Time To Forget Daylight Savings Time? ‘We Should Adopt A Single Universal Time’

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Daylight savings time is often an annoying inconvenience for some and sleep pattern disrupted nightmare for others. But that could all be over if scientists have anything to say about it.

Scientists now say now say that humans around the globe should simply adopt a single universal time. We could get on board with that! Now, those who dislike daylight savings time (that lost hour of sleep in spring is no win situation for so many) are validated by science.  Scientists have been finding more and more evidence to suggest that our health is suffering because of the twice a year insistence by the government that we change the time.


Simply put, the human body doesn’t know what hour it is, it doesn’t know what day it is. Humans are ruled by an internal biological, or circadian clock that’s ruled by the presence and absence of daylight. Meaning we produce hormones to help us fall asleep when it’s dark, and hormones to help us wake up when it becomes light again. But, when we ignore that very basic mechanism and force our bodies to function according to arbitrary times, we’re risking our health, researchers are finding.

“There is already evidence that students who have to go to school at 7:30 am perform worse than matched peers who start at 8:30 am because it is thought they are fighting their circadian rhythm,” Gari Clifford, an expert on sleep disorders at Emory University in the US, told Ralitsa Vassileva at CNN. “Rather than forcing everyone to get up earlier, it may make more sense to make everyone get up later.”

A study that came out in 2015 found that unhealthy people tend to struggle with sleep problems as it is (more so than their healthy counterparts) and the transition into daylight savings time is even worse on their already throttled sleep schedule. And the real kicker is it’s all completely arbitrary anyway.

The global time zones we currently set our lives to were first set up at the Meridian Conference in 1883. In an effort to reconcile the literally hundreds of different time zones adhered to around the world, says Vassileva, “nations agreed to have 24 time zones, each one 15 degrees wide, based on the Greenwich Meridian in London.”

Now scientists are asking to get rid of the old antiquated system we currently use for the time and have pondered: What if we all just lived according to a single universal time zone like pilots do? We’d still get up in the morning, go to work, and go to bed at night, but we’d all be living off the same clocks.  Your personal schedule wouldn’t change.  It would just be the same time everywhere on earth.

“As for daily life, nothing would change very much, except one big thing. Everyone in the world would be reading the same time on their watches at the same moment,” applied economist Steve H. Hanke, from the Johns Hopkins University in the US, told Vassileva at CNN.  It sounds fantastic – never having to deal with changing every single clock in your house twice a year just to accommodate something completely arbitrary.

“So, if sunrise was at 6 am in Atlanta on Eastern Standard Time, it would change to 11 am GMT. So, people in Atlanta who normally rise at 6 am would rise at 11 under this hypothetical.”

Hanke is no stranger to radical ideas about how we handle time. Together with astrophysicist Richard Conn Henry from Johns Hopkins, he’s also proposed a new type of calendar.  It won’t change either. It remains exactly the same, year in year out, forever. Imagine it – every Christmas for the rest of time falls on a Sunday. Your birthday will always be on a Tuesday.  The calendar we use today is about 400 years old and it’s an iteration devised by Pope Gregory in 1582, based on the one instituted by Julius Caesar in 46 BC.

Could we see a universal time come soon? And would it really be all that bad?

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  • wh0u

    I’m okay with just not doing the daylight savings time anymore. I don’t think this universal time would make a whole lot of sense, especially for people who travel to different locations. That is why we have time zones…

    • We have time zones because humans are used to having the sun be directly overhead at noon. The time zones were created by the railroads so that they would all be on one schedule instead of a different one on every train.

      • wh0u

        That’s right, no matter where you live, you have the standard timing in your location. Hence why traveling to those locations makes more sense this way.

    • Tri Kolotsa

      We don’t need timezones at all. The only thing we would care about when travelling would be when is sunrise, noon, sunset and midnight at a given location, and that need not be supplied with a granularity of 24 15deg timezones, but to the second for any given location. I’m fine with getting up say 0200, eating lunch at 0800, leaving work at 1300 and going to bed at 2100. I would think we should put the 1200 noon line on the globe somewhere through the Pacific Ocean so nobody can complain somebody else is getting the traditional get up 7am clock hours.

  • We adopted a universal time before there were even electric clocks, let alone cesium beam clocks like are used by NIST to synchronize our GPS satellites.
    It has always been called Greenwich Mean Time and it is still in use in London, where it began. The international equivalent is called Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), which is broadcast 24 hours a day from radio stations WWV and WWVH, among others.

    • wh0u

      The point of the article is that every person in the world uses it on their clock as the standard time.

      • Which is exactly what those who use UTC do.

        • wh0u

          What time does your “smart” phone or pc use?

          • Whichever time zone they are in, or set to, depending on whether the latter can be done or not. My phone can’t be set to one zone, my computer can be.

          • wh0u

            That’s right, isn’t the article trying to point out no matter where you are in the world, 11 oclock would be at all locations?

          • “11 oclock would be at all locations?”
            I think you meant to say that the time would be the same at all locations.

