‘Truthers’ Target Sandy Hook

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The Los Angeles Times reported last week that some conspiracy theorists are claiming the Sandy Hook massacre was staged.

The LA Times says:

“So-called Sandy Hook ‘truthers’ contend that the Newtown Connecticut massacre at an elementary school was staged as part of a government-media conspiracy to galvanise support for gun control”

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Contributed by Chris Carrington of The Daily Sheeple.

Chris Carrington is a writer, researcher and lecturer with a background in science, technology and environmental studies. Chris is an editor for The Daily Sheeple. Wake the flock up!

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  • Smarty

    The link to “read more” doesn’t work 🙁

    • Smarty

      Thanks so much for telling me that. For some reason I am having trouble with that link. The story is on Sky News and is called ‘Sandy Hook Victims Targeted BY ‘Truthers’

  • Smarty

    Now the link to “read more” has been removed 🙁 🙁

  • Smarty

    Thanks for the update and all of your hard work Chris!

  • SKIP

    HA! i am beginning to think it is all fake too but the gun grab is not!

  • Isnt it the american way to blame victims? It works to blame unemployed and the elderly.

  • Michael Michaels

    The LA Times link just links to the front page, it doesn’t link to their article. Where is the link to the article?

  • Locus

    There’s three layers in this beastiary, ‘real kook’, some ‘troll’ and some ‘psyop’.


    Yes, there are a few schitzo freaks out there for whom believing that a crazy person with a bunch of guns sowed death and mayhem — in order to have their stupid face plastered all over the news — is like scaling a terrifying vertical cliff. Don’t want to go there.

    But believing that the Government Did It All and every video is faked and every grieving person is acting is easy is like riding the slippery slides in Candyland. It is easy. They are in a fun comfort zone where they can spew their theories, and enjoy shocking and pissing people off. No harm comes to them, no neighbors come knocking their (actual) front door to tell them to quit it and grow up.

    They honestly believe the stuff and post under their real names. A few dozen of them is all it takes.


    They don’t believe for a minute these theories, but they have developed a fetish for annoying people. They are also in a comfort fun zone but tend to play under anonymous pseudonyms. They are as a personality type worse than the kooks, the S.E.G. hyena laugh shrug ‘so sue me!’ people.

    There are thousands of these. They tend to have day jobs and the nighttime fetish of shocking and pissing off total strangers is fueled by a repressed sexual desire.


    Here is where it gets a little spooky. Often a kook’s idea will catch the attention of some organization or entity who perceives some actual gain from confusing an issue or ‘kookifying’ it. Their job, and there are corporations for hire who do this, is to create a crowd of sock puppets who fish the waters and front or echo certain themes.

    Perhaps to discourage moderate and curious people by associating garbage claims with real investigation of events (“an alien UFO hit the pentagon! Nuclear weapons took down the towers!”)

    Perhaps to turn issues that are sputtering into a wedge that channels sympathy towards the accused (eg., the ‘birther’ movement might infiltrated by ‘apparently-racist’ sock puppets)

    The level playing field of the Internet makes all of this possible. Where ideas once needed to gain enough traction to appear in actual print somewhere — a process that could be costly and difficult, involved persons at several levels of responsibility — now the Internet can be owned by anyone who manages to gather traffic from Google searches of people genuinely curious about something.

    Which means you need to devote MORE time to researching in the Internet age than you ever could before. You need to discern the aspects of an issue and attempt to identify single sources of jamming noise. And try to imagine possible motivations for same.

    And above all when you come upon some salient fact that shines through the noise, you need to hold on to it over time and share it with others in a calm respectful fashion.

    Such like, why would a hijacker choose not to fly on direct approach into the Pentagon, and instead negotiate a difficult 270 degree turn to impact the one section that had been recently been reinforced to withstand, a plane?

  • Just more false flags staged by the elite to press their selfish agenda!

  • spartacus !!!!!!!

    if you do enough research you can see that things do not ad up and if you believe what has been spoon fed to the majority of the sheeple by the msm you deserve to be lead to the trains !

  • spartacus !!!!!!!

    p.s. , hey locus !off the meds again !

    • Jean

      I apologize in advance, I’ll likely be insulting. It’s not personal, please don’t take it that way.
      I’m an engineer (software, though started as Mechanical.) Dad’s a rocket scientist, literally. In other words, I’m not dumb. 😉
      Locus may or may not need meds, but those who are truly intelligent – say, IQ 130+ or so – really DO live in “another world” from the average Man On The Street (MOTS). The MOTS is a sheeple who thinks the government is good for him. An Awake Sheeple (need to make a term here) is no smarter, I believe – just AWARE of the deception. Sees the news as the dog-and-pony show it is, that there’s no content – just fluff, and move to the next one. Like a whore with 6 beds, if you’ll pardon the metaphor. Suck-Suck-Pop, NEXT! Don’t believe me, look at a news show, even C-Span congressional coverage (I jest – Congressional coverage DOES show how much time is wasted, though.)

