Trump Called Edward Snowden a Traitor, Implied He Should Be Executed

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Sure, Hillary Clinton is a banshee nightmare from Hell, but that really doesn’t mean Donald Trump is automatically amazing just because literally anything is better than Hillary. That’s a pretty low bar.

Trump has assured us he’ll give a lot more power to Big Brother as if we aren’t already living in an Orwellian nightmare as it is. He has said that he will grow the police state, boost the Patriot Act, and extend the neverending wars (he keeps mentioning Iran specifically, because no matter who becomes president, they all know they have to sing that same old “Which Path to Persia?” tune). Once I even heard the man say he expects the NSA to be listening in to all our phone calls… guess that makes it okay???


Trump has also called Edward Snowden a traitor and implied that he should be executed.

He also banned Snowden from Miss Universe… which I’m sure must’ve really broken poor Edward’s heart.

While Snowden may be a limited hangout, that’s beside the point here. Without Snowden, we wouldn’t have so much hard physical evidence of just how much our Constitution has been trampled, our 4th Amendment has been run over, and our privacy has been rendered nonexistent in the cybernetic technological control grid we now find ourselves living in.

How is exposing the tyrannical government’s crimes against the people a traitorous act worthy of death?

And this talk of “justice”?

Real justice would be someone standing up for the Constitution and Bill of Rights and challenging Big Brother and the NSA surveillance state, something neither Trump nor Hillary ever planned to do.

Then again, Trump is the same guy who said he would “take out” the family members of terrorists. Do you have a criminal in the family? How would you like to be killed because your family member is a criminal? Same logic fail.

Like this government is honest about who the real terrorists even are anyway. Come on. If we’re to believe Trump is that naive, he shouldn’t go anywhere near the oval office.

Then again, how does the saying go? Everyone that would make a truly good president is smart enough to realize they’d never want to be president? Not that presidents are really running anything in this country anyway…


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  • CarolinaPride

    Lots of people felt this way before the great awakening.

    • g.johnon

      yeah, but not too many smart ones.

  • TrevorD

    “GOP nominee Donald Trump does not believe that settlements built by the Zionist regime of Israel in Palestine are illegal, his advisor on Israel says“. (David Icke)
    This is why unfortunatly I think Trump is no diffrerent and it shows just who is pulling his strings also. Hope he is `different` and wins and I will say sorry to all for being sceptical.

    • John Pallyswine

      LOVE IT!!!! Israel will build and build and build on their land they conquered fair and square. The dirty muu invaded in 614AD to kill, colonize and rape. Take your Palestink and dump it in the nearest glue factory

      • The_Ipcress_File

        The “Palestinians” need to move back to Jordan.

    • disqus_k3oycamN0W

      You do not understand that these israeli farmers hold back at least some of islamic radicals and protect your ass by doing that. No wonder the establishment, including Hitlery and Soros, want to evict and destroy them.

      • davee

        Who are the Islamic radicals in Israel?

      • g.johnon

        well sort of, except for Israel being a big reason that there are so many Islamic radicals in the first place.
        create a big problem and then come in and be the big hero that protects you from the big problem and doofi useful tools like k3 will buy the Kool-Aid every time.

        • disqus_k3oycamN0W

          Islamic radicals existed from the times of Muhammad, long before you started to drink KoolAid and be a useful tool for them with your theories. If there was no Israel, they would have found another reason to be victimized and justify their jihad. Oil money gave them extra opportunity this time in history, but jihad and the rest of the madness is in Koran , 7th century..

  • Sorry, but Trump is but a foil to give Hillary Clinton plausibility to win the election (rigged or otherwise). If he can’t stick his foot in his mouth enough to lose (this seems to get harder and harder!) electronic voting shall ensure that the “correct” candidate shall win without the hassles and potential embarrassment of a recount.

  • donald is a pimp

    Donald duck is fearful of those that expose criminals in politics.

  • patriot156

    God damn this cock sucker

  • patriot156

    on better news Ammon Bundy and crew were acquitted of all charges today.
    If you haven’t already voted try the Johnson guy he’s never said he’s for gun control at all. But fuck an A Bundy is acquitted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now the chant should be free the Hammond’s.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • g.johnon

      no Johnson never said that, but. unfortunately, his running mate did.

  • patriot156

    Fuck just as I feared this cock sucker gets in were more screwed with Big brother more than ever FUCK!
    And the thing that’s even more fucked is Hillary will do the same!

    • sarah

      The Patriot Act is unconstitutional anyway.

      Trump is a businessman and not a politician. When he first started his run for President he said several things I think he felt because he did not have a full understanding of some political stuff.

      But, he is smart and he learns fast. Maybe his position on Snowden has changed now he has had to live in the political world for a year or so.

      We shall see.

      But, when given the choice between Trump or Clinton for President a person must vote for one of them if they want their vote to count at all.

      • patriot156

        as true that is it doesn’t matter for they enforce it anyhow.

  • godspell

    they are playing us again using the same tactic to make us believe that a person we elect will help hate to tell youll but we don’t decide the president the electoral college does and we do not always get to vote who they are it differs state to state we need to do what we were told to do and that is to abolish this gov. and create a new one this one sucks balls.

  • Lancifer Wildwood

    Seriously…looking at the ‘Mess of Affairs’ from afar…all that matters in this election seems to be quelling the war talk around Russia. Snowden’s great! But in the end…how many people did he awaken in all reality. Everyone who cared, already knew. Carry on and have a weird election. I tried finding betting odds for there being no election down South, not one bookie would take my bet. Hmmmm….You need to start a Pirate Party…

  • g.johnon

    and there you have it; imperial proof that this election is just a cheap shill game and trump supporters are every bit a stupid as Hillary supporters.
    the constitutional republic of the united states of America is FUBAR, because americans forgot how to think for themselves and learned to try to get by on party line bullshit.
    “NONE OF THE ABOVE 2016!”

  • Obadiah Stone

    From Article: “How is exposing the tyrannical government’s crimes against the people a traitorous act worthy of death?”

    When the revelations appear not to be for your own gain.