Trump Sends in the Gun Confiscation Cops

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Chicago police are keeping busy confiscating “illegal guns.” Last year through the summer, the confiscations were occurring at a rate of one every 59 minutes according to Chicago Police Department figures related by Mark Berman in an October 2016 Washington Post article. This summer, the Chicago police will have some assistance from the United States government in racking up impressive gun confiscation numbers.

Following through on a plan that began its development during the Obama administration, the Trump administration and Chicago Police Department announced last week the sending of the Chicago Crime Gun Strike Force, involving an additional 20 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) agents plus equipment, to Chicago to aid city police, as well as state and US prosecutors, in a crackdown on illegal guns and the people who possess them.

Gun confiscation has been a big project in the city for years. In the May 27, 2014 Chicago Mayor’s Office and Chicago Police Department report “Tracing the Guns: The Impact of Illegal Guns on Violence in Chicago,” a comparison was made between gun confiscation numbers in Chicago and such numbers in Los Angeles and New York City. The report relates that the 7,624 guns the Chicago Police Department confiscated in 2012 amounted to more per capita than the gun confiscations by police in New York City and Los Angeles combined.

You may wonder what an illegal gun is. US law prohibits gun possession by individuals in certain classes of people, such as people who possess illegal drugs. US law also places special limits on the possession of certain types of guns. The US government, for example, bars people from owning fully automatic firearms, except for some such guns that may be possessed after permission is obtained from and a fee is paid to the US government. Similarly, the US government imposes a minimum barrel length requirement for shotguns.

Remember when Randy Weaver and his family were subjected at their home to a US government siege?

Back in 1989, an undercover ATF agent convinced Randy Weaver to sell a couple “sawed-off shotguns” allegedly in violation of US law. Weaver then did not appear in court in regard to the entrapment-derived gun charges on the correct day after a notice with the wrong date had been sent. Further US government actions included the killing of Weaver’s son and wife and the siege of the family’s Idaho home.

“Illegal guns” take on a broader meaning in Chicago. In addition to US government laws, state laws expand the scope or what is included in the category of illegal guns. In Illinois, people are even required to obtain from the state police a Firearm Owners Identification card (FOID card) to legally possess a gun or ammunition. Further, legislation signed into law in August by Governor Bruce Rauner makes it a felony for someone without a FOID card to bring a gun into Illinois from any other state in order to sell, deliver, or transfer the gun. The new law is argued to be necessary to stop people from buying guns in other states where gun laws are less restrictive and then bringing the guns in to Illinois, and to Chicago in particular. And Illinois gun restrictions extend beyond these measures. The pro-gun-control Law Center to Prevent Violence so approves the state’s gun control efforts that, in its Gun Law State Scorecard, it ranks Illinois eighth out of the fifty states.

In an October 19, 2016 presidential campaign debate against Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump criticized gun control in Chicago in response to a question regarding his opposition to limits on either assault weapons of high-capacity magazines and his support for a national right to carry law. Trump suggested that gun control is not the solution to violence in the city. In particular, Trump declared that, “In Chicago, which has the toughest gun laws in the United States, probably you could say by far, they have more gun violence than any other city.” Making his position on guns more clear, Trump followed up with this statement: “I am a very strong supporter of the Second Amendment.” Yet, here is Trump less than a year later sending in a newly created ATF strike force to help Chicago police confiscate guns (and to further punish the people who have possessed those guns), all in the name of reducing violence in the city. An explanation is in order.

Even if the US government attempts to prevent the ATF from aiding in the confiscation of guns based on state and local gun control measures, the ATF’s integrated action with the local police and state prosecutors on gun matters can be expected to unavoidably aid such confiscations, as well as related arrests and prosecutions. Now imagine a totally independent ATF presence in Chicago focused on enforcing only US gun laws — a much different mandate than the one that has been presented to the public. Under such a mandate, the ATF’s actions would still significantly aid the local and state gun confiscation and prosecution efforts. The ATF, by taking on some gun matters that the Chicago police and state prosecutors would otherwise deal with, would free up resources so that these police and prosecutors can engage in more gun confiscations and prosecutions related to alleged state and local law violations than they otherwise could.

