Trump Cancels Fox Debate to Give ”a very major speech in front of a very important group of people” at AIPAC

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Fox has canceled the next GOP debate, which was set for March 21st, because Trump won’t be attending. Why won’t Trump be attending? Turns out he has better things to do, like give a speech to AIPAC.

“I’m making a very major speech in front of a very important group of people,” Trump told the Fox and Friends cast as he turned down their invite live on air.

Sounds like Trump knows the drill.

Sure, you may have thought the American people, who Trump is running for president for, are also a “very important group of people” who deserve another debate, but as it turns out, they aren’t quite as important to Mr. Trump as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Also scheduled to speak at the AIPAC event are Hillary Clinton, who recently vowed to take America’s relationship with Israel “to the next level,” Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Vice President Joe Biden, House Speaker Paul Ryan, majority leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, and minority whip Rep. Steny Hoyer.

Sounds like a rockin’ good time.

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