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In the United States the right to petition is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. This right has been exercised over the years to affect changes to the way the central government operates in regards to what the people of the country collectively demand. These demands usually reflect the community standards, principles, and moralities. Today we have continued the process of petitioning our central government through the e-mails, letters, faxes, and telephoning of our elected representatives. We even have organizations that represent specific issues that we have passionate feelings about and collectively present our petitions of grievance to our elected representatives.

There are groups who daily ask for us to sign petitions, send letters, and send faxes to our Congressional representatives. We are asked to pay 29.95 to fax all of the members of the House and Senate on whatever the next illegal bill that is being proposed. For what good does this accomplish? Probably the only good is for the person who shelled out the money to feel like they have done something. The truth is that most likely nothing was accomplished, except that the people who organized the petition drive put 29.95 in their pockets times the number of people who paid the 29.95. At least one segment of the business world is thriving.

But now with all of the laws and regulations that the Washington political machine keeps grinding out, it is time to recognized one thing. The elected representatives have turned a deft ear to our petitions. The arrogance of the political process has made the process of petition useless.

We also have the process of elections to be the final redress of a representative who refuses to be accountable to the people. Unfortunately the elective process has become an industry in itself and no longer has the ability to represent the will of the people. There is corruption in the campaigning, voting, and ballot counting and tabulation that invalidates many of the elections across the country. Then we also have the quality of the candidates to take into consideration. Today we sometimes have to choose between the lesser of two evils in the selection of our representatives. This doesn’t resolve our original problem of correction of a runaway central government.

Now is the time for action, or in some cases inaction, when confronted with the fusillade of edicts from the ever increasing dictatorship in our former Constitutional government.

The time is past for trying to accomplish, through reasonable dialog with our elected representatives, the rectification of the abuse of power by the executive, judicial, and legislative branches of the central government. Now is the time for primarily passive resistance though non-compliance of the laws that have been passed that are illegal according to the terms of the Constitution. Now is the time to actively resist through peaceful civil disobedience when we are commanded to respond to a requirement of the central government that is not provided for or contained in the Constitution.

So what do we do? Individually we will eventually be forced by the police state into doing what is commanded by the central government. But if we are united and collectively resist, then we will be the force that breaks the back of a police state government.

Back when I was in school we were taught that the power of the people was when we all stood together we were strong. When we stood alone we could be broken. In the patriotic symbols of our country we still see the bundled reeds, fasces, that are tied together to represent the strength of our country. The seal of the US Senate has two such symbols at the bottom symbolizing that when we unite in principle and cause there can be no force that will break us. No tyrant or dictator can ever overcome us if we stand together.

We have taken the first step by waking up to what the effect is of letting the politicians run the country without any oversight. We have sufficient numbers now to make the statement that we refuse to look the other way and blindly let the politicians run roughshod over our Constitution and the rights it gives us.

Do they believe that we mean what we say? They are not sure. They know that something is happening but I suspect they think it will pass and then it will be back to the same old way of doing things. We are being tested right now. The question is, will we pass the test?

Like the reed that stands alone, we will break in a mild breeze. But like the bundle of reeds, we can withstand the strongest of winds.

Now is the time to stand together. Now is the time to dig our heels in and just say NO! Now is the time to resist and not follow the dictates of the central government, or the local governments if they are acting in an unconstitutional way.

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  • GrandpaSpeaks

    There are many bird cages in the aviary all with their own little birds. In the eagle cage there is great confusion leading to unrest. For the zookeepers hand raised vulture given a central bank hatched in 1913 has administered its proven anesthetic security saliva since 2001 to all the little birds in the eagle cage because they want the wealth of the eagle cage.
    Since 1963, the true eagle chief had been replaced with a raven with glued on eagle feathers imitating a true eagle leader but is beholden to the vultures. The current raven hastens the agenda of the zookeeper but glues his eagle feathers on clumsily for the ravens have shredded the ancient eagle documents that are the only true binding agent for eagle feathers.
    Even though the vultures’ specialty is little birds over half cheer as the false eagle is chosen yet again to empower the vultures. The embolden raven then adds baby bird safety to the anesthetic security saliva and initiates his plan before the sleepy little birds awake. He wants all the little birds sharp little eagle beaks. He fears the many pecks and if they awaken the true eagles, that together, may drive the raven off before the vultures are finished their eagle meal.
    But in the Asian cage the red crowned crane stands on the shoulder of a bear and they both stand on a pile of gold to better see all the little birds in the eagle cage with their sharp little eagle beaks and they fear the many little pecks too. It holds them back now that they are fatter and as strong as any picked out eagle carcass.
    Such is the way with birds, zookeepers and the aviary. If little birds ever make wing, they must remember the raven and the vultures always fly back secretly to the zookeeper. His messenger will be in the Chantilly Virginia portion of the cage again in 2013, giving the vultures their zookeeper instructions.
    So fly little birds, on golden wings to this start of the path back to freedom. But remember, the zookeeper backs both sides in all bird conflicts, and now wraps himself in golden stars not white ones. This makes it imperative to resist a zookeeper induced bird fight before properly making the zookeepers accountable, especially, with a bear in the aviary. The vultures will turn on themselves after the zookeeper clan is exposed. Practice on the raven.