To the extent the ATF is assisting in enforcing gun control laws that go beyond US gun control laws, it is acting in contravention of the US government’s gun policy. Consider state and local police in states that have legalized medical or recreational marijuana. They would be acting properly if they refuse to assist the US government in advancing the enforcing of US marijuana laws against people who are acting in compliance with the liberalized state laws. Similarly, agents of the US government should not assist state prosecutors or local police in enforcing gun laws that are more restrictive than the gun laws that have been adopted via the US government’s legislative process.

It would be naïve to trust that Chicago will be the only city in which we will see the Trump administration inserting US government agents to help local police. Sending the ATF strike force to Chicago appears to be a test case for Trump who campaigned on, and has promoted since his early days in the presidency, bringing “law and order” to cities where he says there is too much murder or violent crime. How far might Trump escalate US government involvement, in Chicago and beyond? Ron Paul, in a Monday Ron Paul Liberty Report discussion of the Trump administration’s Chicago actions, suggested the US government may in the future even send in the US military and implement martial law in the name of fighting crime in America.

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  • anonymous4u4me

    Bet the ones that are known to them are first, and those that are causing the escalation of all crimes are the last to lose them. Also thinking will Chicago be the first major city to have martial law over this and then the cancer will grow, until we are all up to our eyeballs in deep poop?

  • Fuck you

    I fucking warned you. This stops here and now.

    That’s a photo of the Waco invasion.

    This afternoon I will be teaching a cold-process soap-making class to some young children. One is a “nigger” and two are “Beaners.” I’m a redneck.

    The revolution has begun.

    • Jas

      Not just any photo either….Those are three of the cops that get killed after they go into that window, the cop laying down at the top, comes down and throws a grenade into the room and starts firing, at the same time the helicopter heavy machine gun fire is hitting the roof. Never forget the unarmed children and adults who were machine gunned down at the back door trying to run out of a burning church by the FBI, or the kids Bill Clinton killed with gas banned for use in combat, they claim Assad gassed kids, Bill really did!

      • Fuck you


        Tell these Sheeple the truth, bro.

      • Bill Clinton was never there. Janet Reno was in command.

        • John Aycock

          no hillary ran it,bill was chasing pussy

          • Hillary was never there, either.
            Janet Reno gave the orders, the killer of Ruby Ridge carried them out.

        • There is only us against them

          But 2X Secret Service agents who work for the Clintons were there and got killed. Each shot in the head!

          • There was no one at Waco that needed Secret Service protection that qualified for it, so they should have stayed away. All 4 of the federal agents that were killed at Waco died from “friendly fire.” On died when he was exiting the cattle trailer, shot in the back by the agent behind him. The other 3 died after they had stepped through a window on the second floor, murdered by the 4th agent who fanned the room with full-auto fire until it was returned by the dying.

          • There is only us against them

            They were X Secret Service working in the new role ATF , look it up! Last time some guy said 20 years in the Secret Service they go to another job because they’re still young another retirement

          • Why would a federal agent move from the hardest place to get hired to the easiest?

          • There is only us against them

            it would be less work hours , Secret service Put in a long day!
            ATF long hrs also but home at night.

          • The director of the trucking school that I attended in 1990 was a former DEA agent. He said that he decided to quit LE because he’d gotten tired of being shot at. I pointed out to him that was happening because those who were doing the shooting didn’t want to go to jail for decades for possessing a bag of pot. I got a deer in the headlight look from him before he admitted that I had pretty well summed up the reality of the situation.

