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TSA assaults & traumatizes three-year-old girl in wheelchair

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February 20th, 2013
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  • cindy

    All for “safety”. :-X

  • OldGuy

    Good job TSA, you are making the world a much safer place with your actions. Good thing you actually showed that little girl and her family that no threat, no matter how small, will be ignored.

    We understand perfectly your desire to not be filmed for operational security. All this is for your safety of course. Dont be alarmed. This will only take a minute and no stuffed animals will be harmed.

    These types of videos are all over the net and show just how dedicated TSA is to making your flight as safe as possible.

    I am so proud of our agents that pay special attention to the handicapped and elderly and applaud them for making time for all the young kids, especially the girls *winkwink* that get the extra-special patdowns.

    I know that bad people come in all ages, colors and sizes and to make things fair you would do everything in your power to avoid profiling a possible terrorist. We dont want to offend anyone of course.

    I just felt the urge to say thanks with all the sarcasm I could muster while trying not to puke on my keyboard. Thumbs up you mindless, cowardly bastards.

    (in case anyone is incapable of reading the blatant sarcasm in my post … nuff said)

  • spartacus !

    one day soon this ” degenerate behavior ” will come back in their heads 10 fold !!!!!!!!!!! , scum ! fucking scum !

  • hipshotpercusion

    Too bad there wasn’t some red blooded Americans there who could have taken these goons and smashed their f*cking heads and kicked the crap out of them. Stand up!

  • morris adams

    i wonder what would happen if you said ”touch that little girl and i will beat you into a coma”… someone should follow them out after work and split their fukin heads open… i mean uh, u know, only if their republicans,,, there, i covered myself from makin threats.

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