Trump Attacked In Ohio: “The Oligarchs Are Unleashing Their Embedded Socialists To Deliver Chaos”

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Just minutes after we published an article in which Karl Denninger argues that silencing trump as was done in Chicago will leave only one option for Americans who believe the Constitution has been attacked and supplanted, new video footage from a Saturday morning rally in Ohio shows that “protesters” are becoming more brazen, now coming for the candidate himself.

As the video footage below shows, Trump was attacked by someone near the stage. Within seconds the Secret Service moved in.


One regular SHTFplan contributor commented in response to this incident via email:

The oligarchs are unleashing their Black Lives Matter and other embedded socialists to deliver chaos.

This is only the beginning.

They want Trump out because, as we noted previously, he’s not a member of their secret club.

Mitt Romney’s possible entrance into the Presidential race should make it clear. This isn’t about Republican or Democrat.

This is about the establishment maintaining a stranglehold on the affairs of the American people.

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  • Right to the Point

    I’m not a Yuge Trump fan, but I would like to see him kick one of those Trophy Children right in the Baby Maker…..

    • It doesn’t matter if you are a fan or not of the only non-establishment major party presidential candidate as long as you recognize he is the only option to all of the establishment major party presidential candidates.

      • Reverend Draco

        I don’t care for Trump, personally – but I do recognize that there is nobody else running that’s worth a zit on his ass.

        If he survives til (s)election day. . . he’ll be the new prez.

        • That assumes that the RNC won’t use its nuclear option on itself to stop him.

          • Corky v Luxembourg

            I guaran-damn-tee you the RNC will stop the Trump Train on July 20, 2016. He’ll get 1,236 delegates or less, and BOOM. The Masters move in. Open convention. Kasich wins. Kasich vs Clinton. Clinton wins. We’re screwed.

          • I haven’t watched any of the debates, lacking a television or any interest, but I’ve been hearing things about Kasich that make me doubt that he’d be the recipient of the nomination if they could give it to Bushlite AKA Cruz, or even, Rubio. They’d have to decide pretty quick for the latter.

          • Ghost Rider

            If the RNC is trying To undo the wish of the people, there will be hell to pay in november…. I will personally vote for Hitlery and agains any other republican on my ballot…

          • I’m sure she’ll return the favor by killing you last if you should come into her sights.

          • Ghost Rider

            So are you OK with the party to ignore your vote and do what ever they want??? At least I know what to expect from Hitlery… Not so much about Calgary Ted, little Marco or the postman Kasich.. All elite politicians that have screwed us in the past and will in the feature…

          • Neither party sees my vote since I live in a late primary state with an early causas. They decided their pick before the causas with a straw poll. Their choice isn’t eligible, since he wasn’t born to two American citizens, as the SCOTUS said, in Minor v Happersett, that he has to be to be a natural born citizen, as is required of the president of this constitutional republic. Until enough of us get mad enough about what they are doing to do something about it, we will be considered domestic terrorists if we object.

        • Deboradhill2

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        • Cracker122049

          Rigged ballots boxes pick the winner not the people who actually vote. Trump might very well win but getting to the oval office is a very different thing. Enough recounts will always get the desired results. Expect a wicked bitch to take the football and run!

    • Mark

      Notice that the Free Sh*t Army is more effective than blogging gun owners.

  • Mary

    Obama is unleashing his goons just like he did in Baltimore and Ferguson, MO last year. You can bet these “protestors” are on the Soros payroll. The demons who hijacked our govt. are messing in their pants that Trump will derail their “new world order” agenda. Pray for Trump, people. This will be our last chance to restore our Republic. If anyone else gets in the WH, we are done as a free country.

  • ExecutorOffice

    Just a distraction from the IMF/ Vatican INC/ USA INC’s continued strateeegery to take over the World….666…. implants…. drones…..SUBMIT….OBEY….COMPLY…PAY EXTORTION TAXES…… PAY TO LIVE ON THE PLANET YOU OWN…..the Church Lady would say: ” COULD IT BE….mmmmmm…..Satan?? ” ( the idiot with caved-in head)

    • Reverend Draco

      I’m only 665 – I live next door to evil. . .

      No. . . it couldn’t be. . .mmmmmmmmmmmmm. . . a mythological being

      • ExecutorOffice

        produce the body the Roman guard ” lost “

        • Cracker122049

          Biblical bull shit. Belief is just that ,belief, not a bit of tangible proof, go back to sleep!

          • Erik Brito

            Biblical or not, what he said is coming absolutely true, remain asleep!

          • ExecutorOffice

            that ain’t production of evidence.

        • Reverend Draco

          A Roman guard lost Satan’s body? That’s a new bullshit story I hadn’t heard before. . .

  • StevetheHun

    Scuttle butt is, that particular assassin was a Bernie supporter with ties to ISIS.

  • Mike

    These morons just made sure Trump wins in thugcago and ohio. thanks for your stupidity blacklivesmatter only when a white kills one.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor


  • hwt123

    US has been under military rule since Lincoln declared martial law, congress has extended war powers to the courts which confiscate & regulate to fund the civil war.

    Congress sold DC to the Vatican bank in 1871, BAR stands for British Accreditation Registry & use Maritime law, Admiralty court where judge is captain & all are subject to the laws of the ship, maritime law of the sea, martial law.
    Contractual law where the citizen is viewed as property of the state, under the terms & conditions of a undisclosed contract…
    Common Law is Supreme Law of the LAND

  • Mary

    Trump gets media coverage if he farts…don’t think he needs any more media attention than he already has. The violence in Chicago has Soros written all over it. Remember, Bill Ayers (he’s just a guy in the neighborhood per Obama 2008) was caught red-handed at that rally in Chicago. Chicago is the headquarters of the CPUSA (Communist Party of the USA). Need I say more?

    • straight shooter

      I was going to say the same about Soros. Yes, as in Ferguson, this kind of engineered agit-prop/unrest is a Soros specialty.

  • Jean

    Really I guess the Left and that includes the Republicans as well don’t want to dirty their hands so they are going to let the little people do it for them. It its easier then paying someone like they had to the last customer.

  • RobertFl

    Had enough? Vote Libertarian for a change.
    If you feel your vote doesn’t matter anyway, then there is no loss.
    Vote your convictions for a change, and not for the lesser of two evils.
    -Gary Johnson 2016

  • straight shooter

    What Trump needs to do now is build a wall around his next rally–and have the Democrats pay for it. Hopefully they can all kill each other.

  • Undecider

    The solution is for multiple rings of guards (patriots) to surround the stage first.