          • There is only us against them

            Back in my army days we used to burn the weed for are government! Cut out for the DEA . Now I just burned for me ! I have some relatives that are Secret Service , but there on the monies duties counterfeit. It’s a young man’s game ! With all the buzz sort of a sore

          • Interest in government employment is about to take a serious hit when the pensions are tapped to pay the deficits. Likewise 401Ks and other private pension plans. Much of Illinois’ problems are related to pension fund trusts stuffed with IOUs like the Social Security trust fund has always been, but the states don’t have access to the games that the Fed will play to keep the federal government liquid.

          • There is only us against them

            It’s just a shame in what’s going on up there now. Just keep kicking the can down the road I heard they can’t even pay out lottery winnings or 600 bucks

          • When a destitute government is running a gambling operation, it will fix the game as much as possible and cheat the rest.

          • There is only us against them

            Oh and things will get worse before
            they get better !

          • Better and worse are highly subjective. Anyone who is in debt will eventually be toast. Those of us who eschewed debt long ago and put our disposable income into real money, gold and silver, are waiting for the train wreck that will send the value of real gold and silver, as opposed to paper gold and silver, into the stratosphere. Goldman Sachs has sold every physical ounce of gold they possess to over 200 people on paper. How will the paper owners feel when their “investment” is repudiated and returns to its intrinsic value, as Voltaire said it would?

    • Larry

      Right there with you !!!

      • Fuck you

        I know.

    • And the photo was taken before one of the four agents in it opened fire on the other three after they had climbed through the window, making them three of the four federal agents killed by “friendly” fire that day.

      • Fuck you

        LMAO. Nice.

        Better listen to this man, folks.

        There is no friendly in war.

        • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

          How does the saying go?

          Friendly fire isn’t friendly, or some such?

          • Jeff

            Carlin, right?

            I’ll try to find it in a few. I have animals to check. Slightly warm here.

            Oops… my insanity caught me before I made it out the door. Carlin… about “civil” war.

  • Oingo Boingo

    There is NOT a “gun problem” in Chicongo; there IS a Negro Criminal Class problem in Chicongo…and about 100 other NCC afficted areas all across this NCC aflicted nation.
    However, (((The Nation Wreckers))) like Rahm “Tiny Dancer” Emmanuel and the horde of (((rats and snakes))) that surround Trump don’t like anybody saying or knowing that bitter fact, because they don’t like anybody being mean to, or Realistic about, their vile, murdering, thieving BLAK pets and cultural shock troops.
    It’s a Tikkun Olam World Conquest thing.

    • Ken, Megapolis

      Skip you speak so eloquently old chap.

    • Are you related to Pat Taylor?

      • Oingo Boingo

        Spiritually, probably.

        • Then you are both satanists?

          • Oingo Boingo

            You, as a raving, insane asshole, are hereby dismissed.

          • You may have noticed that he was dismissed from this group.

  • Wags71

    They should also request that the CIA and FBI stop running illegal guns.

    • Fuck you

      We do not request.

      • Leonatramirez

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  • political toilet

    There needs to be an Amendment to the Anti-Terror Laws that includes Gangs!
    Especially the mainstream gangs!
    & while the AG is writing the wording, please include the outlawing of Gangsta Rap / Hip Hop lyrics that endorse murder, rampant unsafe sex, and drug dealing!

    • The laws that address “endorse murder, rampant unsafe sex, and drug dealing” should be written to apply to all actors in and out of government, even though that would put the majority of government officials in the same prisons as the gangsters.

  • dav1bg

    Illinois is bankrupt from welfare, but rather than put them to work, just try to take everyone’s gun. Just watching this snowflake state melt into the ground.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    Trump, like Hillary Clinton, ran on an openly authoritarian agenda. Regardless of which candidate “won”, we were bound to be subject to additional authoritarian policies. In Trump’s case, it appears there was a need for the Deep State to bring him to heel first. Chicago is merely a precursor for further gun confiscation schemes to follow. The question to be asked is, just how far will they try to take it?

