wedding. . .

        Fortunately (for them) they never gave this greybeard a second glance.

  • masterblaster

    The TSA is destroying air travel

    • At least the part of it that has survived the aircraft manufacturers, the airlines, the airports, the APs, and the poor service.

  • masterblaster

    The last three years I flew around the country for work I always opted out and they always asked why do you do that ? My answer was always the same they have no right to force me into a x-ray machine. Imagine I averaged three round trippers a week and that would be six x rays a week if the puke ass law takes effect. This whole phony corrupt agency needs to be TRUMPS first target in budget reductions followed by DHS

    • Helluva3ngineer

      I think the big difference is that xray machines are typically inspected and semi-regulated. These things likely belch radiation in all directions, get out of tune, and no one gives a crap including the morons who walk through them.

  • I’m surprised that no one has developed the completely feasible full-body fluoroscope like the one shown in the movie Total Recall.
    They could have us walk through it while our bags pass through the smaller version in current use. All of this exposure to ionizing radiation would dramatically enhance the cancer rate of frequent flyers, providing a significant increase in the profitability of allopathy.

  • Chancho Bandito

    time to bring your guns through airport security

  • John Cathy


  • 1PissedAmerican

    STOP the nazism quit flying.

  • Ken, Megapolis

    Insist on scanning my balls and I will insist on kicking you in yours. Simple.

  • Frank

    This article is stupid and pointless. ANOTHER whining, out-dated rant from Joshua Krause.
    This TSA idiocy, to include the “full body scanners” has been in effect for how many years now??? Despite TSA’s overall incompetence and utter failures at detecting something like 90% of harmful materials successfully put through their security apparatus by security inspections/auditing personnel, they continue to operate – as a low-level DETERRENT only. Recent successful attacks against commercial airlines involved the complete circumvention of static security checkpoints.
    So, with all the whining and hoopla by writers with nothing better to discuss, those who travel on a regular basis know that this is such a minor inconvenience that it barely merits a mention. The biggest cause of slow-downs at airport security checkpoints is dumb-schit travelers who don’t read directions or pay attention or listen. They’re too busy drinking their coffee or talking or texting when they should be focused on the task at-hand – stowing their gadgets and preparing their carry-on items for inspection.
    American travelers ASSUME and EXPECT too much from the lowest-level government workers, some of which can barely speak English. So, as long as travelers accept the fact that the security of commercial airlines is largely in the hands of foreign-born, non-English speakers who couldn’t give a schit about the safety of the travelers, they might understand and deal with the slow-moving lines with a clearer picture. Stroking hate and discontent towards TSA obviously is a waste of energy (unless, like Krause, you get paid to write such useless garbage).