Trump Tuesday Means A Shift Of Power for Establishment… And They Are Freaked

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Today is a turning point in the election.

For months now, the globalists and the establishment factions in both parties have been on the offensive to try to stop Trump’s momentum.

But if polls hold, today they will become officially unable to stop him from the nomination through ordinary electoral means… though there are still other tools at their disposal.

Via Gary Franchi at the Next News Network:

Twelve US states and one territory will hold their primary contests known as “Super Tuesday” on March 1, to decide the candidates to represent the Republican and Democratic parties in the November 2016 general presidential election.

Americans are turning their backs on the puppet masters. Whatever Trump actually does, his message is a clear one – voicing the dissatisfaction with the status quo, the disappearing jobs, the crumbling economy and the willingness to destroy the country with unlimited immigration.

The elite have a real problem on their hands.

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  • I hope that Trump’s security is better than JFK’s was, because assassination seems to be moving up the establishment’s list pretty fast.

    • Reverend Draco

      The fact that they’ve already made their plans public says a lot about how the Establishment is in full-on panic mode.

      • Smarty

        I’m just afraid that we’ll take it in the rump, from Trump. He sounds too good to be true (in most cases anyway). Remember “Jungle Bunny for Change” ? What if it’s 2008 on steroids this time. I watched Jesse Ventura say today that if the evil cunt gets the dem nomination, that he’s going to run as an independent. Now that would make things interesting. So far, I’m not giving up on Donald Rump, but I do wonder (a lot) if we’re not being sold a pile of shit in a designer bag again this time. He also seems to be a fan of endless war, and we all know what that means…..

        • Joe2D2

          Yeah, it is shit in a Gucci, bet on it. Hell, we haven’t had a legitimate government since 1861, got fully enslaved with the Organic Act of 1871 plus the 14th Amendment; and don’t even own one damn thing we possess. We’re in the land of the lawless and corrupt rulers where the slaves don’t know they are slaves. So, as for this election farce, enjoy that fucking circus, because that’s all it is.

          “Step right up ladies and gentlemen to the most ridiculous show on Earth. We have Bozo Bernie the Socialist, Hillary Cunton the Criminal, Trump Card the Slumlord and much, much more. Oh wait, here comes the clown car crashing in from ringside.”

          -The oddly shaped and weirdly painted Volkswagen Kubelwagen rolls into the center ring and out pours all the media clowns. Then the elephants and donkeys break out of their cages and start wrestling in the side ring. Don’t look now, there’s a cage match going on ringside between a mob of angry colorfully dressed cronies pretending to support their favorite elephant or donkey in the cage match.

          “Don’t worry folks, nobody is getting hurt, this is all just a show!”

          Indeed, the greatest fucking show on Earth. Grab some popcorn, sit back and watch the idiots that think this show is real, invest material and emotional stock in this bullshit. Ha, fucking suckers.

        • Christina Dolman

          I have grown up watching Mr.Trump my whole life. I have never heard him talk down about AMERICA or AMERICANS! All the others have very bad things to say about AMERICA and AMERICANS!

        • It would be interesting to see Jesse get on the ballot in time.

      • Laurakpalmore4

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        • Dennisito

          Fuck off you fuckin cunt. Post your stupid shit elsewhere.

      • I doubt they’ve finalized any plans that they could make public, being frantic about the need to do something immediately. The announced plans were probably PR to scare anyone susceptible, which I doubt will do more than entertain Trump.

    • Your comment implies presidents are elected. That’s not the way it works. The Empire wants/needs war. Both trump and clinton are zionists. The only question for TPTB is which one can best deliver the war overseas while increasing the police state at home.
      Looks like a toss-up to me. Nothing is going to change.

      • Christina Dolman

        If we have to have WAR to save CHIRSTIANS fine! OVER 50 million Christians have been killed to date! More than ANY OTHER RELIGION! STOP CHRISTIAN KILLING NOW! The MAIN ISSUE IS..Does he care about AMERICANS!

      • That is what TPTB are counting on.

  • Rick E.

    The NWO is very worried it seems! Not to worry, I am quite sure that they will ensure that Trump won’t make it to presidential fruition, even though he probably WOULD be the only ‘conservative’ candidate that’s viable.
    They’ll get him, as their globalist plans will not be successfully thwarted by Trump. And he WOULD thwart them! (unless his campaign is based on BS).

  • Mark

    Theater for the gullible. Trump is an avowed Zionist and money-worshipper. Only fools imagine he will change anything in Occupied America. Certainly there will be no shortage of jackasses who vote for him, completely forgetting about the last guy who promised “change.”

    • Boobus Americanus.

      • Christina Dolman


        • AMERICA BOMBS THE WORLD would be more accurate.
          When was the last time you grew a vegetable?

