“To Prevent Another Waco”: Oath Keepers Calls for Buffer at Oregon Wildlife Refuge

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NOTE FROM STEWART [Rhodes]:  We are honor bound to do all we can to prevent this from turning into another “Waco” type incident.  We still don’t agree with what Ammond has done, as stated at length elsewhere, but we must try to prevent the Obama Administration dropping the hammer on him and his followers.   Oath Keepers have been on the ground there since the beginning of this incident. Two of the Founders of PPN are Oath Keepers (Joseph Rice and Brandon Rapolla) and SGM Santoro has been there for over a week, lending his wisdom and experience. We are already there, so any objections to our participation are now moot.  This is the right thing to do. We have brothers and sisters on the ground who need our help, and we should help them in a righteous and honorable cause to try to keep the peace and keep this from blowing up in all our faces. This is a very limited and narrow mission. You are not going there to be part of Ammon Bundy’s security or to take part in his occupation. You are just a buffer, and in particular, there to facilitate understanding and open communication, as well as to bring awareness of the broader issue of justice for the Hammonds and justice for Western land users.  If you are able, and within driving range, and you have your own family provided for, then please volunteer at the PPN site. But be aware that this is a fluid and fast changing situation.

Fellow Oath Keepers and Patriots,

We are working with Pacific Patriots Network (PPN) which has established a buffer between the Wildlife Refuge occupiers and the authorities in Oregon. PPN has asked Oath Keepers to put out the call for volunteers to assist in this peaceful mission, which includes a “hearts-and-minds”campaign with the locals, as well as facilitating open dialogue and negotiations between law enforcement and Ammon Bundy.

If you volunteer, you must go to the above PPN website and go to the volunteer button and go through that vetting process. This is not an option, and if you fail to do so, you will be turned away. We are diligently working to coordinate all volunteers.  We always look for admin and outreach volunteers regardless of physical condition, along with security personnel, to provide a level number of  volunteers at all times.

PPN wants all volunteers that come to dress in civies, no BDUs, or other camouflage clothing. If security/tactical bring you kit. PPN is requiring long guns stored out of sight, and pistol open carry if no OR CCW.  We have some hotel rooms and food to help defray your costs. The weather is cold to colder (30* to 35*f days, nights to very low 3* to 7*f). Be prepared for wind chill factors below zero. Bring medical supplies for yourself and others, in case of need. At the least, bring your Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK), but if you can bring more, please do.

Oath Keeper volunteers will come under operational control of PPN with Oath Keeper National Operations NCO, SGM Santoro helping to facilitate integration into the PPN operation. We are united with the PPN to bring this situation to a safe and peaceful resolution.

Only level headed patriots, who are calm under pressure, need apply as this is a tense situation and we don’t want a negligent discharge or other mishap. Hot heads stay home.

(read more at Oath Keepers)

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  • the oath keepers are a pathetic and sad joke ……..Rhodes is a traitor to this nation ask him why he got run off from Bundy Ranch . the PPN are the real deal . funny how the oath keepers are now trying to hitch themselves to that wagon.

    • “I take an oath not to turn my gun on Americans. As an oathkeeper I pledge I will not turn my gun on anyone, especially those that are destroying my country. I know I am a trained killer and patriot, and I am a just and righteous person that seeks to protect my family, my community, and my country. I will obey oathkeepers and put down my gun, and do absolutely nothing, ensuring those jews that wish to take over America totally, can do so without a patriot like myself standing in their way. As UN troops, and blackwater thugs rape and pillage those around me like 1917 Russia, I pledge I will stand down……..heck man, I won’t even say Boo or raise a fist……thankyou oathkeepers.org for showing me the way…..the way to being a totally useless fucking retard, and traitor to my fellow American.”

      Fuck you jewish oathkeepers. – Mike – 1st comment.

    • whydowanttoknow

      they should be called the fair-weather oath keepers, when you pack up and run at any rumor what good are you? I recently unsubscribed from their news letter because I got tired of hearing why they were leaving. I never actually registered with them because in the back of my mind I thought they may be a way to get a list of names of true patriots.

  • august

    Oath keepers huh
    A true Oath Keeper is one who stay true to there own heart on fulfilling

    an oath & Protecting his/her Constitution rights
    against all enemies, foreign and domestic
    you see the true ones from time to time

    • lolzngiggles

      I thought I was going to see an actual hero but saw nothing instead.

  • morecotwo

    Why can’t we ask Bill Clinton what to do and send him out there? And maybe Janet Reno?

  • Gil G

    Walmart Warriors aspiring to act out action movies and become heroes.

  • randy wellman

    what are YOU doing to right this extreme injustice?…PFFFT, pathetic, INDEED!

  • Oath Keepers ran from Harney County and the brave and courageous Ammon Bundy as fast as they could. Now, after it’s obvious they are Controlled Opposition, they come back trying to act like protectors, white knights in shining armor. The shine is off Oath Keepers, you are seen for what you really are, Traitors to the Constitution of 1787.

  • patriot156

    No! oath keepers and PPN are interrelated so FBI CIA trolls need not apply/reply on this site stating how dirty and rotten American patriots are.
    My question would be if the Feds do as told by this witch Governor then will they back them off? if not going is useless.

  • varlog

    He came out earlier with his rant saying the oath keepers didn’t want anything to do with it and Bundy was writing a check they didn’t want to cash, etc, etc. Pretty much throwing the entire group under the bus.

    Then I see articles where he’s sticking his nose in where it doesn’t belong, like this one. And they HAVE NOT been there from the beginning per his previous rant. Not unless they are the ones following people around town and sneaking around the armory.

    “You are not going there to be part of Ammon Bundy’s security or to take part in his occupation. You are just a buffer,” <- Really? So what are they going to do if shooting begins? Remain Neutral?

    He also has stated the oath keepers don't go anywhere without being invited and Bundy was wrong because the Hammonds didn't invite him. Who "invited" the oath keepers now? All I have read is that they don't want their "help".

  • berrybestfarm

    As dismayed as I am with the Oath Keepers I think we should give them this chance at redemption. This is not to say I think they are putting honor above politics but at this point the more eyes on the ground the better.