    • SP_88

      It’s not unlike the door to door searches that happened in Massachusetts after the marathon bombing. They are trying to see just how far they can go before the people push back. Apparently, and unfortunately, they can go pretty far without any sort of pushback from the public.
      Chicago is already one of the least gun-rights friendly cities, if not the least gun-rights friendly city in America. Nobody there is allowed to defend themselves with a firearm. And considering that it’s the murder capital of America, that’s the place where you would most need a firearm to defend yourself with.
      This gun confiscation crusade is only going to yield low hanging fruit. I doubt that they have gotten very many illegal guns from the gangs and criminals who are causing all the violence and murder. Most of the guns they are going after are from citizens who didn’t meet their criteria for gun ownership. They are basically just disarming the citizens who probably only have a gun because they live in such a cesspool. These are people who would rather be judged by twelve than carried by six.
      And evidently they have been doing this for years. Yet the violence continues, which is a good indication that they are disarming citizens as opposed to disarming thugs and criminals.
      And as long as this nonsense is allowed to continue, nothing will change. Without solving the root of the problem, their gang culture, drug dealing, generational poverty, and extreme leftist policies, they will never stop the violence and murder. And I would argue that they don’t want to.
      As is common among these rigid ideologues, they use these statistics to push their agenda. Never let a crisis go to waste. Problem, reaction, solution. These crooked politicians allowed this situation to get this bad. They waited for the people to demand action. And this is the result of their incremental solution, moving from one anti-gun law after another, to having a task force breaking down doors looking for guns, to eventually declaring martial law and using the military to lock down the city. And the violence and murder will continue unabated throughout the whole process. The only difference will be that the murderers will go from being gang members to being government agents.
      With things like this going on, it’s hard to tell which side Donald Trump is really on.

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

        Trump is definitely an enigma. Which is exactly why I haven’t and don’t trust him.

        • Smarty

          Trump was installed because the people were ready to revolt. He his the pacifier, not the president. His installation bought “them” about 4-8 years, until they realize they have been duped. Many caught on quickly, some more slowly, and some are still drinking the Kool Aid. As soon as he picked a reptile (sessions) for AG, I knew it was all a dog and pony show. So, I guess the zit will have to fester a while longer before it pops….

          • Lewie Paine

            Trump is a reality TV star. He did not pick sessions. That was the job of casting. Sessions plays the part of a good ol’ white boy who is ‘tough on drugs.’ The authoritarian right loves it. Especially when they see ‘niggers’ (black and white) go to jail.

          • SP_88

            I remember hearing talk of revolution if Hillary was elected. Of course there was talk of revolution if Trump was elected too. But they had been pacified with Obama for the past eight years. So it made more sense to piss them off than to piss off the right. And apparently it worked, because other than crying for their baba and their binky, and perhaps their little blanket, they seem like they will deal with it for now, of course that doesn’t mean they won’t whine and cry about it the whole time. But the Trump supporters looked like they might actually do something. Not sure what, if anything, but they seemed to be at a breaking point.
            You’re right about buying time. Look at my response to Lewie Paine and Randy J. about the pendulum swinging. Left and right it swings, a little further each time. Obama went pretty far to the left. Trump will go pretty far to the right. And I don’t think it’s gonna make another swing to the left. I think we are waiting for some sort of major event to bring us all the way into their globalist agenda. I don’t think they can get what they want just by continuing on like this. They need to create a situation where we are willing to give up our freedom and our sovereignty in exchange for their utopia. And not just us, but the whole world. So whatever event they are planning, it’s gonna have to be big and it’s gonna have to make everyone miserable enough to want them to “come to the rescue” with their globalist agenda.
            And I think you’re right about it being within the next 4 – 8 years. Probably closer to 4 than 8. Trump is 71 years old. And I don’t think they want to risk waiting until he croaks from old age. I don’t think they have to worry about whether or not he “wins” a second term though, because they could just make sure that he does. I don’t trust the election system. I think they can control who gets what votes. But I don’t think they can control how long he lives. TPTB can control how short he lives, but not how long. Just look at JFK for evidence of that.