      Locus made some good points. There are the “True Believers” – those who believe they, too, can be Spiderman / Batman / Superman/ a mutant. Most of us grow up form that obvious phase – but there are people who still believe Elvis is alive. (If he is, so what? The value is..?) But there are those who dispute the truth of alligators in NYC sewers, and those who think the earth is Flat. To us, they are loons; to themselves, enlightened. Like the Inquisition: Dissent and you are insane (posessed by demons), and must be cleansed by fire; Assent, and they will send you to God’s loving embrace. IE, WTF is the difference? 😉
      The second group involves people who get off yanking other’s chains. The more they can enrage others, the more their otherwise worthless life feels endurable. In real life, they’d get their teeth knocked out, but online – no one can catch them.

      Both of those are minor nuisances. The problem is, scary as it may be, there ARE NGOs, lobbyists, capitalist, communists, leftists, rightists, egomaniacs, megalomaniacs, etc. who see ways to profit from events, real or manufactured, by swaying public opinion.
      THESE are the “enemy” in many ways. Think of it this way: Bill Gates is the problem, because he made Windows. (I use the platform all the time. Part of life. And i’m in IT, so – if I’m still finding out how deep the rabbit-hole goes, make no mistake, most people haven’t a clue.) I write C-based programs, javascript programs, perl, ruby. Tool is called LoadRunner. I can make these machines sit up and bark – IF, and ONLY IF, the [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] [censored] pieces of shit feel like performing. Herding cats is SIMPLE by comparison: This program overwrites its own files while opening, re-writes the contents of one file into another, re-orders steps, deletes content, and is subject to all the problems that Windows has – so what worked Tuesday before Microsoft pushed a fix, doesn’t work Wednesday, after the fix is installed, and your machine is rebooted (and all your work is lost). Even if you turn off auto-updates, it can still force installs if M$ decides it’s important enough. (Different service running allows M$ a back-door into EVERY system for updates, unless you find and disable it. Applies to everything up to Vista, not sure it’s still in existence in 7 or 8, but odds are… )
      So, the complexity is infiinite in a sense. Just now, we had a meeting – we’re getting a file error. Turns out the location is too long. 263 characters (maximum is 255).
      The people listed above? They’re at 263 characters – broken. Either having fun with it (troll) or lost in it (True Believer).
      The PsyOp wants to spread that disease. Light the fuse, add to the fire, burn it all, until only the intended outcome is possible.
      Banning guns, GMO foods, abortion, double-standards (Affirmative action for n*ggers, hurting blacks who CAN do the job, for instance; while keeping the Ghetto culture as “black.” Any black American who succeeds is an Uncle Tom or a Sellout or an Oreo – white on the inside. Not Black Enough. You get the idea.)

      The PsyOps types are dangerous, and the closer we are to the lunatic fringe (meaning it in a medical sense), the easier it is to demonize us. The more “fringes” you associate with, the more you come towards the “bitter clingers,” or the “misogynist” or “racist” or “anti-immigrant” trope.

      Basically, I believe, the point is: Stay AWAY from being too angry, too vicous, too easily marginalized. give the PsyOps nothing to hook on, no emotion to warp.

      (And I’m sorry to say, Locus, that that’s basically being a machine. Let’s all pump more Soma so the nasty world goes away. I know it’s not good; but unless there is retaliation, we’ve already lost. This is ALL emotional stuff, it’s important to us, good or bad; we need to make interference PAINFUL. And if you look, there’s a supposed confession of a professional shill out there; he wrote about how he was paid to troll, to derail conversations, to twist, warp, and misrepresent people. We need to be aware, and think before we write; but we cannot give up our logic, OR our passion. We need merely think before writing, and try to limit our angry outbursts. They live forever online.
      Note to self: Post what you just wrote on the computer screen so YOU remwmber it, Jean!)

      • Locus

        Well spoken Jean!

        Q: What do you get when you attempt to reconcile… VFAT name limitations, DOS tilde ~8.3 name support, legacy MSDOS (and CP/M!) reserved device names (con, lpt1) that cannot be used, UNICODE high page aliases for ASCII characters, collating orders, Joliet character restrictions, ISO path length restrictions, forward and backslash issues, double-slash Windows networking paths, protocol prefixes with a colon, physical user home paths that are >50 char long to begin with (‘Documents and Settings’…), the whole ‘Application Data’ sinkhole concept, conflicting and conflated SAM permissions, embedded commas and semicolons, weird dialog behavior with filenames that have no extension, default settings that hide extensions and consign newbies to perpetual confusion and terror, magic ‘ini’ files as attack vectors, the whole twilight zone registry path — er — thing, embedded nulls passed to ASCIIZ strings, and maybe other stuff which would come to mind if I have a moment to think….?

        A: linux !

        But all these things are worth the battle, because anyone can use it but someone somewhere has to really *know* it. So keep ruby from going off the rails, embrace the Camel but count your braces.

        When I hear ‘meds’ remarks I know they’ve hit the bottom of the wit-barrel.