Top Hacker: Chicago Nuke Attack Planned for 2015

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Guccifer – the Romanian hacker who accessed private email accounts of numerous top government & military officials as well as the Bush & Rockefeller family – is quoted in the New York Times as predicting a nuclear attack on Chicago sometime in 2015.

NY Times interview.

A potpourri of conspiracy theories about the terrorist attacks of Sept.11, 2001, the  1997 death of Princess Diana and alleged plans for a nuclear attack in Chicago in 2015, it said:

“This world is run by a group of conspirators called the Council of Illuminati, very rich people, noble families, bankers and industrialists from the 19th and 20th century”

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Contributed by Paul Joseph Watson of Prison Planet.

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  • Joe Lizak

    Good. Do all white people a favor. Take out Chicago first, then Detroit, Birmingham, the whole state of New Orleans, Atlanta and then Washington DC. Tactical nukes in the 50 kiloton range would do fine.

  • Nichole Koonce

    “the whole state of New Orleans,”
    Now just where is this state exactly?

    • dxsmopuim

      That made me laugh also.

  • jim_robert

    Last year, IL. was losing more people than any other state, except the People’s Socialist Dystopia of New York; Chicago is losing massive amounts of people. So, if anything bad happens the bad guys attack us, maybe there won’t be much left to destroy.

    Meanwhile, any nuking of the Chicago Bears would only help the team at this point. At least they might get a decent first round draft pick next year.

  • M Fr Nch

    Boogs Booga Booga
    About time we got some more fear mongering going on since that is all the parasites have left. Lies, fear mongering, theft, war, pedophilia, fake racism and good old corruption. What a country, among the worst to live in right now thanks to the people. Yep the people let it get this way and have done nothing about it, nothing of any consequence at all.
    I cant wait till the cows come on home and people see what is really going on, then they will literally freak out and lose it. I like reading about the fall egotistical, maniacal empires, but seeing this one close up is a lot more interesting.
    Remember Ebola, terror, nukes, disease, Isis, and lots more gonna get ya, but not the criminals you insist on putting in office, oh no not them.

    • curenado


  • dxsmopuim

    This will be AWESOME ! If I had a nuke it would be a tough decision, ShitKaka, Detroit, D.C., Baltimore, Cleveland, L.A.,San Fran. Tough choice where to use it. 100 Mega ton on ShitKaka would be so AWESOME though !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to whoever has it !

    • cuntsuella

      I presume you are just making light, for the sake of humor.

      Remember, there are many small towns in Illinois and southeast Wisconsin, brimming with your fellow patriots who are NOT supporters or defenders of the political or social scum of Chicago. Depending on the size of a nuke on Chicago, there would be a terrible loss of innocent freedom loving conservative men, women and children in an area far beyond the city. Also, bear in mind that city is on the west edge of Lake Michigan. What a devastating loss of America’s massive fresh water source, due to radiation fallout.
      I say this because of a genuine fear, based on my knowledge of the Bush family history and their coincidental rise to the supreme seat of the United States. If you do not know of what I am referring, research Prescott Bush from the early 1900’s and follow the family history forward. Note their activities and involvement with the evolving banks, military industrial complex, government agencies, bay of pigs fiasco etc etc.. Also note that George W Bush’s cousin was conveniently placed in charge of security for the Trade center complex prior to the 9/11 attack.
      Look, I’m not trying to sell anyone on a conspiracy theory of 9/11 – but I am concerned about a long list of “coincidences” that fall in line with the demonstrated agendas of the Bush family since the 1930’s. Regardless of your belief in a 9/11 conspiracy, you must admit we are far closer to a Fascist state (again, research Prescott Bush) today than we were on 9/10. Another attack of an even greater capacity will definitely seal the deal!

  • Nexusfast123

    So what emails? Evidence? Were they plotting this act on gmail? Who would they blame? Nukes are very uncapitalist as they tend to kill people but also destroy capital. Ebola is much more capitalist – kills the people and leaves the capital intact.

    • roddy6667

      Ebola is the poor man’s neutron bomb.

  • Dan

    Do you really think the US can last to 2025? I believe I will happen sooner .. Around 2017

    • Liz Nunya

      I am placing my bets by election 2016.

      • Dan

        From what I have been hearing latey you are problely right.. I was wanting one more year to get a lhead of all the chaos that coming…

  • Dan

    Joe works for Al Sharpton

  • Liz Nunya

    “They” do not care if the people know now because they know the people cannot stop it from happening at this point. Best you can do is prepare….if you live in Chicago or any major city, head for the hills and live the simple life. Then again, everyone is free to choose which way they would like to die.

  • Ken, Megapolis

    OK Mr Watson you will be held to this and have to face the embarrassment of meeting your online friends in January 2016 and have to keep a straight face.
    Same shit as when prophesies showed us London would be hit by a thermonuclear device during the Olympics, false flag, used as a pretext to invade Iran.
    For the record our at times tense relationship with Iran has got better and better and better. How and why? I don’t know the full facts but I am prepared to face the future with confidence and move on. President Obama felt likewise

  • Ken, Megapolis

    It is simply wrong to hate a man for his colour. He can choose a lot of things in life but not his skin. Don’t be taken in by the Right Wing racists. There are numerous accounts of groups like the BNP and EDL bullying irish people. They may have a point about Sharia Law but most are cons and habitual bullies. Do you want your daughter to marry a man like this?

  • Would anyone miss Obama’s Chicago anyway? It would be like flushing a toilet!!

  • carefix

    I think this means they must cancel Chicago now. So where are they gonna set of this 500kT false flag now?

    (NSA, just in case it is a 500kT nuke, it was just a guess….honest)