Traffic Stop Humiliation: Woman Ordered to “Shake out her Bra” – Cop Received ONE Day Suspension

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It seems like the plot of a cheesy porn. Late at night, a man and woman are stopped for a routine violation. The woman is taken to the side by a male police officer. She grudgingly lifts her shirt….

It would be one thing if it was her word against his. Even if Zoe Brugger’s boyfriend had also complained, it would still be possible that the couple had misconstrued the actions of the police officer who stopped them for a non-working headlight.

But when the inappropriate actions of the cop are caught on video, one might expect that the officer would be harshly reprimanded. On the following dashcam video, you can see Lakeland PD Officer Dustin Fetz asking the woman to raise her shirt and shake out her bra, not once, but twice.

Apparently the couple was suspected of being in possession of drugs. Zoe Brugger and her boyfriend Larry Fields consented to be searched. No drugs were found, however, on either Ms. Brugger’s person, Mr. Fields person, or in her vehicle.

Ms. Brugger filed a complaint about the humiliating incident with the Florida State Attorney’s Office. The office found that the incident violated Ms. Brugger’s constitutional rights, but that it was not criminal. In a move that was possibly more insulting than no punishment at all, Police Chief Lisa Womack reprimanded Officer Fetz with a harsh suspension of….one day.

It’s too bad that the innocent civilians didn’t know their rights. In a nation of cops gone wild, cooperating with the badge-wearing bullies is simply no longer an option.

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