Trump’s New Flip Flop on NATO: “It’s No Longer Obsolete; They’ve Made a Change, They DO Fight Terrorism Now”

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Ah the words of Candidate Trump versus those of President Trump. We aren’t even 100 days into his presidency and it’s like listening to two completely different guys speak.

President Trump just wrapped up a joint press conference with NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg where he completely flipped 180 degrees from his stance on NATO during the 2016 election cycle. Just the complete opposite of everything Trump ever said just happened.

First, a refresher. Here’s just one example (of many many available) of candidate Trump on NATO, regarding how the US should withdraw from NATO and that it’s “obsolete”:

That is just a total contrast to what he said today.

Some highlights from this afternoon include:

Trump now believes NATO to be the quote “bulwark of international peace and security”

The US is going to help “upgrade” NATO

NATO has “made a change” and “now they do fight terrorism”


NATO is “no longer obsolete”

The only thing that remained the same is Trump’s stance on member states paying more… but at the 2% of GDP he requested NATO member states to pay, how is that going to diminish America’s financial burden in relation to NATO in any meaningful way?

Watch for yourself. Interesting that the White House made the video of the press conference unlisted and disabled comments.


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  • jimmy joe

    let me get this straight, again, nato is obsolete, and, overnight, again, their are not, AND they fight “terrorism” now, whereas, yesterday they didn’t and today they do, eh?? Thats your fucking response?? I bet you actually want people to believe that too, don’t you??? I absolutely hate the us terrorist sponsoring govt!! HATE THEM ALL!!!

  • Guillotine_ready

    What a surprise that this pos turned out to be a total and absolute sell out and loser.
    Now I think maybe he is there to bring us to the WWIII scenario so many have been afraid of. But I still wonder if Putin is on that or is he the only one standing up to it?

  • Aaron Abell

    Normally I would be upset at this, but it’s just sad, really. I was never in favour of trump becoming the president (I voted for Darell Castle from the Constitution Party), but it seems to me someone got to him. Maybe he was a fraud from the beginning. Maybe the PTB threatened him or his children. Maybe they have him under mind control, or have cloned him and swapped him out. Who really knows, save those who are pulling the levers of power? I would recommend praying for him. He needs it.

    • There is the possibly that the Zionist kikes have gotten to Trump, but it would appear that he is acting of his own volition.

    • Bridgetdgraves

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  • Mechman29

    I really tried to give him a chance. I really did. I have said for 20+ years, the repukes and dumpocraps are one in the same. They are warwhores. They are elite scum bags. They are for NOTHING but themselves. They will kill their own mother in front of their own family to get in, and then do the exact opposite. I tried. I really tried to give him a chance. He’s nothing but a globalist piece of crap like the rest of them.

  • Milly Vanilly

    I’m surprised that Trump has not bumped into his NWO clone yet…..HE is COMPROMISED, either willingly or not. He just ‘made his bones’ with the globalists by bombing Syria.

  • RMS1911

    so he sides with the pedophile rapist in the un.