Three Years Ago, Obama Signed a Law Allowing the Federal Government to Take over the Entire Media

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by Don Wrightman

There’s an insidious law for us to ponder, courtesy of Barack Obama. An online radio host pointed out back in 2013 that the law would grant the federal government huge power to saturate Americans with domestic propaganda at the taxpayer’s expense. “This law allows the federal government to have sweeping power to push television, radio, newspaper and social-media propaganda onto the U.S. public,” warned Michael Evans, host of America’s Voice Now. He said that the law would remove protection for Americans from the ideologies of Obama’s administration. The Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 was specifically what Evans was referring to; it was inserted into the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act.

A so-called anti-propaganda law formerly prevented the U.S. government’s broadcasting arm from reaching American viewers. On July 2, 2013, the implementation of the new reform marked an end to shielding Americans from government delivered programming. The government now had the green light to unleash thousands of hours of weekly government funded radio and television programming for domestic consumption.

The U.S. government previously broadcast news and opinions to foreign countries through outlets like Voice of America, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and the Middle East Broadcasting Networks. The new law allowed them to expand their broadcasting business to influence citizens within the U.S. America had been protected from this over the years, but all good things pre-Obama had to come to an end, right?

“The types of information that we promulgate overseas to foreigners is disinformation. It is meant to confuse, distract, redirect. It is not meant to be an informative source of news,” Evans explained. “Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. There is already, for all intents and purposes, an organization in the United States that does this. It’s called MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News. They are an arm of propaganda. But if you think things were bad before with those groups, wait till you see what’s gonna come out of them now. They’ll be reporting government misinformation as factual news stories, and a gullible American public will swallow it hook, line and sinker.”

Obama will also sign a bill to make alternative media illegal

A new anti-Russian propaganda bill is now also to be signed into law. This bill will make it illegal to run an alternative media website in the United states. The purpose of the bill is to counteract measures by Russia to exert covert influence. It is also known as the “Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017.”

The definition of Russian influence includes references to so-called fake news websites, or any site deemed to be anti-establishment. If the bill makes it through the Senate, the internet will never be the same again.

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  • Tatiana Covington

    Laws are whatever their authors say they are… the feds just allowed themselves to so takeover.

  • roger

    oh, you mean the media that nobody looks at any more??? take it and run….the law is an ass………..

  • jay

    Freedom! Of speech, press is the law. Anything contrary to that freedom is nothing to be taken seriously. Don’t sweat it

    • Al Mather

      All this does is allow media outlets access to VOA programming … because VOA programming is taxpayer funded and public domain.

  • MeccaWrecka

    Obama is a punk. There’s a way to deal with punks, except when they’re behind a wall of goons and enabled by a weasel population.

    • Rebeccawwatkins

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      • kfunk937

        I am sorely tempted to upvote this ^^obvious spambot^^ as possibly more factual than most posts and comments here.

        Nah. Flagged & reported.

  • Wow, what a load of misleading horseshit. The VOA changes don’t compel any channel or station to carry government stories, and they don’t authorize or establish any new government propaganda stations in the USA. They just make it legal for domestic stations to carry VOA material if they want to. As for H.R. 6393, there’s nothing in it that prohibits, penalizes, or authorizes action against “alternative media.” Nothing. Not one word.

    • MagaMan

      Gov troll propagandist ^

    • Al Mather

      oh… how shocking…. a natural news story that interprets some innocuous act of the obama administration as apocalyptically treacherous……

      … goodness……nn is usually such a solid source of verifiable info.

      • It’s great disinformation for keeping people’s eyes away from the real (but much less apocalyptic) shady business. They’re quite professional at sending this crowd off chasing ghosts, aren’t they?

        • Al Mather

          Ghosts,monsters,…. and of course, Boogeymen.

  • Bezukhov

    I used to listen to both VOA and RFE on my shortwave radio. Was I breaking the law?

  • jim_robert

    So we will turn to samizdat, what the Russians did under Soviet domination. Note to the fascist left: Freedom lovers, those who support the Constitution, and those who are dedicated to the truth are here, we are NOT queer, and we are never, ever, EVER going away. Get used to it.

    • Have you ever been skeptical about anything in your life? Take a look at the text of H.R. 6393. Really! This article is bogus.

  • Tin Foil Hat

    It sucks, Obama signed over the Internet in October, wonder why? The independent alt media wrecked Hillary to get Trump elected. The powers that be don’t like the fact they’ve been discredited, nobody watches or trusts them. Now, everything is censored to protect US from ” fake” news. Bullshit alt media is the new honest media.

    • So…you don’t trust the government, but you want the government in charge of the IANA… What???

      • Al Mather

        It’s crazy…
        Like having a child that insists there’s a monster under the bed… and you just want them to LOOK under the bed to see that their fears are all in their head….. and they refuse…..because they like screaming and crying.

  • MeccaWrecka

    I got rid of my television in 2009 when it would loudly and repeatedly click at 3 A.M. when I entered the room. Later, we learn of SOME things the TV is doing to us in our own homes, even apart from the ridiculously transparent crap which America’s intelligence community has been feeding us for decades.

  • Bob1

    So the government quickly passes a law to stop Russian influence of our news, based on Russia hacking our election. They now can put a halt to news, or perspectives they don’t like, based on an unproven accusations against the Russians. Makes a person start to wonder, doesn’t it?

    • NonYo Business

      Start? lol. Where have you been for the last 20 years?

