Trump Cancels Fox Debate to Give ”a very major speech in front of a very important group of people” at AIPAC

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Fox has canceled the next GOP debate, which was set for March 21st, because Trump won’t be attending. Why won’t Trump be attending? Turns out he has better things to do, like give a speech to AIPAC.

“I’m making a very major speech in front of a very important group of people,” Trump told the Fox and Friends cast as he turned down their invite live on air.

Sounds like Trump knows the drill.

Sure, you may have thought the American people, who Trump is running for president for, are also a “very important group of people” who deserve another debate, but as it turns out, they aren’t quite as important to Mr. Trump as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Also scheduled to speak at the AIPAC event are Hillary Clinton, who recently vowed to take America’s relationship with Israel “to the next level,” Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Vice President Joe Biden, House Speaker Paul Ryan, majority leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, and minority whip Rep. Steny Hoyer.

Sounds like a rockin’ good time.

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  • StevetheHun

    Trump, in some ways, is more Jewish than Sanders. There is that. I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t for the Israel issue of divided loyalty.

    One would hope for a president who puts America first, but we may have to settle on one that isn’t openly out to destroy America, like … everyone else running for President.

    I believe the other candidates are eager to make the US a colony of Mexico, start WW III, and the Democrats would enslave the upper middle class to feed them to the poor.

    On the other hand, it may be that Trump is trying to diffuse the whole Middle East situation, which could be a starting point for a world war.

  • loadnup

    not a bit prejudice, are ya, shill.

    • lol, shills are the ones who support the terrorist war-state called Israel which is ran by the same group who control our anti-american, weaponized, anti-white media that is promoting genocide.

  • Get rid of ALL dual citizens in our government, you can’t serve 2 masters at once… America first and only!

    I always knew this about trump which is why I don’t support him.

    • I agree 100% on getting rid of all the dual citizens from government. Trump supports NSA warrant-less spying on you and the patriot act. (like all the other DC criminals) I can not support him for that reason. I will vote for the Libertarian candidate again.

      • jame watts

        The libertarian and whom you speak of also support everything you stated you fuckin duped clown

        • Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Don’t worry I’ll take care of her for you. You don’t even know who the nominee is yet so give it a rest Bozo.

      • jame watts

        The funny part about that you are stupid enough to go vote when you should know fan well your vote doesn’t matter the president is selected. Your vote has no say in its shame on you

      • Do you consider someone who is a citizen of their state, which federal law considers foreign, to be dual citizens?

        • If the state is not part of the USA then yes.

      • The libertarian candidate doesn’t care how many citizenships you have.

        • The Libertarian candidate hasn’t been nominated yet.

          • He was before the major parties started soliciting candidates for their nominations. His name is Gary Johnson.

          • These are the Declared Libertarian candidates at this point.
            Steve Kerbel
            Cecil Ince
            Joy Waymire
            Marc Feldman
            Gary Johnson
            Derrick Michael Reid
            According to
            The nomination will be n May.
            I hope Gary Johnson wins.

          • It will be interesting to see them get on all 50 states’ ballots in six months.

    • You can’t be the president if you aren’t a natural born citizen? Obama?
      Since the SCOTUS has the authority to define the terms in the Constitution and they defined natural born citizen in 1875, in Minor v Happersett, we need to impeach the traitor first.

      • Every decision he has made his whole presidency is invalid.

        • That is true, but the inevitable interaction between those decisions and everything else that has happened has created a Gordian Knot that nothing can resolve.

          • It must be scrapped and rebuilt then. You can’t build a house of cards with cards not even found in the deck! Well… you can and they did but none of it is legitimate so I never think of it or treat it as such.

          • It is pretty much impossible to scrap and rebuild two centuries of domestic polity. This will just have to stand as an example to those who can understand it what happens when We the People refuse to properly vet the candidates for the CEO of the corporation that our government has morphed into. It sure isn’t the zero sum game we expected.

  • jonathanpulliam

    I support Trump for President. No need to appease AIPAC.

    • danton61

      Doubt that will happen…BUT…It’ll be amusing to watch Cruz and the rest “grovel” before their masters…give ’em enough rope, and let ’em hang themselves..while you witness it…Smart Move Donald!

  • danton61

    Do your homework, kiddies…This is NOT Trump’s first “rodeo” with these people…he’s been…done that..last time he gave and got “mixed reviews”, so I doubt he is there to “kiss the ring” like the others will, undoubtedly. Hell, Cruz got booed off the stage at CPAC when he last attended and tried to “push” his Zionist-Christian-BS on everybody…Trump has everything to gain at this…no losses..The Fox-Debate? More of the same blah-blah-blah, while Cruz is DYING to get nasty again. Trump is smart…he cut off Cruz’s last chance…I’d do the same, and watch Cruz as he “twists slowly in the wind”…Time is on Trump’s side, Yes it IS!

  • Andrew Miller

    So you’re all saying Trump supports Israel more than the other republican candidates? Or is he the same as the rest on the particular issue of Israel support? Since there’s no difference on the Israel issue between any of the candidates of both parties, then I’ll continue to support the Israel supporter who also says he’ll build the wall on the border and end the bad free-trade deals, instead of any of the other Israel supporters who say they want more immigration and more free-trade. The choice is still clear.

    • jame watts

      Israel should be bombed asap.

      • I’ll let China and Russia take care of that, since Israel is a nuclear power and Iran is in a mutual protection pact with them.

  • Trump had a previous engagement before the debate was announced. But why don’t you get down on Cruz and Kasich since they refuse to debate if Trump isn’t going to be there — you’d think they’d welcome the opportunity. But Trump is right: there have been enough GOP debates with the same questions being asked over and over and over again.

    So if you don’t like Trump, which TPP supporter do you prefer?

  • Infidel51

    This article should bring out the antisemitic rants.

  • Vows of Vengeance

    Maybe he is going there to tell them America is through supporting the Zionist jews. And tell them we know the holohoax is a fraud. And we are going to kick all of the Zionist jews out of America. Yes I think the holohoax is fake. Sorry if some of you haven’t looked deeper into it yet.

  • JGH46

    I will be happy if Trump just says, “I’m going to treat Israel like a normal country. Thank you and good day.”

    • How can anyone who knows history treat Israel as a normal country?

  • dago dingo

    Fucking pathetic, kowtowing to the scum that is Apartheid Israel, makes me want to puke.

  • Dow Jones

    Change y’all can believe in…don’t ya know. USSA is totally fukkked!
    Onward to the collap$€ that the planet is paying for.

  • Julie Hargrove

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  • Steve

    Let’s hope Trump is doing some pandering to the Jews/AIPAC so that can assist him in gaining the presidency. Once he gets in, let’s hope he turns on those SOB’s by destroying AIPAC and halting any further shekels to Israel. It’s a dream, but a pleasant one.

  • jim_robert

    Got it, Melissa. No one meets your ideological purity test. Personally, I think Cruz is the best best to preserve the republic, but it’s probably easier to just take the superior tone you do and denigrate everyone. Heck, not only Cruz, but even George Washington and Thomas Jefferson wouldn’t be enough in your books I”ll bet.