Trump Blasts “Low I.Q. Crazy Mika” and “Psycho Joe” in Morning Tweet

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In an early morning tirade, Trump blasted Morning Joe talking heads Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough in a pair of Tweets that are rather shocking even by his standards.

The Tweets caused quite a bit of outrage – even from some Republican lawmakers.

No matter what you think of Trump, or of Mika and Joe, is this the kind of behavior we should accept from a president?

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  • straight shooter

    I’m no fan of any of the MSM puppets, but Trump is getting more disturbed–and disturbing–by the hour. Way to make America great, Baby Huey.

  • Mike

    Well you know what, after all the attacks on him and his family from the lying msm, it is well deserved. they need to be slapped in the face.

    • eventually you walk away from a shit-throwing contest, lest you end up covered in shit and stinking so badly no one wants to be around you, no matter how “right” you are….

    • straight shooter

      All the Tweety-Bird-In-Chief is doing is making himself look like the moron man-child he is. This won’t change the MSM stance one bit, in fact it will only embolden it.

      • Mike

        so says a leftist tool.

        • straight shooter

          Because if I criticize a Republican, then I must be a Democrat, right, smart guy? Did you know your idol used to be a Democrat?

  • Phil_Ossifer

    I can understand and even sympathize with the temptation to stick it to the MSM for the shameful way they treat Trump. But, regardless of who occupies the office of POTUS, there is a decorum and dignity that goes with the office that must be observed. In other words, the President needs to be above this kind of gutter-level name calling. Trump needs to stay the hell off of Twitter and the rest of social(ist) media and let his underlings handle the MSM blowback and talkback.

    • vinnyz

      There is no “decorum or dignity” left in any political office in this country anymore. Why the hell should the president be required to sit back and put up with attacks on him and his family by these scumbags?

      Twitter is a means to stay in touch personally with the public, supporters or not. Are you some liberal douche who would rather have the MSM dictate what you hear,read and believe?

      If nothing else it’s entertaining to watch these idiots blowing everything out of proportion and getting their fucking panties in a wad every time he says something they don’t like.

      Maybe you prefer a pussy president like obummer or carter. Personally I’m more for an Andrew Jackson type who refuses to take shit from assholes and doesn’t give a shit what people think.

      President Trump isn’t Andrew Jackson by any means and is more then likely a plant just to make us think we actually made a difference. But the man and his tweets have done more good for this country than any of the last few previous asswipes did their whole time in office!
      Did I mention the entertainment value……LOL

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    I would be embarrassed about this sort of thing-but I just don’t care anymore about a bunch of losers hurling poo at one another.

    • Elaine.Benes, II

      Amen to that.

  • renee ciccioni

    This man is actually verifying everything thing the mainstream media outlets are saying by behaving this way and to make another point about the whole right versus left crap fox news is just as fake but he sings their praise because they cater to the right wing demographic what a hypocrite ,besides he is to old to be behaving in such a way .

  • Tom J

    Who cares what he says.He has had more insults thrown from the left then any president in history. I just ignore any that he throws back. Why? Because he is getting the job done. Something Obama never did in the eight years he was president.

  • Uncle Hormone

    After all, the media reports 98% negative news about President trump continually.
    I’m glad he’s hitting back at the masonic morons of the media…

  • Elaine.Benes, II

    Hey ameriKans! Enjoying the Trump vs. The Mainstream Media vs. Trump movie? It’s been running non-stop since Mr. T announced his “candidacy”. It amped up a bit when The Don “won” “The Presidency”. It’s getting real juicy right about now, with “The Leader” of the “Free World” tweeting out about the low IQs and bloody facelifts of “reporters” who’ve scorned him. Is there really anybody out there who still believes this shit is real?