Deep State? Trump Replaces Flynn with Boss of Super Secret CIA Surveillance Contractor

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Editor’s Note: By the way, is Abraxas is known from the Gnostic writings of Simon Magus, father of the Gnostics. It is said the name originated as a replacement for the unmentionable name of the Supreme Being. He was depicted with a lion’s head surrounded by rays during Gnostic ceremonies. It is said that the Persian sun god also had this name.” (source)


Mike Flynn’s out. He resigned as Trump’s advisor this evening after a chorus of calls for him to step down for an alleged relationship with the Russians. This fits the narrative used by Democrats since the election: Putin and the Russians influenced the vote somehow, although nobody can tell us how exactly. Trump and his supporters are in league with them, according to the narrative.

Flynn will be replaced by retired Gen. Keith Kellogg.

Kellogg has an interesting history. In addition to his disastrous mismanagement of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq, Kellogg was president of Abraxas, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cubic Corporation. Cubic provides diversified systems and services to the transportation and defense markets worldwide, according to MarketWatch.

In 2006, The LA Times reported on Abraxas:

In the burgeoning field of intelligence contractors, an especially aggressive upstart is Abraxas Corp., a privately held company that has assembled a deep roster of CIA veterans to handle a wide range of clandestine assignmentsincluding secret work for an elite team of overseas case officers.

The company was founded by a group of former high-ranking agency employees, led by Richard “Hollis” Helms, a longtime overseas officer in the Middle East and onetime head of the CIA’s European division, and Richard Calder, who was the agency’s deputy director for administration.

Abraxas is right down the street from the CIA.

The company occupies an unmarked, third-floor office suite in McLean, Va., two miles from CIA headquarters. It has mainly specialized in providing veteran operatives and reports officers for positions in overseas stations and at CIA headquarters.

Abraxas is responsible for TrapWire, a tech company that develops a homonymous predictive software system designed to find patterns indicative of terrorist attacks.

The secretive project was discovered through a WikiLeaks disclosure in 2012 after emails were hacked from Strafor, often described as a shadow version of the CIA.

TrapWire uses a series of surveillance cameras around the country and also abroad to detect “suspicious behavior.” The system is reportedly located in every high-value target in New York City.

The system is sold to local law enforcement. From RT:

PrivacySos reports that a website maintained by the US Homeland Security Department’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) includes TrapWire as a product for sale to law enforcement agencies and first responders. It’s there that the background and operational concept of the system are described in detail and direct curious customers to for more information. When a link to the URL is clicked, the banner at the top of the developer’s homepage described Abraxas as “A Cubic Company.” On the FEMA page, the product information is detailed as provided directly by Abraxas Applications.

Sounds pretty much like a CIA front organization operation.

If Kellogg replaces Flynn, we can undoubtedly expect an expansion of the surveillance state and its associated industries.

In late 2015, Trump said in an interview he tends “to err on the side of security” and restoring parts of the Patriot Act that have been amended would “be fine.”

Trump’s CIA director, Mike Pompeo, introduced legislation to block the USA FREEDOM Act in 2015. The act enacted on June 2, 2015 restored in modified form several provisions of the Patriot Act, which had expired.

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Contributed by Kurt Nimmo of Another Day in the Empire.

Kurt Nimmo is the editor of Another Day in the Empire, where this article first appeared. He is the former lead editor and writer of

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  • Smarty

    It’s starting to look like the new boss is orange instead of brown….

  • landy fincannon

    The GLOBALISTS ” establishment ” is still in charge. Anyone who thinks otheewise is naive.

    Donald said in the third debate the Richard Haass would be advising. This is that !

    • Shirleyonookeb

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      • landy fincannon

        Reply back if you’re a human


      Trump is nothing short of being controlled opposition for the khazarian mafia. Keep digging the swamp.deeper you POS Trump

    • Seen2013

      Controlled opposition is supposed to fail against the political ideology it opposes that is why Progressive Republicans freeze themselves and let the discussion or debate go to social conservative values V social liberal values centering on Progressive Government determining which values to enforce amplifying Alinsky tactics tremendously.

      Trump is worse if one examines his actions as a whole; Trump is a Trojan Horse. Trojan Horses are designed to result in demonizing failure.

      • landy fincannon

        Well said ! Thanks

    • Rudy Campilii

      Funny how most of the American sheeple truly believe we live in “the land of the free” and that they have Constitutional rights and Congress cares about them. The calendar changes, technology changes, but the people never change. We live in the biggest police state in history.

  • Cynical Old Bastard

    And people are acting all surprised.


  • csfurious

    It is very sad.

  • myworld5

    I can’t imagine it getting any bigger than Obama had it , can you, really ….? umm?

  • Graeme Pedersen

    CHECK THIS OUT. I hope it’s true, If so it explains everything and will make the world a better place for all.

  • OldPoorRichard


  • straight shooter

    As the orange puppet sinks deeper into the swamp, puppet finds not only can the swamp not be drained, but it is sinking ever deeper, a puppet in quicksand.

  • Rudy Campilii

    We haven’t had any real freedoms for a long time now. All we have is the freedom to shut up and take whatever the deep state and corporate America shoves down out throats. A perfect example is Civil Asset Forfeiture, where the government can just steal whatever they want from you without ever charging you with a crime. Where is that in the Bill of Rights or the Constitution?

  • Josh Stern

    Trump, by his own account and behavior, didn’t truly expect to win the Presidential election. In terms of Deep State reality, he also didn’t understand the level of danger and pressure to back CIA Shadow Empire building that comes with the POTUS position. One interesting follow up question here is whether Trump’s briefing on Kellogg sounded like Mr. Nimmo’s description or something very different. Maybe “someone who knows the CIA and has worked with the CIA but is primarily business focused” sounded like the best option??

    On the topic of surveillance & media coverage, notice the absurdity of the Daniel Rigmaiden story. Stingray started being secretly used by FBI and police all over the US to do warrantless intercept of cell phones and WHO broke this story to the public: Rigmaiden, a hacker, in prison, charged with felonies, who was brave enough to walk away from a plea deal in order to make the story public. That was our information line of defense there. Not the press. Not Congress. A guy in prison who had the balls to walk away from the FBI’s plea deal and tell the story to the public about what was going on every day in their communities.