Toothless 16-Year-Old Dog Shot By Police in No-Knock Raid

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(Image source: WPMI Local 15 News)

A gentle family dog was shot by police during a no-knock raid in Alabama.

Last Friday, four deputies with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office were serving a warrant at Angel Fretwell’s home when Belle, the family dog, approached the officers.

A spokesperson with the sheriff’s office said the officers shot Belle because she came after them, but Fretwell says that’s not the case. She said Belle ran before she was shot in the shoulder. Fretwell said her dog is old, toothless, and doesn’t get around much anymore:

“She’s gentle, she has a caring soul, she wouldn’t hurt anything and she never has, we’ve never had this problem ever. Somebody entered her home unannounced, I think she was just truly shocked, she didn’t know what to do. They have to be cautious, you know, I just think that maybe if they would have announced themselves or give it some kind of warning or anything at that point I think it would’ve helped this situation a lot.”

Fretwell said that after Belle was shot, deputies didn’t allow them to go near the home or the dog for another hour. Belle was taken to the Bay Minette Animal Clinic for surgery, and according to Fretwell, veterinarians say it could cost as much as a $1,000. If Belle survives, she may lose her leg.

The officers claim to have been looking for Fretwell’s brother.

Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the case, which means they are probably searching for some sort of “justification” for shooting a toothless geriatric family pet. There has never been a reported case of a dog killing a police officer, so why do they tend to be so quick to pull the trigger?

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