    • Locus

      Toity poiple boids
      sittin’ on da coib
      a-choipin’ and a-boipin’
      eatin’ doity woimz.

      Grandpa speaks in tongues! A masterpiece of avian allegory.

      Grandpa if you have not already seen it you might enjoy “The Secret of Oz” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swkq2E8mswI

      There is also the question of whether Executive Order 11110 angered the vultures and hastened the end of Camelot.

      “[…] On November 22, 1963, the day of Kennedy’s funeral, the first 50 million ‘no-promise’ Federal Reserve Notes were released into circulation. The symbolic celebration of the Federal Reserve bankers?” ~ http://www.angelfire.com/cantina/newsaz/db001632.html

      No longer “payable to the bearer on demand”

      Don’t let it be forgot—
      that once there was a spot—
      for one brief shining moment—
      that was known as Camelot.

      • GrandpaSpeaks

        Overcome by their insatiable greed the zookeepers severely plucked the little birds again from 1939 until 1945 causing a tremendous loss of little birds and the destruction of many of their cages. However, this conflagration allowed wonderful and powerful talons to be developed by the eagles. Perhaps a talon too powerful for the aviary’s good. But the bear had powerful claws too and almost all cages in the aviary desired claws and talons and pursue them to this day. The great claws and talons almost clashed in 1962 threatening destruction of the entire aviary.
        With that threat temporarily avoided, a terrible thing happened in 1963 when the eagle cages true eagle chief was killed and the little birds were never told why or who was responsible. Many little birds think it was the vultures, but even so. True eagle leaders were replaced by ravens who disguised themselves as eagles. Ravens enabled by the vultures raised by the zookeeper. By the raven imitating eagles the vultures can control the unflavored paper and ever prevent its flavoring with gold again.
        Induced by shredding the little bird ancient eagle documents the vultures and raven are infected with a variety of bird illnesses as warned about in those ancient eagle documents. Little birds seemed immune but they did not care. They couldn’t see the raven for the false eagle feathers he wore and besides, they were happy. But the illnesses progressed and by 1971 hallucinations from the diseases caused the raven backed by the false eagles to attack every type of bird in any cage that they imagined threatened the vultures in any way. That continues to this day but the flavoring of paper with gold was stopped in the eagle cage in 1971.

  • RickE.

    It is very prudent and relevant to remember that we are the MANY dots. The government is the tiny dot. Watch the youtube video that explains that concept eloquently.

  • Cawcaw

    So should we patiently wait in the bushes and slam the cage closed on the messenger bird when he flies into it in Chantilly Virginia thus sending a message to the vulture with eagle wings who in turn will be seen by the zookeeper who will send the bear and the red crested crane to peck the eyes put of the little golden winged birds who done have the little bird canoes to even stop paying confiscatory y-axes which take food from their little chicks mouths in fearbthe IRS boors will roost on their door and take what bird seed they have left. Let’s hope the little birds can either flock together like the seagulls in “the Birds” or fly south for an eternal migratory winter leaving the vultures to feast ion the carcasses of the Dunbar little birds with copper wing who just don’t get it and would rather see dancing with the birds on birdie tv.

  • ncjoe

    So you are advocating civil war. I am in my mid 50’s. Been gainfully employed non-stop since I was 17. Stayed out debt, and been a responsible citizen. Now, you threaten all that because you are stupid. If you are succesful in starting a civil war and in trun ruin my life’s work, I will fall on as many of you fuckheads with as much cruelty as I can muster. You are the threat, not the government.

    • Blacksmith

      Go back to sleep Joe.Nothing to see here.Keep your faith in your Government masters.Obamacare is coming and I believe you earned it! I am afraid for the future of the young and have no qualms about defending them.

    • Lowtolerance

      Do tell, ncbullshitter. Know this. You are far outnumbered by the millions of us who actually did have a successful career and life destroyed by traitorous policies of this crony capitalist regime. You are either a fool in denial, or a fool who has not been affected. Yet.

      Fact is, you’re a troll. A coward, a traitor. Same either way.

    • Maverick

      On come on Joe … you are a liberal fool. You will turn your guns in to the feds like a good little sheep. You wont have the muscle to “fall on as many of (us) fuckheads with as much cruelty as (you) can muster.” What are you going to do, cry, fuss and stomp your foot. I have a suggestion, pack your shit and bring it.