          • Christina Dolman

            Your OBLABLA DOES not ME!

          • Christina Dolman

            And Saudi Arabia has Millions of Black and White slaves, And Islam is KILLING Millions of Christians while Oblabla looks on, Turkey is PURE EVIL and Don’t Forget China and Russia! If there is bombing it is not done by the American Public!

        • Not so much, anymore, now that much of big agribusiness has gone offshore.

    • Christina Dolman

      You sound pretty desperate!

      • Mark

        You are welcome to your complacency.

        • Christina Dolman

          You need to move to a different country for a while. A long while! How about Assfuckistan!

          • Mark

            Oy veh Bubula!

          • Afghanistan will never be abandoned as long as the CIA needs their opium crop there, which the Taliban almost exterminated after we left the last time.

    • Christina Dolman

      Talk some SHiT about AMERICANS you TRAITOR!

      • Mark

        Oy veh!

      • The largest single pool of American traitors are in the military.

  • straight shooter

    With this kind of momentum, it’s hard to believe The Powers aren’t about ready to begin Project Trump the Trump. Whether their plan concerns delegate fraud, Perot-style private intimidation, a major media smear/scandal or the old-fashioned way is really hard to figure. RFK famously got as far as winning the California primary, so they may feel time is still on their side, though not for long.

    Imagine, though, if they allowed him to actually win the nomination and then went old-school, it would be far more destabilizing to the American psyche, which is of course one of the primary purposes behind all such mayhem. I think it’s fair to say we’re currently in uncharted territory.

  • Guillotine_ready

    Political theater has come a long way in the last few decades. With the installation of Obama to split the country along racial and economic lines as well as feeding the war machine they discovered that a candidate that appears to be against the corruption and destruction of the country is a winning ticket. Look how Obama worked out.
    An article that says elites are against a fellow elite who is running for an office owned by the elite is just stupid. Trump is a member of their class, made his money off the laws and rules made for his class. Trump is not going to do anything against Trump.
    Stop falling for the hollywood scripted political bullshit.
    If you vote you legitimate the system, they would like you to vote and believe in the system, and Trump is getting you excited so you will stay plugged into the system, nothing more.
    Wake up.

    • Err Amerika

      You may be correct, but you ignore one thing; Trump doesn’t have anything to personally gain from going through all this. All of the past candidates were in search of something which would elevate them from their current time status. Trump defies this.

      Sure, I too may be sleeping, but I will assume you may agree with my point.

      History seems to show, every hundred years of so, a great leader emerges in this country. Not saying it’s a lock, but this sure is something different.

      If the only thing Trump accomplishes is the destruction of the Republican party, he has done a great service. If/when, he does any more, we may be seeing something, “historically,” due to happen.

      • ‘History seems to show, every hundred years of so, a great leader emerges in this country.’
        Please name one that wasn’t a warmonger.
        Lincoln, Wilson, Truman, FDR?
        Respect for people who are actually war-mongers has become routine in the United States.

        • Fred Bastiat

          Great Leader = Free Stuff
          Greater Leader = War

          One or both will lead you to every ‘great’ statist president.

        • Err Amerika

          James Earl Carter

        • Christina Dolman

          Donald Trump is THAT MAN!

          • That’s what you people said about obama in 2008 and look how that turned out.

          • Christina Dolman

            OBLABLA is a MUSLIME IDIOT!

          • That’s got to be one of the more stupid memes going these days. Obama bombed 7 Muslim countries in his first 6 years in office.
            In all, the U.S. has bombed 14 predominantly Muslim countries since 1980.
            I doubt Jesus would be proud.

          • Christina Dolman

            Well that is the PLAN MAN! Bomb the shit out of the Muslims, piss them off, move them to Europe and America and have them rape, burn, steal and anything else they can think of..Understand?

          • Socrates Wilde

            And your point is? . . .

          • Christina Dolman

            Oblanla is right on scheduled! VOTE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP!

          • Socrates Wilde

            I refuse to vote. Trump is merely more overtly fascistic than the other clowns — of both parties.

          • Christina Dolman


          • ASSFUCKISTAN.

            Isn’t that where Borat is from?

          • Christina Dolman

            And the LEFT WING Oblabla Loving SCOUTUS! They MUST like letting LITTLE HELPLESS Boys and Girls to be MOLESTED for LIFE!

          • Just the character, not the actor.

          • Socrates Wilde

            Why should I leave when you’re the one who sucks. I advocate liberty. You advocate the neopuritanical welfare-warfare-police state.

          • Christina Dolman

            Again, Again AGAIN, Since you know all, why don’t you RUN for PRESIDENT? I am sure EVERYBODY
            will see how SMART you ARE and Vote for YOU instead of TRUMP because
            you are so SMART!

          • Advocate in one hand, and see what fills the other one first.

