TSA: Keeping Travelers Safe by Inspecting Cars Left in Valet Parking

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Now not only does the TSA thoroughly inspect your person and your carry-on bags – they can order an inspection of the car you left behind also.

A New York woman was shocked to return home from a trip to find a notice on her car informing her that it had been searched after her departure from Greater Rochester International Airport.

Apparently, only cars that are valet parked are subject to this treatment. Valet attendants are under orders of the TSA to search the vehicles that are left with them. (Valet attendants are NOT employees of the Transportation Security Administration.)

News10NBC spoke with the airport’s TSA director.

Berkeley Brean asked, “Are the cars in the short term lots and long term lots getting searched as well?”

John McCaffery, TSA, said, “No, those vehicles that are in the garage, short term long term parking, even if they carry pretty large amounts of explosives, they would not cause damage to the front of the airport. But for those who use the valet, the car could be there for a half hour or an hour so there is a vulnerability.” (source)

This heretofore unannounced policy has only been going on for about a month. The TSA says that it is a “proactive move” that is “part of the overall security plan.”

We should  feel safer already, knowing that the TSA is empowering parking attendants to rifle through travelers’ glove boxes and inspect the contents of their vehicles’ trunks.

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  • KillEmAll

    This has been going on at the Birmingham airport (BHM) for years.

  • Barn Cat

    It’s not about safety. It’s about control. They should only search Muslims and people who look like they’re from the middle east. No need to feel up grandma for possible explosives.

    • Barn Crap

      And you make the assumption that only towelheads are aggressive and violent. I have seen alot of angry narcissistic whites AND blacks that pose a threat to innocent humans.

      I never use valet parking because I dont trust anyone including the white kid hired to valet park. I dont fly because I refuse to be violated financially or physically. Muslims are not the biggest problem in this country. Narrow minded inbreds morons like feral BarnCats are the biggest threat to society just like the alphabet agencies.

      • SKIP

        Barn Crao! you need to get out more, Muslims and blacks (not much difference actually) ARE IN FACT a huge threat to everyone’s safety and either you know that or you have NO dealings with muslims or blacks.

        • Tamara

          I had a friend who was black… he died from diabetes, unfortunately… his mom works in a hospital… such horror, helping to take care of sick people… a real threat to the community… I mean, anyone who helps sick people MUST be a terrorist, right? I’m being sarcastic by the way. Geez you’re very presumptuous… You’re supposed to deal with people based on their individual actions, group profiling is just ignorant and dumb. Get a grip.

    • Tamara

      No they shouldn’t, that would be racist and profiling…. they shouldn’t search anyone’s car without just cause AND a warrant, it is a violation of one’s privacy otherwise. Stop letting these people erode your freedoms… some people who appear Muslim or middle eastern are Americans too, by the way…. You have to protect everyone’s rights or your rights could be taken away later by some other “reasonable” (to the people violating your rights) excuse. Either people are free or they aren’t, you can’t call yourself a free country and then violate people’s rights. Even foreigners have the right to privacy. It is considered a HUMAN right… and by the way, 911 was a false flag event, an inside job, ALLOWED to happen so you guys could be convinced to slowly give up your freedoms to an increasingly corrupt and controlling government. Your government has been infiltrated and corrupted by globalist elites who want to destroy your sovereignty and set up a centralized one-world government through the UN…. so while you are focusing on racist profiling of Muslims, the true enemy of your country continues to erode your country unnoticed.

  • RickE.

    Wow, I’m SO glad they’re on the job! I’m just feeling SO safe I can’t believe the relief!

    • SKIP

      DON”T remove it, the Silverback gorillas love it. She DOES look like a chimpanzee in many of her photos though and no doubt about it.

  • RickE.

    @Sheeple, PLEASE remove that advertisement with Michelle Baboon Obama’s face, it’s scary! Seems to follow me everywhere I go on this website!

    • Andy

      I am with you,I have never even seen something like this in a zoo!Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

    • It is I only

      I’m with you! Her psychopathic face could scare an battle hardened SAS soldier

  • robertsgt40

    LMAO. Now valet car parkers are experts in bomb searching. Ever wonder how many of the valets might be muslims. This is rich. At least now, anyone that was thinking about setting up a car will at least hide the explosives somewhere besides the trunk or glove box. This is rich.

  • It is I only

    So the Totalitarian Stasi Agency is up to their usual things?
    Well the cattle. Ooops I mean goyim have to be safe!

  • Nexus789

    Glad I don’t live in the US. So creepy. They will be breaking into your homes checking that there are no terrorists under the bed.

    • RickE.

      @Nexus, they already do search “under our beds”… Under the guises of the war on drugs and the war on terror!
      We are no longer recognizable as a constitutional republic!

  • Harvey1

    What about having a search warrant as REQUIRED by our CONSTITUTION? ILLEGAL and outrageous!

  • dan

    Tell me a government department that honors the Constitution and citizens personal property….do you really think they are looking for explosives,with parking atendants doing the search…..imagine all the personal info that a unbonded and unaccountable valet could get from YOUR vehicle…we could do away with the TSA and NSA..and say a lot of money….imho

  • Old Poor Richard

    They shouldn’t search ANYBODY’s car without a damn warrant signed by a judge who received an affidavit listing specific, articulable facts adding up to probable cause that a crime was being committed.

    Time to shut down the TSA, and the DHS, completely.