Tropics Go Wintery! … Northern Thailand Declared Cold Disaster Zone … Snow In Vietnam … In Turkey “Animals Literally Freeze Where They Stand”!

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Donkeys freezing where they stand in Turkey

A flurry of Middle Eastern and Asian news websites are reporting on “unusual” cold sweeping across vast areas of Asia and the Middle East.

The online Thailand reports “Hundreds of thousands of residents of northern and northeastern Thailand are suffering from the current cold snap, with many areas having been declared disaster zones. […] Some 100,000 people are suffering from the cold and in need of winter clothing. ”

The German language reports that the “Meteorological Institute forecasts temperatures in the north to fall another 4 – 7°C by Thursday.”

Snow – in Vietnam!

The Asian Correspondent here writes that residents in North Vietnam “were treated to a rare sight Monday: snow“, writing that “the white stuff” is a “rare sight in this part of the world“.

Not only Southeast Asia is being hard hit by unusually bitter cold, but also vast areas of Central Asia, Middle East, and North Africa. Some of these regions are typically famous for agreeably warm temperatures. The charts on this page are the forecast temperature anomalies for the coming 7 days.

Asia Forecast_2 Temp Anomaly

Asia to remain gripped by bitter cold. Forecast anomaly for the next 7 days, source:

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  • Ken, Megapolis

    I hope Derek is OK and we can look forward to more of his Xmas cracker style jokes LOL. Since both Americas joined 2 million years ago new ocean currents drive huge quantities of moisture laden air to North Europe feeding the glaciers. The ice age is PREDISPOSED to happen so I have yet to work out what causes the interglacials or nicer word optimum where english wine as wonderful as french ho la la.
    Every year I go to Bonny Scotland glacier spotting. Zero signs as yet, temperature varies +7 to +12 centigrade right now. Normally hibernating frogs seen this December!
    Stay safe.

    • Rick E.

      Hi Ken! I hope you’re keeping comfy and safe in the UK. I see little evidence of global warming out my way, just plenty of very chilly weather, my water pipes froze up on me again! A bit of a hassle for sure.
      Stay away from those french girls, they’ll get you in trouble, lol. Bonny Scotland sounds better anyway!

      • Ken, Megapolis

        Thankyou Rick. Disqus sends emails so we can now keep in contact in a similar way to what we experience on Facebook. Those burst pipes sound scary because I have NEVER experienced them. Sharing a bed with a hot woman sounds like the best idea LOL.
        Glasgow is one of my favourite cities and the 1st time I went I said it reminded me of Hong Kong there were so many High Rises LOL. Well buffered against the cold but post 911 Safedem have been blowing the skyscrapers down in controlled demolitions one after the other and instead of a cheap council £100/mth rent the poor glaswegian now has a £1000/mth mortgage all under the stupid fear the high rises are vulnerable to acts of terror.
        Then with every passing year London gets ever uglier. Take that parabolic shaped building in Fenchurch St focussing sunlight. Its a serious fire risk but no-one seems to flipping well care.
        So help me God.

  • Dennis Zellaha

    Proof that Al Gore is right, we’re dieing of heat stroke here, send the air conditioners.

  • Dennis Zellaha

    Proof that Al Gore is right, we’re dieing of heat stroke here, send the air conditioners.

  • madeuce42

    is it chem spraying, Haarp or both

  • Undecider

    It’s called weather modification.