          • Christina Dolman

            Smart-Ass what is YOUR solution? Why don’t you go out and SPEND YOUR
            OWN MONEY and TRY TO MAKE A CHANGE! That is what PRESIDENT TRUMP is
            DOING! So STFU or HELP US!

          • Socrates Wilde

            Trump is explicitly advocating pushing us further down the road to dictatorship already trammeled by the Bushes, Clintons, and Obama.

          • Christina Dolman

            Since you know all, why don’t you RUN for PRESIDENT? I am sure EVERYBODY will see how SMART you ARE and Vote for YOU instead of TRUMP because you are so SMART!

          • Socrates Wilde

            I don’t want power. I want to see power destroyed.

          • Christina Dolman

            Yea, I can tell!

          • Socrates Wilde

            You act like that’s a bad thing You realize your position is morally insupportable?

          • All political positions are morally unsupportable. That’s why they need all of our money.

          • Christina Dolman

            NO. I is just that i cannot stick my head that far up my ass!

          • Socrates Wilde

            What a lovely double-digit IQ retort!

          • Maybe you should go pull the plug on Fukushima while you are feeling megalomanic.

          • Christina Dolman

            I totality disagree! When people like you do not vote the bad people win! Say what you want, but vote for TRUMP anyway. What can it hurt if it does not matter and AMERICA WILL BE GRATEFUL FOR IT! GOD BLESS AND PLAY SAFE!

          • Socrates Wilde

            It’s the reverse. Voting for the lesser evil still results in evil. It also sanctions an immoral system of institutionalised violence.

          • Actually voting ensures that the bad people win.


            Because voting by its very nature, is bad, and cannot lead to good consequences.

            Economic Selections, not Democratic Elections


            Casting a vote in a democratic election is an act not of “self-determination,” but of “other-coercion.”

            To cast a vote in a democratic election is to take part in a coercive process in which some individuals compel other individuals to formally sanction and financially underwrite measures that the latter oppose and want nothing to do with.

          • Christina Dolman

            That is just dumb.

          • Fascism is what we need to counterbalance the communism and throw it off balance.

          • Socrates Wilde

            We’ve had fascism for 100 years. Fascism is a cousin of communism. Both are forms of socialism. Beware of what you wish for.

          • Both have existed since long before they were called communism and fascism, and they are merely the bifurcations of socialism. The only difference is the ownership of the means of production. In communism, the means are owned by the state, in fascism, by business, usually in an incestuous relationship. Business has become very good at having government rubber stamp the regulations they write for themselves, in return for campaign donations. It doesn’t matter what I wish for if the people won’t support the right change agents when they get the chance. Trump is the chance.

          • Socrates Wilde

            I was with you until the final two sentences.

          • That is usually where the thought process diverges.

          • Christina Dolman

            Oblabla is OUT TO KILL YOU!

          • Socrates Wilde

            That can be said of every politician and bureacrat, left or right.

            Do you know what a useful idiot is?

          • Christina Dolman

            That is what you seem to be by the context of your on-line name and the GAY AIR about you!

          • Why don’t you address the ISSUE?

          • Those that they kill every chance they get. By sending them to fight for democracy, if possible.

          • She may not know what it is, but she “are” one.

          • Christina Dolman


          • Socrates Wilde

            You don’t present yourself as someone advocating sanity.

          • Christina Dolman

            And of course you Do! Right?

          • Socrates Wilde

            Since I’m aware of what’s actually going on with the American welfare-warfare-police state. Yes. You’re just as bamboozled as the Obamanistas who fell for the “hope and change” schtick.

          • Christina Dolman

            PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS! Then WHY is the establishment trying to CRUSH TRUMP! HUH

          • Socrates Wilde

            Are you able to discuss things reasonably? Or can you only call people names because you’re congenitally unable to do so?

          • Christina Dolman

            I have not called you ANY names that you did not entice! YOU are the ONE who SLAMMED ME FIRST so STFU!

          • Christina Dolman

            OK Smart-Ass what is YOUR solution? Why don’t you go out and SPEND YOUR OWN MONEY and TRY TO MAKE A CHANGE! That is what PRESIDENT TRUMP is DOING! So STFU or HELP US!

          • Socrates Wilde

            I could attempt to explain how freedom is the solution, but you’re so delusional with a low IQ that it’s virtually impossible.

          • Christina Dolman

            AGAIN, Since you know all, why don’t you RUN for PRESIDENT? I am sure EVERYBODY
            will see how SMART you ARE and Vote for YOU instead of TRUMP because
            you are so SMART!

          • Christina Dolman

            You must be a LIBERTURD or a DEMOCRAP!

          • Socrates Wilde

            I’m soooo impressed by your cogent argumentation.

