Tradesmen See Largest Income Increases Due to Severe Shortages (Video)

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This has been one of the most amazing reversals in the last 30 years. Tradesmen are in short supply these days and in turn are driving the wages up for all skilled labor in America. The idea that you have to go to a 4 year university to be successful just isn’t true in today’s society.

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  • I’ve been hearing about truck driver shortages since I became a CDL holder.
    There has never been a shortage of truck drivers. There has always been a shortage of truck drivers that are willing to work for less than they are worth.

    • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

      I remember picking up industry magazines at truck stops back in the 90s, and they all bemoaned a shortage of 80,000 drivers a year – but never mentioned that OTR truckers were still making the same $0.25 a mile they made in 1976 when my older brother first got his CDL.

      • I started at 19 cents a mile as a “student” driver in 1990, and gave up long haul at 21 cents a mile in mid 1994. Pay was much better in driveaway, ranging from .75 to $1.25 a mile, but a lot of time was eaten up with paperwork and hooking and unhooking the tow vehicle, for finding ones way to and from each truck to be moved, in the absence of a tow vehicle. Auto Truck in San Antonio tried to recruit me to move stacks for $1800 a week, but the deal killers were having to drag the tools around to put the trucks back on 10 wheels and put up with TSA to fly back for each stack. A decade later, single RV driveaway is paying the same.

    • pr0ve1t

      Excellent point, it is the same as when NAFTA killed manufacturing in this country, then propaganda started coming out that there is a shortage of people interested in manufacturing. This country is doomed.

      • The country has been gone since the passage of the States Secrets Privilege in 1947, when the Shadow Government took over everything. Was this great video:

        • pr0ve1t

          I will have to disagree, this country began is downward spiral on December 23, 1913.

          • Those who don’t know the truth can’t do otherwise.

          • pr0ve1t

            Search the date, then you will know the truth.

          • Are you assuming that they are all numerologists?
            When the odds of anything happening on any given day is 1 in 366, it is pretty likely to happen once year. Fortunately we have never gotten to 366 pogroms a year.

          • IQ140

            Don’t waste your time. He has no clue to what you are talking about. But I certainly do.

          • pr0ve1t

            It seems that you are certainly correct, even more than I realized.

  • “Lord of War” was right for the 1980s – Too many people doing it and the profit margin is too low. There is NO SHORTAGE, BULLSHIT. Corporations are going TRILLIONAIRES.

  • Kendoaz

    It’s about time, and I always tell people if you don’t like the prices do it yourself. I do my own car repairs, home repairs, and take care of the pool and yard myself. Tradesmen wages have been suppressed since the 70’s. Come on, if you can pay $1,000 a month for health insurance, you can certainly pay $250 for an oil change.

    • But why would you when even the dealerships are under $50?

      • pr0ve1t

        That depends on the vehicle, you might still be able to squeeze 10 bucks out of each oil change regardless of make and model. Dealerships want to give you an incentive for you to come in so that they can find other things to suck money out of you.

        • I’ve spent more to fix what dealerships screwed up than they would ever have saved me with loss leader oil changes.