        • Lewie Paine

          Trump was Hope and Change 2.0. The social engineers pacified the left for 8 years with obama and now they hope to pacify the right for another 8 years with trump.

          Meanwhile, nothing changes. The wars abroad continue and the police state tightens the screws.

          • SP_88

            That’s a very good observation. I think that’s exactly what he is. The political game being played in this country is like a pendulum. It will swing left, then right, and back again, each time a little further.
            Obama was the furthest left it has swung. Now it will swing to the right, and with Trump, it will swing the furthest it has so far.
            This is how they were able to keep us from starting a civil war. The swinging from left to right was what kept both sides pacified enough to not swarm Washington and hang these crooked politicians from the nearest pole. It’s gradual increase in the distance it swung is the “boiling frogs” scenario in action.
            I don’t know if there will be another swing to the left before the SHTF. But it’s obvious that they are taking us farther and farther away from true freedom.
            They are only going to be able to take us so far before it becomes clear to everyone exactly what they are doing to us. And at that point enough people will be awake that they won’t be able to continue with their agenda. That’s why I believe that they will take us as far as they can, which isn’t much further than this, and then they will have to take us the rest of the way by using some sort of major event, like an EMP or a global war.
            It could even happen within the next few years or so. I don’t think that they are going to wait until the pendulum swings back to the left again. Too many people will have caught on by then. And if that’s true, whatever event they have planned will have to go down within the next term or two of Trump’s presidency. So about 3 to 7 years.

          • Lewie Paine

            Good comment. I think trump was chosen to usher-in martial law.

          • SP_88

            That or something else that’s big. I don’t believe their agenda can go much further without some sort of big event.
            Martial law will most likely be a part of this event, or the result of this event. And by “event” I mean an EMP, global war, economic collapse, etc. And of course such an event would cause civil unrest and mass violence, which would result in the declaration of martial law.
            And I think we are going to see this some time within the next 3 – 4 years, or at least within the next 8 years, tops.

        • SP_88

          If you consider their plan to slowly bring us into their globalist agenda, it makes sense that Trump would be the one to bring us as far to the right as possible. It’s like a pendulum swinging left and right, a little further each time. Bush Sr. brought us to the right, Clinton left, Bush Jr. right, Obama left, and Trump right again. Each of them went a little further to the extreme each time. Obama went pretty far left, and Trump will go pretty far right. It’s an expansion of the boiling frogs scenario.
          Lewie Paine made a comment that said Trump is “hope and change 2.0”. And I think it’s a pretty accurate description of what’s going on. Trump is the right wing version of “Yes we can!!”. And the people are eating it up.
          The reason why they have been going back and forth between left and right is to pacify one side without pissing off the other side too much, and then they switch. If they simply went too far left or right and didn’t let the pendulum swing back, one side would become so agitated that they could start a civil war. So that’s why they go back and forth.
          I hope this takes some of the enigma out of it. It makes sense to me.

  • Fuck you

    While you were whining and pretending I was out doing.

    So, fuck you.

    • Lewie Paine

      Jerking off is great but it’s nothing to brag about.

      • Fuck you

        Back off Lewie. You know I love you like a brother, but I will not hesitate to attack you if you stand in my way.

        Identification to follow:

        Post a Clemen’s quote.

  • Freespirit

    One violation of RIGHTS, at a time, until Americans are SLAVES who believe they have NO RIGHTS, only PRIVILEGES, granted by the Rothschild “OWNED” UNITED STATES Corporation.

    Not even a whimper of RESISTANCE, only EXCUSES, from those “TOUGH/Trash-TALKING” Americans, which I see so many times online, and who can easily murder UNARMED Muslim Women and Children, in the Middle East, but cannot even ,as much as, resist their own UNITED STATES, so-called Government

    You are a Joke Americans, with BIG Mouths, and that is all

    The PRICE is being paid, for your COWARDICE

    • Smarty

      So what are you doing about it ? I like examples….

