Trump Has Decided To Pull Out Of The Paris Climate Deal

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President Donald Trump has just made a decision that’s likely to burn the backsides of the left. Literally. He’s pulling out of the Paris global warming deal, and without apologies, will begin the process immediately.

According to the news website Axios, two sources close to the Trump Administration said the president has already started consulting on the exit process with senior officials. This is already upsetting leftists everywhere. Their savior, and Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama tried to make climate change a priority. Obama’s administration was extremely concerned about making taxpayers cover the cost of global warming all in the name of climate change. But that all seems to be coming to an end now and the left isn’t only upset about the cost savings.

Liberals are afraid that pulling out of this deal risks undermining the ambitions of the agreement, which was signed by 195 other countries including Britain. A letter from 22 Republican senators urging President Trump to withdraw played a major role in the decision, according to Axios. There has even been some speculation that pressure from Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter, to stick with the agreement delayed his decision to withdraw. The New York Times reported this week that advisers were in a “tug of war” trying to influence Trump on the decision about the Paris agreement.


Pulling out of Paris is the biggest thing Trump could do to unravel Obama’s ridiculous and economically damaging climate legacy. It sends a signal to the rest of the world that America doesn’t prioritize a global agenda. Instead, the country will take actions on their own, or not at all, based on their needs, which is also something the left seems increasingly afraid of.

Details on how the withdrawal will be executed are being worked out by a small team which includes the EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt. The team is now deciding on whether to initiate a full, formal withdrawal, which could take 3 years or to simply exit the underlying United Nations climate change treaty, which would be faster. The UN doesn’t like Trump’s decision to balk at their power either, and they have warned the president that his actions could “leave the US behind.”

Donald Trump has long been skeptical of the liberal battle cry of global warming. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer declined Tuesday to say if Trump believes in “man-made” climate change, stating they had never talked about the subject. However, a tweet from Trump in 2012 may provide us with more insight into the president’s decision. Trump then claimed climate change was a big hoax “created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”

He also tweeted in 2014 that the “very expensive GLOBAL WARMING bullshit has got to stop.”

Putting the humor aside, it’s no secret that climate change regulations and taxes strangle the economy and businesses. Hopefully, this is the reason Trump has decided to pull out of this deal. Or perhaps he’d like to give America a little bit of her sovereignty back. Either way, it was a good decision. Now let’s pull out of the UN entirely.

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  • Mike

    some good news today. How nice.

    • blue579

      The goal is to get us to go back to sleep, to “stand down”.

      It would be nice if this kind of news mobilized Americans into a real movement to coordinate push back.

      • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

        Simple. Turn off the shartfone/iPud satellites, internet and bank/EBT cards. You want ‘mobilization’? Here’s HOW. Just flip the switches and stand back.

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    I don’t care WHAT the weather pundits say and especially their useless to the nth degree ‘puker models’ that NEVER GET ANYTHING RIGHT. There is only ONE THING predictable about weather&climate, particularly here in S. Idahodia: That is its UNPREDICTABILITY.

  • Freespirit

    Possibly he pulled our BECAUSE he realizes, the UNITED STATES is behind the crazy weather ………..via the HAARP project!

    For those who are genuinely AWAKE, the CIA finally admitted, in June of 2016, to the FACT that the American Military (on behalf of the U.S.) was spraying the chemicals in the atmosphere. for our own good, of course and stimulating weather patterns with EMP waves!!

    I guess he, like so many American fools think, Aluminum, Barium and Strontium “atom-sized” compounds are good for our lungs, stomachs, brains and the rest of our body !!!

  • blue579

    Who in alt besides Corbett has covered the recent passage of the Trade Facilitation Agreement, a major treaty sponsored by the WTO and signed by 164 nations?

    Moves like bowing out of the Paris Climate talks are always head fakes in the long run. As long as the loss of nation state sovereignty moves further to the goal post amidst the smoke and fog, the endgame advances. The 1956 Rockefeller Panel Reports stated when world govt comes their US hegemon, no longer needed to forge the NWO, will be isolated and forced to suffer the effects of resisting full assimilation. It’s a old script.

    The Trump admin is supporting geoengineering. That’s a big globalist project. Watch Trump flip flop and sign backdoor agreements – which you may never hear about.

    • g.johnon

      note to self: remember to start watching back door shit which i may never hear aboutt.

      • Lorettatterry

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  • Tommy p

    Best News of the day sort of Maxine Waters and Chuck Shumer dying!

  • steven jacobs


  • SP_88

    Good riddance. Fake global warming bullshit needs to stop. It’s just another way to screw the working class people out of money.
    If you look at the solutions for global warming, it’s all just a bunch of added costs for this and that. It’s money. How is taking money from one place and moving it to another place supposed to help global warming? It’s not. It’s just going to take money from the many and give it to the few. And the rich get richer.
    Fake bullshit.

  • Jim Estes

    Excellent!! Now maybe his son (the one from The Omen-Damien) will get a great case of melanoma when he walks outside……………………………..

  • Cynical Old Bastard

    “…pressure from Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter, to stick with the agreement delayed his decision to withdraw.”

    Did I miss something? Did we just gain an actual, out of the closet, ROYAL family? Complete with royal princesses and everything?

    • Phil_Ossifer

      The lamestream media’s Prime Directive is “thou shalt not say or write anything that makes Trump look good.” The “Princess Ivanka” meme is designed to make him look like he’s incapable of making a decision on his own and he’s willing to put his daughter’s whining ahead of the country’s interests. Besides…”Ivanka” is a Russian name…get it?

      • Cynical Old Bastard

        Yeah… that’s ’bout how I read it too. Devious bastards, aren’t they?

        I stopped giving a shit what they do. I mean… I went through a serious, but reasonably mild period of concern. But, it was controllable… ya know? Nothing even remotely approaching full-blown “prepper panic.”

        Then one day I suddenly noticed that I don’t give a fuck anymore. LOL. It’s a serious case, too. I didn’t give much of a fuck before, but now? I. Literally. Don’t. Give. A. Single. Fuck.

        This whole site/s is entertainment to me. I like talking to (some) you guys and gals (snowflake meltdown alert. Everybody grab your mops). Some of the stories and the headlines they tag them with are hilarious. Even some of the worst, most incomprehensible gibberish that passes for an “intelligent” comment in the author’s mind holds entertainment value.

        • Phil_Ossifer

          Exactly. Never take anything said on a message board or a comment section too seriously. If you just look at it as entertainment it’s a lot more fun.

          • Unlike the similar untruths told by government officials, which should be prosecuted as the treason they frequently support.

          • Cynical Old Bastard

            Yep. It’s great fun watching the sheep run from one side of the pen to the other in reaction to every “danger.”

            I used to actually feel sorry for them.

            Not anymore.

        • I suspect it is nothing but an advertising vehicle for the owners.

      • “Ivanka [ivan-ka] as a girls’ name is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of the name Ivanka is “God is gracious”. Ivanka is an alternate form of Ivana (Czechoslovakian, Slavic, Hebrew): feminine of Ivan. Ivanka is also a form of Jane (Hebrew).”

  • renee ciccioni

    The pulling out of the Paris agreement had nothing to do with science it was about business the IECA lobbied him to pull out because it might hurt the profits of the companies it represents , and the list of companies as follows, Dow, DuPont, Koch industries and Monsanto. Then the hilarious irony of it all then Dow and DuPont pull a stunt after claiming that they are disappointed about Trump’s decision. Everybody who believes any thing that comes from the corporate American government is a sheep.Science is less important than profit.