Top 10 Key Outcomes From War With Iran That Few Are Talking About

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Lately we’ve been hearing about when the inevitable war with Iran will begin.  However, what is not widely reported is the type of consequences we’ll be dealing with after that war starts.  A huge part of prepping your SHTF plan is taking the time to think ahead a few steps to what is likely to occur.  Below are several consequences from an Iranian war that could impact your SHTF plan.

1. Lack of Help from Europe

The recession in Europe has been widely publicized in the mainstream media.  However, if war starts with Iran, how willing do you think these European nations will be to send troops to assist?  There is cost associated with that and many may not be in the position to incur that cost.  In addition, Iran supplies a great deal of oil to the countries in Europe.  Do you think Iran will continue to ship oil to countries that have committed troops to fight against them?

2. Drop In Travel

The likelihood that terrorist attacks would increase in a war time scenario is high.  Therefore, travel to vacation destinations would become very dangerous.  That, in turn, would negatively impact tourism for many countries that rely on it.  In addition, the high gas prices will deter people from traveling – which is being seen already.

3. Gas Prices Rise (But More Than You Think)

OK, this one is pretty obvious.  However, one consequence would be even higher gas prices than anticipated for a relatively obscure reason.  If you noticed during the spikes of the past, the difference between regular and premium gas had huge variations.  This is due to more folks moving from premium to regular for cost reasons.  That builds more uncertainty on the demand for premium.  The gas stations then need to price it more conservatively (higher) to ensure that swings in the market don’t have them selling at a loss.

When prices begin to soar, folks will look to reduce the amount of driving they do and thus drive the demand for gas down.  This will result in uncertain demand for stations and they will need to price regular conservatively (higher) to assure their profits.  In addition, the wild swings in the market will also mandate them to have a bigger cushion in their prices.  Result: Even higher prices than anticipated.

4. Terrorism At Home

Anti-American (and likely anti-Israeli) sentiment will be at an all-time high.  Iranian migrants (legal or illegal) will be watching their homeland ravaged.  The more radical ones may decide that enough is enough and take matters in their own hands here in the US.  Even radical Islamists could come to Iran’s aid by causing havoc on American soil.  Safety will become a huge concern and businesses will suffer from it.

5. Gold Rush

Quite a bit has been written about gold spiking in the event of war with Iran.  That spike in gold will result in even more demand for gold as folks will look to get their hands on it.  Unfortunately, that demand will result in increased crime against jewelers and individuals.  Indian-Americans will be targeted as they have a tradition of owning and wearing their gold.  In India, having and wearing gold is a sign of prosperity and, for many, a means of savings vs. keeping money in banks.  Thieves will target them in search of gold.

6. Who Steals Gas?

As gas prices climb, people will become more desparate to get it. It’s already started in some areas.  “Pump and runs” have been on the rise (where people pump their gas and leave without paying.  People have been siphoning gas from parked cars to get their hands on the gas.  Some have even taken to drilling holes in fuel tanks and draining it into a bucket.  Desparation will increase and with it, tensions.

7. Another Rebuilding?

Assuming the US is victorious in Iran, there will be expectations for us to rebuild the country.  Who will be paying for this rebuilding as we did in Iraq?  Yes, the US taxpayers will foot the bill.  During the rebuild, don’t be surprised if the waste is similar to past efforts.

8. Inflation On Steroids

Many folks have been complaining about the rising price of food and other staples.  However, during an Iranian war and subsequent rise in gas prices, we can expect a serious spike in food prices.  Remember, gas is required to run the trucks that ship the food to the stores.  When that spikes, you will see things really get tough.

9. Crime On The Rise

Due to the items above, folks will be desparate to survive and feed their family.  People that would normally never consider breaking the law will have new incentive as they see their families’ struggling.  A desparate man is a dangerous thing.

10. And What If We Can’t Win?

Many just assume the US with Israel would win a war with Iran.  However, what if it becomes another Vietnam or Korea?  Who knows exactly what weapons Russia and China have sold to Iran.  Also, who knows how effective they will be against us.  What an unmitigated disaster it would be to be stuck in a long, drawn out war with a difficult opponent.  All this while 20% of the worlds’ oil is not flowing.

A hot topic in the Republican debates has been being “tough” on Iran.  I have to say I agree with Dr. Ron Paul on this one.  We’ve already picked enough fights across the globe.  It’s not the time for our nation to be the world police – especially against an opponent with the resources of Iran.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.


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