    • neslo

      eff you troll, you should be banned.

    • Anonymous

      You are a gainfully employed shill who needs a new job!!!

    • Anonymous

      Everyone here knows what and who you are JOE BLOW!!! FORK OFF!!

    • Locus

      I DO see ncjoe’s point here.

      Folks is all riled up and some of the rhetoric around here is commiserate with the idea that the Redcoats are marching and it’s time to grab rifles and take positions in the woods.

      But ncjoe you do not seem to be some Tory who sides with King Obama and the (emerging) socialist empire. You merely see the status quo as comfortable and manageable?

      So when you see those around you shaking the bushes and rattling sabres you shout “Shaddap you idiots! That is so [insert previous era].”

      Well yes and no. There is no guarantee that awful chapters of history would repeat themselves but this second amendment thing really is a tipping point. Complete confiscation of arms leads to a bad place. Because at any single point in time in history every government has had drooling idiots whose doofus utopian ideas are held in check — only by the mere threat of a grassroots armed resistance.

      The right to bear arms was not declared to protect from evil. It was to protect against rampant idiocy.

      I for one am sincerely hoping that this tipping point is reached and balance is achieved before it reaches a point of actual conflict. The stats on Americans buying guns since Christmas is important, it sends the Message that it’s not just a few loud radicals, there is a broad fundamental opposition to these gun control ideas.

      And here’s hoping that you, ncjoe can retire in peace with your rights to person and property intact. The right to bear arms also endows one to wave one’s fists at others and you are doing a fine job.

      All the best. Really.

    • RickE.

      Hey Joe, I am advocating that our criminal federal government be replaced. By ANY means possible.

      Simple as that! YOU won’t be able to “fall on” diddly. Those sheeple that are psychotic liberals will lead themselves to the slaughter willingly. And the government will be the ones slaughtering.

      If Obamacare doesn’t bankrupt you, the mindless and inept spending policies will, you blindly led retard.

    • Alan S. Pedersen

      ncjoe: I have seen your posts on various sites. You are clearly a .gov troll. FU. The penalty for treason is to be hung by the neck until dead. May you rot in hell.

      Alan S. Pedersen
      Fort Mill, SC

      • Orwellian States

        He is on SHTFPlan all the time. He thrives on the attention. Ignore him.

    • Mojo Nixon

      And those are the traitors who bestow themselves above their fellow citizens to give up liberty to maintain their temporary comfort must be the ones who are the first to go.

    • Jean

      Based on what you’ve said, and how you prase it: You ARE the government.

      If you are succesful in starting a civil war and in turn ruin my life’s work (I fixed the “turn” spelling.)

      When a government no longer serves the people, it is time to replace it. Monrachy, Democracy, or Oligarchy is irrelevant. And if war is the only solution, let it come to US so our children do not need to endure it.

    • 101st Airborne

      As a Tarheel, I am deeply ashamed of my home state as well as you joe. Believe me, when the haves and have nots got at it, you’d be best to move to Charlote and hope all your government teet sucking breathen can survive what’s in store for them. You Sir will have not entry onto the compound.

  • Smarty


    You’re really a “special kind of stupid”, aren’t you…

  • Susan

    That was confusing. I can’t read in riddles. Prefer straight up truth. Reminds me of lawyers and thier mumbo jumbo of complicated verbage.

  • Jack

    I love the sum of $29.95. Wasn’t that the price Earl Scheib used to quote to gloss over a wreck?

  • David B

    I bet ncjoe works for the post office!! That is the whole mindset of anyone I know that works there!! I bet the glue on the stamps has disabled him!!

  • jimbo

    We will not be subjected by corrupt politicians who are mainly lying attorneys who twist the truth to fit their needs! The founders words ring true and are as relevant today as they were when written! Liberty or Death!

  • Mojo Nixon

    If the people will lead, the leaders will follow.

    • Jean

      Well, that’s what’s been happening. Our “parliament of whores” (title of a book) allows the pimps to “lead from the rear”. WE are the problem, in our voting habits. But universal sufferage is the cause of this: too many voting when they have no skin in the game. (47% or so, plus the government workers.)

  • ding ding, school i s in session. I was just reading about the phases of revolution but had missed something important. Your article explains the missing link. the game has already changed. We need to adapt which kind of means the phases pass faster. Not confidence inspiring. History is in the making. Why not be a part of it.

  • Patriot

    The contract (Constitution) was broken long ago. Some of the people are trying to save it .It is in vain. Government is out of control ,Government is force,government is a bunch of powerful,power hungry dictators who will only be stopped as history has proved time and again by FORCE. Any one who does not see that does not Know human history or the nature of power.