Trump Threatens The NFL, But It’s Just Symbolism With No Real Impact

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Donald Trump is continuing to pick a fight with entire NFL franchise over a few individuals exercising their right to freedom of expression and protest. While his battle has resonated with his base, his most recent threat is symbolic only and if achieved, will not have any real effect.

Since Trump began his attacks on the NFL and the players who choose to kneel during the national anthem, many of his ardent supporters have called for the franchise to lose it’s tax exempt status.  Now, Trump decided to Tweet about that specifically, tossing the looming threat of a nuclear war aside yet again in favor of riling up of his conservative base who is determined to shut down free speech.

But all this grandstanding and political posturing is nothing more than hot air. The tax break for the NFL has been a point of controversy for years, and other conservatives have taken up the cause in recent weeks because the president has repeatedly assailed the league over the peaceful protests of some of the players. But the idea would be more about symbolism than impact.  In fact, it wouldn’t impact the NFL at all. The tax break applies only to the central office, not the teams, which already pay taxes as for-profit organizations, and the NFL voluntarily gave up the tax exemption for its league office in 2015.

So even if he changes the law, nothing changes with the NFL.  The NFL still pays taxes. The vice president is still buying tickets to the games making the boycott look weak, and the right is melting down so much, they’ve resorted to faking photos and articles to generate even more outrage over an issue that isn’t really all that pertinent. But that doesn’t matter. Likely the biggest injustice during this whole debacle was the right’s ability to turn a peaceful action meant to bring awareness to police brutality into a fight about a flag and the veterans and the national anthem. But maybe Trump is still sore over the outcome of his pitiful lawsuit against the USFL.

The president continued to be animated by his fight with the sports world. He has enthusiastically kept up his attacks on the N.F.L., with which he has a long history of antagonism. A onetime owner of the New Jersey Generals in the upstart United States Football League, Mr. Trump persuaded other owners to sue the N.F.L. using antitrust law. The U.S.F.L. won the suit on the law but the jury awarded only $1 in damages — tripled to $3 by law — and Mr. Trump’s league ultimately folded. –New York Times

So maybe he’s just offended and upset that the NFL is doing so well on their own without his input. Or he’s holding a grudge against the USFL for not outdoing the NFL. It’s hard to say, but he’s found an easy way to distract and divide along yet another line.

He’s emulating plays right out of Divider-In-Chief Barack Obama’s playbook. Taking away non-existent tax breaks or writing a law about it will simply waste even more taxpayer money, and it’s the very same thing Obama did to natural resource industry. (Only Obama’s divide was more successful. Trump’s threat will achieve nothing, even if he is successful in changing the law.)  And isn’t it Mike Pence’s job to waste tax dollars on the very thing the conservative base insists on boycotting? The vice president seems all to happy to spend taxpayer money on tickets to games he walks out of in order to make some kind of grand political gesture.

Regarding the player protests, Mr. Joe Lockhart said the league’s 260-page game operations manual has not changed and he highlighted the precise language governing the anthem. The players, he said, “must” be on the sidelines during the playing of the anthem and “should” stand for the anthem. The league, however, has “not chosen to discipline any of the players” who have not stood for the anthem, he said. –New York Times

Companies may choose to have any policy they want and it’s up to them to enforce those rules, not the government.  What we have now, is a lot of jealous right-wingers who cannot protest at their jobs without disciplinary action, so they want others punished too. Punishment redistribution.  Of course, not many Americans are forced to stand for the national anthem at the beginning of their workday anyway, so the whole debate seems a little ridiculous from the get-go. But for those who just can’t let the peaceful actions of others not affect their lives, there’s good news.

The rules and NFL’s policy on the national anthem will be up for debate soon enough either way. The owners will meet in New York next week, where the anthem protests will be on the agenda. Roger Goodell and the owners have said that they want the players to stand “because we think it’s an important part of the game,” Mr. Lockhart said, and “there’s a strong feeling at every level that we ought to be getting back to football.”

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  • Uncle Sham

    Trump is just saying what a lot of people are thinking, but more importantly, what a lot of (former) NFL customers are thinking. If you run a business, and you allow your employees to do things which infuriate half of your potential customer base, you won’t be in business for long.

    • darkhorse

      I really hope they all lose their shirts…

  • There is no police brutality, you Dindu Nuffin Nigger !!!
    All the cases that Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, La Raza & Black Israelites rioted over (committing further crimes) were over CRIMINALS getting caught.


    • renee ciccioni

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      • darkhorse

        touched a nerve, right renee?

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        • renee ciccioni

          Those so called black privileged programs as you call them, were created because of inequality based on skin color that was taking place at that time ,and still do because the same smug attitudes that breed bigotry still exist.

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      News flash: There has been police brutality for as long as there have been police, in spite of Peel’s Principles.

      • Jim Estes

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      • No, you’re the trailer trash who ignores reality, what protected world or environment do you live in ? Do you even go outside your home at any time during the day ?

        • renee ciccioni

          Actually anyone who seeks to lable and stereotype millions of people they never nor could ever know , in order to validate one’s own prejudices , is the definition of ignorant trash regardless of class or education.

  • Who wrote this piece of garbage ? Antifashionistas ?

  • darkhorse

    Is there anything less important in today’s world other than sports? And yet, sports is deified…

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      People who have no accomplishments to take pride in often attach themselves to others perceived accomplishments in order to boost their self-esteem.

      That’s why it’s always “my team this,” and “my team that,” even though they couldn’t afford to go to a game played by quote unquote “their team.”

      • darkhorse

        they’re peanut-brains…

  • renee ciccioni

    Fake news , besides if a bunch of white trash can go around spewing hatred and vitriol towards others , there is nothing wrong with not participating in the greatest example of statism.

  • rouge1

    Tds sounds like the nyt.

    • darkhorse

      the juu york times

  • tonye


    Trump is fighting in the cultural arena… knowing that it precedes the political arena.

    Whoever wrote this article is either ignorant and/or a liar.

    I noticed no name attributed to this… two today… unsigned propaganda from the Swamp?

  • renee ciccioni
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          • renee ciccioni

            Yes, and it is you like so many in this age of ignorance we unfortunately find ourselves in ,who are seizing upon the fears and anxieties of people to spread your ignorance and hatred filled propaganda in hopes of resurrecting past transactions against those you are against.

          • darkhorse

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          • renee ciccioni

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            That’s exactly the kind of obsession I was talking about.

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          • darkhorse

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  • rlhnkh

    The knee thing is just a marketing ploy to get more people to watch football from the beginning of the game! Remember when Coke changed their formula in the 1980’s? Got to grab attention. Don’t think the NFL is so stupid!!!

    • darkhorse

      it’s all about $$$$

  • calvin johnson

    If Binyamin Netanyahu were at a game, and he didn’t choose to stand, the whole USA would capitulate.