Trump Accuses Cruz of Fraud: “He Didn’t Win Iowa, He Stole It” — Calls for Cruz’s Disqualification, New Vote

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No one said politics wasn’t dirty, but seriously? If this is true, what is Ted Cruz, five years old?

GOP front runner Donald Trump, who somehow came in second to Ted Cruz at the Iowa Caucus despite widely leading in every poll going in, has openly accused the Cruz camp of fraud and demanded a new vote or to have the results nullified in a series of Tweets that are ongoing today right now as I type this.

In order from oldest to newest:

The release falsely promoted the idea that Carson was quitting and urged those who would’ve voted for Carson to vote for Cruz instead:



Then again, the whole system is so corrupt, just like the leadership of the country it represents, that believing it takes anything but fraud to get into higher office these days is like believing in magical unicorns that fly around handing out bags of money… it simply doesn’t happen.

In other news, Rand Paul has dropped out of the race… the only candidate who wasn’t beating the drums for World War III.

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