          • Christina Dolman

            Again, AGAIN Since you know all, why don’t you RUN for PRESIDENT? I am sure EVERYBODY
            will see how SMART you ARE and Vote for YOU instead of TRUMP because
            you are so SMART!

        • JKF, and we all know what that did for us, and him.

      • The RNC can always formally become part of the DNC, as they have always been, reciprocally.

    • Christina Dolman

      I disagree! I have grown up watching Mr.Trump my whole life. I have never heard him
      talk down about AMERICA or AMERICANS! All the others have very bad
      things to say about AMERICA and AMERICANS!

  • Mike

    Hillary was already elected by the NWO a long time ago. It is all just a dog and pony show.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    So? An elite who expresses a desire to follow his own elite agenda-contrary to the collectively agreed upon agenda of other elites. Why is everyone so excited about a candidate who expresses absolutely no knowledge or interest in the Constitution, following it, restoring it’s principles or even acknowledging its existence? A narcissistic, megalomaniac who has been exposed telling bold faced lies, shuns any responsibility for his words/actions and whose very policies-as he has described them-are blatantly un-Constitutional. Isn’t this why so many are disenchanted with Obama?! What makes anyone believe Trump will be any different?

  • believe

    Does any one know why they don’t want him in office? HE will CLEAN HOUSE and it will revert back to WE THE PEOPLE,and our MOTTO ” IN GOD WE TRUST” so Murdering people in the jobs that can rull against will be STP{EDE and the people will BACK TRUMP UP. WE will distroy any ILLUMINATI member that even trays to play a part in AMERICA ANY MORE . THAT DOES INCLUDE THE BUSH’S,. CHENEY,KERRY, etc,etc Do you want to know who our enemies are that is in our Government Employees starting from the OVAL OFFICE on Down??go here.Better listen.

    • Christina Dolman

      Right On! VOTE and VOTE TRUMP!

  • Frank

    Trump has made his millions and stands to gain no additional wealth by becoming President – it’s actually costing him millions to run as a candidate. If he would have stayed out of the race, he would continue making millions no matter who replaces Obama. If, as so many say, he is just another puppet of the elite class, I doubt he would like to be told what to do in that position, so wouldn’t bother. Whatever you think of him or his true intentions, there has to be some level of patriotism in him or he wouldn’t be wasting his time and joining the other clowns in the center ring. Cruz is about the only other option for a resurgence of Conservative values. Rubio WILL NOT secure the border or enforce Immigration laws, and neither will Hillary. Bernie is being written-off as all bets are that Hillary has bought and paid for the Super Delegates to over-ride any semblance of a popular vote victory for Bernie. Hillary will be another Obama term on steroids, with her being “empowered and endorsed by the voters” to carry on the work (compulsory participation in Obamacare for all working class, higher taxes, MORE national debt, collapsing economy) – just look at every example of a Socialist country, they’ve all failed and fallen into ecomonic and social chaos.
    Ammo is on sale down the street, I’m going shopping.

    • vcragain

      “he wouldn’t be wasting his time” – ??? He WANTS to be famous and he wants ATTENTION that is all – this office of President represents to him something that he can use as his official ‘prance around and act big’ position – have you seen the way he walks – he is already doing it !!! He is a total moron and narcissist (lover of himself) and craves more and more recognition – he is absolutely loving every minute of this !

      • Christina Dolman

        You are a fucktard and an idiot! move to assfuckistan where you belong, not in a free country!

        • I forgot

          Now that was well said!

    • Christina Dolman


  • NoNewsHere

    Roger Stone exposed the fact that the RNC is enlisting Romney, if lil Rubio doesn’t dance on the end of their string. FYI, Romney has called for a press conference tomorrow…. either he’s going to run, denounce Trump, or something else… idk.

  • NoNewsHere

    Sad, when the voters don’t have a say.. They don’t even try to hide it any more. We, the voters are watching this attempted take-over of our country by the NWO, and we don’t like it, and the voters will make sure our votes count in November, stopping the ‘brokered-convention’.

  • Christina Dolman

    The amount of trolls on this board is stagering! I believe Mr.TRUMP is the real deal! They DO NOT want YOU TO VOTE! I does matter and it matters BIG TIME! So stop your whining! If everyone heeded the advice on this board then we would be allot worse off than we are now! VOTE AND VOTE TRUMP and DO NOT listen to the TROLLS!

  • Christina Dolman


    • Too bad there’s nothing larger than ALL CAPS.

      • Hopefully she doesn’t discover the BOLD tag.

        • ROFL!
          Forgot about that one!

        • Fred Bastiat

          Was until she discovers that many exclamation points are more convincing than just one on every sentence!!!!!!

        • Socrates Wilde

          She’s totally irrational. I presume she’s reasonably young and uneducated. A sad commentary on 21st century Americans.

      • Christina Dolman