[Pics: Viewer Discretion] Topless Russian Woman Killed After Hanging Out Of Car

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A topless Russian mother was killed when she hung her head out of a car, violently smashing it into a lamppost. The entire incident was caught on video by the same woman who was driving the car.

Natalia Borodina is originally from Zlatoust, an industrial city in the Urals, but then moved to regional capital Chelyabinsk, before relocating to Moscow. She had allegedly been working as an estate agent in Cannes, France

Borodina was being filmed by her friend as she leaned topless out of the window of a moving car in the Dominican Republic where she was visiting while on vacation. The 35-year-old mother was being filmed by Ivanna Boirachuk, 32, who is believed to have also been driving the car at the time.

“The woman was having fun demonstrating her naked breasts while her companion drove the car,” reported Moskovsky Komsomolets, a Russian media outlet. It is understood Borodina’s child, a boy around the age of eight, was on holiday with her in the Dominican Republic.


Bordinia hangs her upper body out the window of a moving car, topless, while her friend takes a video.

Borodina is completely naked, except for a pair of bikini bottoms, when she decides to hang out of the window, and provocatively stick her finger in her mouth.


Not long after this stunt began, Borodina’s head contacts a lamppost. She is rushed to the hospital where she is pronounced dead from critical injuries to the head.

Borodina’s social media accounts appear to show a fun-loving and adventurous woman.

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  • frankw

    What a waste of a beautiful woman. Just a moment of foolishness ends in tragedy. I’m sorry for her son and friend who must live with this.

    • would you feel less sorry for her had she not been “beautiful”?

      • tscull

        Yes, I would! You can have all the fuglies and plus sizers all to yourself! Lol!

        • happily married 20 years, no need to go shopping. says quite a bit about you though, more concerned about some perceived physical “beauty” than her lack of intelligence or modesty. You can have all the ignorant sluts to yourself

          • tscull

            Congratulations on the marriage. I would like to find the right one too, but good women are in short supply these days. Lol!

  • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

    Funny, that used to be known as a ‘slut’………..

    • No kidding.

      • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

        Well jeez, c’mon…..”was having fun demonstrating her naked breasts”……..aaaand…. “….social media accounts appear to show a fun-loving and adventurous woman”. REALLY?? That is sugar-coating with an entire TRUCK FULL of sugarbeets…….

    • Thundarr the Barbarian

      Actually “slut” meant a woman who was promiscuous.

      • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

        And she wasn’t ‘offering herself’ to the first taker, REALLY???

        • Thundarr the Barbarian

          Yeah… I guess all those African and Polynesian and American Indian chicks running around naked when the Europeans arrived were all just big sluts asking for it, too, huh?

          And the women in the Amazon who wear nothing but a string around their waist and a bead necklace, well, they’re obviously just the biggest sluts in the world! Showing off their boobs and privates shamelessly like that… I mean, anyone can see that what they really want is to have sex with every random guy that comes along and decides to take them up on their invitation!

          Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you?

          • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

            The same can be asked of you. She wasn’t in Africa, Polynesia, NOR the Amazon, Einsteinowizc. Stop being so purposefully dense. Oh, right. You can’t help it……

          • Thundarr the Barbarian

            Who cares where she was? Is there a different standard for white women?

          • Goblin


      • Monolo Velazquez

        I love promiscuous women…

        • darkhorse

          guess you love AIDs too….

          • Oingo Boingo

            Are you familiar with that liquid plastic coating that you can dip “tool” handles into.. to improve the grip and prevent corrosion ?
            Well, let me tell ya…
            restrict it’s use to metal tool handles, and not simply because you’ll have a “hard” time trying to make a reservoir tip.

          • darkhorse

            ummm…no, Oingo!

        • Thundarr the Barbarian

          Many men do. Lol.

          • darkhorse

            and you’re an idiot…

        • darkhorse

          you’re a moron who obviously can’t do the job

        • Goblin

          That’s why your nation is an enormous broken toilet.

          That’s also why we don’t want your illegals running around our country.

          They just bring everybody and everything down.

      • Oingo Boingo

        A 32 year old single mother of an 8 year old, from Nowheresville, Russia winds up in Cannes as an “estate agent”, making enough to be “…fun loving and adventurous… in The D. R.—a long way from Cannes—with her child and an accompanying Russian female friend.
        The French Riviera “estate agent” gig appears to be extra lucrative.
        I’m not thinking “slut”, I’m thinking Thrill Seeker “Ecstacy Dealer” and maybe “whore”. Russia has been a source of Ecstacy for years, and The Riviera is a golden market for it…and hot, easy women.
        The finger sucking thing is the hint of Ecstacy, as well as the slit-eyed Space Case doing the “Dog Taking The Air Out The Car Window” thing.

        • Elaine.Benes, II

          Hell yeah, break it the F down for ’em Mr. Boingo!

        • Thundarr the Barbarian

          It’s possible. All those factors may lead to a certain conclusion, and I’m inclined to agree with you about her being “in the business”. I was just pointing out that assuming a woman is a slut just because she’s bare-breasted is an exercise in poor logic. Also, a slut and a whore are two different things. One does it for fun, the other for a paycheck.

          • Oingo Boingo

            I didn’t call her a slut.
            Actually, she may well have alternated between “slut” and “whore”, depending on personal circumstances and possible alternate revenue flows.
            The more I ponder the Russia to Riviera move up in The World, the more I adhere to the “Ecstacy Dealer” belief.
            So, if that paid off in a big way, “slut” may well apply…
            due to her being “…fun loving and adventurous…” and an exhibitionist and Thrill Seeker.
            Not that any of that is necessarily a Bad Thing.
            There was a time when…

    • Elaine.Benes, II

      LOL good one elroy!

      • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

        Hiya, Laney!! And THANX!

  • emptymag

    Stupid is as stupid does…

  • Simon says

    polls are for dancing not dodging…

  • tscull

    Bummer of a waste!

  • km

    Stupidity at its top

  • Peter Clifford

    That’s just NATURAL SELECTION in the making.

  • Олег Донец

    • Oingo Boingo

      Women drivers…
      texting, yapping, applying makeup, punching dey chillrens in the back seat, fingering themselves, klanging their girlfriend’s heads into lamp posts on phone video…
      HEY, GIRLS…

  • darkhorse

    moron got what she deserved…incredibly stupid!

  • darkhorse

    wonder what her son thought about her activity?

  • darkhorse

    why is this on Sheeple? Just wondering….

    • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

      Good question, actually…….Little help, here? Aaron? Melissa??

  • Steve smith

    She died giving a lamp post head.

  • Erin Anderson

    She wins the Darwin Award. Congratulations.