Top Economic Advisers Forecast World War

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Kyle Bass, Larry Edelson, Charles Nenner, Jim Rogers and Marc Faber Predict Widespread War

Kyle Bass writes:

Trillions of dollars of debts will be restructured and millions of financially prudent savers will lose large percentages of their real purchasing power at exactly the wrong time in their lives. Again, the world will not end, but the social fabric of the profligate nations will be stretched and in some cases torn. Sadly, looking back through economic history, all too often war is the manifestation of simple economic entropy played to its logical conclusionWe believe that war is an inevitable consequence of the current global economic situation.

Larry Edelson wrote an email to subscribers entitled “What the “Cycles of War” are saying for 2013″, which states:

Since the 1980s, I’ve been studying the so-called “cycles of war” — the natural rhythms that predispose societies to descend into chaos, into hatred, into civil and even international war.

I’m certainly not the first person to examine these very distinctive patterns in history. There have been many before me, notably, Raymond Wheeler, who published the most authoritative chronicle of war ever, covering a period of 2,600 years of data.

However, there are very few people who are willing to even discuss the issue right now. And based on what I’m seeing, the implications could be absolutely huge in 2013.

Former Goldman Sachs technical analyst Charles Nenner – who has made some big accurate calls, and counts major hedge funds, banks, brokerage houses, and high net worth individuals as clients – saysthere will be “a major war starting at the end of 2012 to 2013”, which will drive the Dow to 5,000.

Why are these economic gurus forecasting war?

For one thing, many influential people wrongly believe that war is good for the economy.

In addition, Jim Rogers says:

If it turns into a trade war, it is the most momentous thing of 2011,” said Rogers. “Trade wars always lead to wars. Nobody wins trade wars, except general who end up fighting the physical wars when they happen. This is very dangerous.

Rogers also explains:

A continuation of bailouts in Europe could ultimately spark another world war, says international investor Jim Rogers.


“Add debt, the situation gets worse, and eventually it just collapses. Then everybody is looking for scapegoats. Politicians blame foreigners, and we’re in World War II or World War whatever.”

And Marc Faber says that the American government will start new wars in response to the economic crisis:

Faber also believes the U.S., China and Russia may go to war over Mideast oil.

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  • GrandpaSpeaks

    Thats the plan man. Everyone forgets the key word in mutually assured destruction, is mutual.

  • The realist

    Wonderful … This is all we needed.

  • akvalmet30

    Don’t play the game/go to war, sometimes that is the only way to win…but damn sure be ready to whoop some ass if someone attacks you.

  • Longwhitecloud

    Great, once more the obnoxious self serving scumbag banksters and moneymen will cause the deaths of millions, without a trace of guilt, a flicker of responsibility and worse, no sign of accountability.
    Maybe with some luck, after they’ve sent nuclear death across the world and they lurk in their underground bunkers, the doors jam shut and they resort to cannibilism.

  • Anonymous


  • agmand

    Too bad it is illegal to hunt them down, BEFORE they get us all killed …

  • pat

    This list of so called in-the-know are just talking probabilities. Nothing new or revealing. If you cannot figure this out on your own, you deserve to be impressed.

  • To have a war even to be succesful for a short time, there would have to be some kind of united cause. Someone may be a terrorist, or a maybe attack will not cut it this time. This would be near impossible as lots of foreigners live in the USA and we are told to exercise tolerance. The USA is war, weary.

    • Nexus789

      There is no ‘success’ with an all out war. One of the big nukes has more explosive power than all the bombs dropped on Germany in WW2.

  • Nexus789

    These people are morons. Any large scale conflict will end in a nuclear exchange – the human race will self destruct. We cannot help ourselves.

    A nuclear exchange will lead to a nuclear winter and the lost of three or four crop growing seasons – 95% of people will die from starvation if the radiation does not get them. On top of this multiple nuclear power stations will go critical and spew out radiation – 4% of the 5% die and 1% live underground until they die as there will be no living on the surface.

    End game – in 200million years the Earth will have wiped mankind from the face of the planet…a rather short and pointless footnote in the history of the Earth.

  • So I guess this is not the plan, as even the elite will suffer.

    • GrandpaSpeaks

      Its the plan alright, Evie. They are just experimenting while in real time. In real time there are no guarantees, they now that. They fear economic collapse or rapidly awakening masses preempting their war plans to do away with the US and hit the UN reset button. The agenda for war has been moved up on their list. They proceed based upon their historical achievements. This is only one reason why I fear a preemptive strike against the US now more than I did in the 60’s.

  • Planning for the worst

    It all goes back to those dang Twinkies

  • iixsive

    Time to Reboot the Matrix…

    the Watcher

  • god

    feed the sheeple twinkles and send them to war against is real!