          • wh0u

            “So, if sunrise was at 6 am in Atlanta on Eastern Standard Time, it
            would change to 11 am GMT. So, people in Atlanta who normally rise at 6
            am would rise at 11 under this hypothetical.”

          • Eastern Standard Time wouldn’t exist anymore.

          • wh0u

            So you interpreted that as they would only get rid of EST?

          • Are you talking about the New Englanders that are having their own personal hissy fits that include adding another Atlantic time zone?

          • wh0u

            No clue about that, are you evading my question for some reason?

          • Your ignorance does not translate into indolence on my part.

          • wh0u

            So now you go for ad hominem, what’s wrong, are you feeling alright today?

          • What did I say that you consider to be insulting? Are you saying that you are not ignorant about anything? If so, why don’t you go back to being God?

          • wh0u

            You’re a dime a dozen, just another person who will never admit when you are wrong, right?

          • You are blocked.

          • wh0u

            Why? Can’t handle the truth?

          • Arrow

            “Some men you just can’t reach.” Cool Hand Luke

          • wh0u

            Ain’t that the truth, but it does not feel good knowing that to be true.

          • Arrow

            lol. I simply accept it, and no longer waste my time.

          • elbustaroyjetspeekerson

            Because that’s what the little cocksucker Damage Controll wannabe reject DOES. That’s it! That’s this p(h)ony’s one trick…..

          • You should know, being of the same genre.

          • wh0u

            Well that’s too bad… I was hoping more out of him than that…

  • ReverendDraco✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

    I’d rather DST be made permanent.

    • I think we should all just go on ZULU and stay there.

    • wh0u

      You should take your buddy for a drink, he is not feeling well.

    • Cynical Old Bastard

      Doesn’t really matter to me what they do. Seldom look at clocks.

      • Arrow

        I’m with you. I bitched about the time change scenario having no useful purpose for years. When I went “off the grid” so to speak, at age 51, I stopped wearing a watch. I’m accustomed to UTC since flying references it, for the most part.

        • wh0u

          But for many, they don’t have such an opportunity.

          • Arrow

            Simply because they choose not to, for whatever reason.

          • wh0u

            Life is a series of decisions that stack on each other like a jenga tower, you take a block out of the tower with the risk of crashing the entire thing down, especially if the foundation is wobbly to begin with.

          • Arrow

            I chose to crash my tower 10 years ago. Protected myself first. Refer to the Earth being lifted from the shoulders of Atlas. Simple.

          • wh0u

            I’m glad you got guts, more people need to follow suit.

          • Arrow

            Thank you. I wouldn’t refer to it as guts necessarily. I simply came to a… moment of clarity and comprehended that most everything that I thought that I knew or was taught was based upon lies. All can “get it” but it’s simply a choice. Most are unwilling to make the change, so prefer to continue to remain slaves to their chosen god. The choice to take a different path has allowed me to be at peace. Cheers.

  • Rayven Wrathchild

    Isn’t time already universal?-lol.

    • tonye

      What time is it?

      What time is it?

      There is no time in space!

      • Time is a human construct.

      • Rayven Wrathchild

        Lol…. what no spacetime? No need to go anywhere. We are already there already.

    • wh0u

      Depends on the perspective, time as a dimension is universal; but as a reference point, it’s relative.

      • Rayven Wrathchild

        The “dimension” of time always exists. For some it is slower and for some it is faster. Exactly. I was referencing the name of the article.

  • tonye

    Do you recall the Saturday Night skit back in ’76, or so, about the 100 metric hour day?

    It was hilarious.

    How about we just get rid of daylight savings period and keep the 24 hour zones as they are?

    • The only people you’d have to convince are the congresscritters, and they only hold sway over a half dozen time zones, not 24.

    • wh0u

      Said the same thing!

  • SP_88

    Daylight savings time is stupid. They should just get rid of it. But of course they can’t just solve a problem and be done with it. They have to fuck up a bunch of other stuff in the process. They can’t just leave well enough alone.

  • frankw

    I always thought using military 24 hour clocks made more sense. No AM, PM nonsense, just one through 24 regardless of location.

  • D.Moore

    Just a bunch of bureaucrats trying to play God the rooster could care less about DST as the it crows/calls at the break of dawn no matter how often idiots in control try to change it. DLT is not necessary. Use logic folks

  • roger

    Keep the time zones as-is, just quit daylight savings time altogether because it doesn’t save anything. The sun will rise and set as the world turns. simple…

    • grammyprepper

      Agreed. DST has long outrun its usefullness. The farmers and ranchers I know complain about it as much as everyone else…

  • Fingal Carson

    No point in having DST. Idiotic to mess up your sleep cycles twice a year for nothing.

  • Rick Morrow

    If I don’t get exercise, I need less sleep. Sleep deprivation is due to lack of exercise, which is part of a sedentary lifestyle we already know is unhealthy.

  • Formally

    Why cant we just have a half hour move globally and stay there.