      • Freespirit

        You obviously are not familiar with my activities , of which this comment is one small example. I have been in this fight since the late 1960s and right now I am 77

        What have you been doing?

        • The fight continually morphs, so it will be different after the next meme is delivered on the television. That which doesn’t change contemporaneously will have already have been changed by the propagandization and indoctrination of the public fool system. Very few people are well-schooled in the true history of America or have an understanding of the original intent of the men who wrote and passed the Constitution, which few have possession of a copy of at all times for reference.

          • Freespirit

            With a VERY important exception, I agree

            The fight never changes.The TACTICS can and do

            Even a caged WILD animal FIGHTS for its FREEDOM. Freedom allows it to survive

            For every action there is an equal and opposite REACTION

          • So Syria is the same thing as Lexington and Concord?

          • Freespirit

            As usual, we disagree and as usual you simply wish to argue which Is why I always consider you a troll, smarter than average, but still a troll

            We are done now

          • If you can’t explain your specious premises, you were done before you voiced them.

          • Freespirit

            Ah now you are showing the TROLL more clearly for ALL here to see, just as I wanted

            The problem with you Zionists is you always outsmart yourselves. YOU can never outsmart Wisdom and KNOWLEDGE. You just think you can

            Thank you

          • You really need to have your psychiatrist adjust your meds.

          • Freespirit

            Good, keep it up. I love it

            For ALL to see

          • I thought we were done. I guess you just thought you were.

          • Freespirit

            Ok I have sucked you in enough to reveal yourself, for ALL here to see, so I shall bid you ADIEU !

            Be good now!

          • I’m always good, but you make it look awful easy by being so goofy.

    • Most Americans believe everything they were taught in the public fool system, since it is corroborated every night on their televisions. The problem is that the price is being paid by the ignorant, not the guilty.

      • Freespirit

        You are 80% correct, for lack of real stats.

        • The 20% would be those who don’t watch television.

          • g.johnon

            and how could one possibly know how tv corroborates what public school teaches if one does not watch tv? just by assuming so?
            there are many messages being broadcast on a daily bases, a lot of bullshit for sure. but also a lot of resistance to that bullshit. like peter paul and mary said in their big hit I love rock and roll music; you gotta read between the lines.
            but eschewing television completely, just because some of the messages stink, is pretty priggish behavior and leaves the eschewer crippled in his efforts to remain in touch with the world at large.
            yeah, watching television does require some basic intelligence and a patent knowledge of what is actually going on. but to run from it can and does leave one blind to the world around him,. save his own microcosmic world of direct experience.

  • whattabunchacrap

    I’m embarrassed that you managed to graduate with your phonetic spelling.

  • It was all a show to demonstrate why Congress needed to restore their appropriation, which they were in committee to do during the whole show.

  • Time Will Tell

    If you shoot your pistol sideways… chances are high that you shouldn’t have a gun…

    Chicago and Detroit need the national guard to roll through and remove the cancer known as Dindu-Muffins. Thank your rapper gang bang culture for your failure. Burn the bodies for each block in the abandoned lot between the houses. Then come back and use the ash to fertilize the lot and turn it into a victory garden to feed people in the local community.

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      How are you able to type, possessing nothing but a partially-functioning brainstem?

      • Time Will Tell

        You know nothing John Snow.

        • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

          Who’s John Snow? Your boytoy?

      • S/he is to blame for using what little reasoning capacity that the public fool system allowed him/her to escape with. S/he probably doesn’t know enough about guns to know that they are attitude insensitive. Even Watson could do as well, and it is nothing but a computer program.

  • Synickel

    It’s worked really well. There were 100 murders in Chicago over July 4, the news said.