Trigger-Happy Harvey Police Officers Shoot Innocent Man and Puppy

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Horrifying incidents of police brutality are happening every day, all over the world. At what point will you stand up and refuse to pay for the salaries of state-sanctioned thugs like the ones you are about to read about? Think about it.

As reported by Courthouse News Service on December 31, 2013:

Police in Harvey, Illinois, shot a man in the back of the leg without cause, threatened to “shoot the shit out of” a witness with a camera, then shot to death a witness’s puppy, the wounded man and dog owner claim in federal lawsuits.

Paul Manning sued the City of Harvey, police Officer James Sinnot, and police Officer O’Shea.

In the second lawsuit, Karnischa Miller, who owned the 14-week-old puppy, sued the City of Harvey, Sinnot, and Officer Davres.

Manning claims he was walking down the street on December 30, 2012, when the officers began following him in a squad car.

Defendant officer stopped his car and told Mr. Manning, ‘Come here!’, the complaint states. Mr. Manning had done nothing wrong, and, therefore, did not stop. Mr. Manning had no weapon or other objects in his hands.

After a short distance of moving away from the defendant officer, Mr. Manning slipped and fell. As Mr. Manning tried to get up, one of the defendant officers willfully shot Mr. Manning in the back of his leg. Mr. Manning fell again and tried to get up again. Defendant officer then fired more shots at Mr. Manning. Mr. Manning suffered excruciating pain from these gunshot wounds.

One of the defendant officers then stood on top of Mr. Manning with the full force of his leg on Mr. Manning’s back. One of the defendant officers handcuffed Mr. Manning while he was lying down after having been shot.

A witness tried to record the scene with his cell phone, but a Harvey officer grabbed the phone and threw it, saying, “You touch the phone, I will shoot the shit out of you,” Manning says in the complaint.

In the second lawsuit, Miller claims she heard gunshots, opened the back door and witnessed a young man, Paul Manning, lying on the ground after having been shot. He was screaming and asking for an ambulance. Harvey police officers were surrounding Paul Manning with their guns drawn. One officer was standing on Paul’s back, simply as an excessive display of force.

When Miller opened the door, her 14-week-old puppy, Nemo, ran outside. A police officer yelled to Miller’s boyfriend, LeShon Wright, “‘Get your dog!’,” the complaint states. As Mr. Wright walked off the porch toward the dog, one of the defendant officers unholstered and raised his gun towards Nemo and Mr. Wright. Mr. Wright became fearful for his life and stopped.

Nemo approached one of the defendant officers and sniffed his ankle. Nemo did not growl, bark, or act aggressively in any way. A defendant officer then shot Nemo. The officers would not let anyone approach the wounded dog from 4:30 p.m. until 11:15 p.m., according to the lawsuit. A defendant officer said: ‘Yeah, I shot the dog. What the fuck you gonna do about it?’ Miller claims.

The City of Harvey admitted that their police officers shot Nemo. Ms. Miller and her children were so distraught by the circumstances surrounding Nemo’s murder, and being forced to helplessly watch him die, that they moved from Harvey to Wisconsin.

Manning seeks punitive damages for excessive force, battery, and emotional distress. Miller seeks punitive damages for excessive force, illegal seizure, failure to intervene, and emotional distress. Both are represented by Victor Henderson and Rebecca Kaiser with Henderson Adam.

If you find this story even half as disgusting as I do, consider calling the Harvey Police Department and asking that these dangerous criminals, Officer James Sinnot, Officer O’Shea, and Officer Davres, are kept off the streets.

Harvey Police Department Station

15301 Dixie Highway
Harvey, Illinois 60426
Phone: 708-331-3030

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  • patriot156

    WTF shouldn’t the words the redcoats are coming be ringing throughout america by now?

  • Dave R
    • Andy Fife

      it came in 1776

  • Andy Fife

    Love reconciles all,,,,,just smile, grab ankles, and let your servants / trustees blast away – or: do the commercial lien, lawsuit AND DEREGISTER NOW before it is too late.

    Don’t consent to rule by maniacs

  • Andy Fife

    I emailed the mayor. Told him I’m steering clear of his town, and asked if the “maniacs were off the street and in custody” . Da

    • Freedom

      How did you email the mayor? His contact information on the city’s website only lists 2 phone numbers. Please post the mayors’ email address if you have it.

  • Andy Fife

    In the Detroit riots tanks blasted away at anyone on their porches.

  • RJ O’Guillory

    ..check out how brave those Ukrainian Cops are…all of them hiding behind buses as the “overwhelming crowds” deluge them with firebombs and rocks…wait until an American Law Enforcement Group tries to reign in a crowd with real guns…Ha!

    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

  • Freedom is the mayor’s email address. His office phone number is: 708-210-5331.

  • fatwillie

    If you shot my dog under those circumstances, you would not be asking what the f I am going to do about it. When people start doing this and showing these thugs there will be retribution then and only then will these thugs rein in their actions against not only innocent and defenseless citizens, but God’s other creatures as well.

  • Sagebrush

    Hope the victims get great lawyers. If the city of Harvey doesn’t fire these psychopathic, sadistic morons and prosecute them to the full extant of the law, the community deserves to be sued to bankruptcy.

    It’s getting to the point, if your an armed citizen not committing illegal acts of any kind and your confronted by a cop who pulls a gun, you better pull yours fast and start shooting. Being alive and defending your actions in court beats the hell out of laying on a slab in the morgue.

  • tayronachan

    @John Steam, More than likely that’s the way things will go. Some minor incident will set things in motion. Till that happens, TPTB will use every trick in the book to confiscate the hi-cap semi-auto rifles. In CT they already know who owns what, and where the rifles are.

  • Freedom is the email for the mayor. The city’s website lists his phone number as: 708-210-5331. I suggest flooding his inbox with emails and his voice mail with phone calls. Let him know the rest of the country is watching to see what he does.
    I already emailed him. No response yet.