      • Bob1

        I am a whole lot more aware of what has been going on for the last 50+ years than you might begin to imagine. The START portion is for people who are just beginning to finally see how out of control this mess has been. If we want to go back in time, we can certainly go all the way to, and before, the founding of this nation. Plenty of phobias to go around concerning how the gov’ts of the world have treated the masses, so that a limited few could do exceptionally well, at the expense of the many.

    • Al Mather

      Except that nowhere does this resolution allow any of that.

      • It’s interesting how the people who are most convinced that they’re “awake” are the first and most enthusiastic consumers of propaganda.

        • Bob1

          And Obamacare needed to be interpreted by the courts as what? A tax? The people who passed it, didn’t write it, nor read it. Ask Nancy Pelosi. You are so awake? Propaganda? If you want to know what’s in the bill, you have to vote for it ! Really ???

          • What point are you trying to make? I’m not talking about Obamacare.

      • Bob1

        Actually Al, and Ken S., why don’t the both of you, take time to look at how the interstate commerce laws have been applied since their inception. Take a real good look at a law that was put into place for one reason, that got so twisted, that the way it is interpreted by the courts, has nothing to do anymore with its original intent. Then pick RICO laws that were put into place for major drug trafficking and traffickers, the seizure of their property. And see how the police are applying that law as they take people’s money and property away, without the due process of the law. Then go ahead and tell me how silly I am. Have a merry Christmas.

        • Merry Christmas! Why are you bringing up completely different issues with completely different backgrounds? Neither the interstate commerce clause, RICO, nor civil asset forfeiture are the subject of this article. As I already said, this article is not only misleading, but actually false. The federal government does not have the power to “take over the entire media,” and nothing in H.R. 6393 restricts alternative media.

          It hasn’t even been passed, nor has its twin, H.R. 6480. You didn’t even know that, but you claim to be the one who’s awake? Get a clue.

          • Al Mather

            One tell tale on the article itself…. it doesn’t ACTUALLY report this as fact. It passes the buck to a radio host in 2013..who “pointed out” “warned Evans”..”Evans explained” “Evans said” then selectively fills in the blanks with dire descriptions.

  • j.hendricks

    barry and puppetiers are following hitlers playbook to the letter.

  • Al Mather

    Haha…another conspirotard ball of confusion…so Daily Sheeple banned you for trolling their trolls?..and falling in line with their fear porn.? ..Riiiiight…

    Snowflake.. the troll insult du jour.

    I’m also confused, am I a Govt “paid troll” or a virginal college student on vacation…??

    I’m a small business owner ..about to start paying my little “snowflakes” way in college this year. Fortunately for him… my kid is kind of an academic focused jock …who has nothing but withering disdain for conspirotard morons.

  • Bob1

    There are a couple of posters in this forum who are attempting to marginalize everyone’s opinions. My point in commenting on this article is this. We don’t need censorship of the news from any quarter. It doesn’t take a genius to follow a trend. Example: Richard Reid, the shoe bomber on a flight into Detroit, Christmas time. The NEWS played this off as an act of terrorism. It was. They didn’t cover how the man was allowed on the plane to begin with. Within weeks we had new laws for scanners at airports. Immediately scanners were rolled out. Question. Just how did this happen so quickly with the rollout, if it wasn’t already a done deal. Michael Chertoff made a bunch of money and the TSA had a foothold. Now, to protect us some more, the TSA and VIPER teams are popping up everywhere. The stated intent of this law, in the article, can be twisted and turned any way the gov’t wants, from this point forward. As has been done over and over by the gov’t. In 2013 the gov’t gave themselves the right to use propaganda internally on U.S. citizens, within the U.S. It is a slippery slope. That is the point. The other point is everyone is entitled to their opinion. Common sense and previous precedent should make people skeptical of where this is headed. Think for yourselves folks.

    • Al Mather

      Not trying to marginalize your opinions Bob1…pointing out that what the article CLAIMS the news resolutions do…they do not.

      Richard Reid boarded in Paris on a flight to Miami. He’d planned this…he had trained in Pakistan and Afghanistan..he had duplicate passports made..he had flown El Al into Israel as a test to see if he was under the radar.The new measures that resulted from this were passengers having to take their shoes off..because the scanner can detect if a shoes has been altered…hopefully.

      If “The stated intent of this law, in the article, can be twisted and turned any way the gov’t wants, from this point forward. “… then this isn’t the law they needed would use. Because as it sits it allows for NO censorship… NO take over of media …it doesn’t allow for the government to use propaganda domestically ..not that they don’t ALREADY!

      Believe it or not… the article is just wrong … and are you ready for this.. stirs up boogeyman fear. This IS Daily Sheeple…right? (For every 2 of these they post one about Aliens ) re-posting from Natural News , which claims that Demons walk among us and 4 slices of Beets detoxifies your liver.

      • Bob1

        According to video proof, and eye witnesses. Reid was not being allowed on the flight to the U.S. And a well dressed man was able to have him put on the flight directly to Detroit, violating protocol. I believe this was in Amsterdam… It is not a matter of ONE law being passed. It is more the cumulative effect, as one can in combination with others, have an overall devastating result. I do not read each and every law passed. I have though watched as common sense has become uncommon within our system of gov’t. There are too many laws that get “INTERPRETED” by the courts, based not on what the word for word law states, but by some lawyer’s representation of what it means to the party it represents. This is unfortunate. Explain to the forum, why items are not voted on in many cases, for their own merit, but hidden, within a different bill, such as the NDAA 2013, 2017. Explain how bills with thousands of pages, are already set to go, almost immediately, upon some unsavory act. Just coincidence? Explain how one party gets prosecuted for a law violation, while another doing the same thing or worse, gets a free pass, on that same law. Explain how a president can circumvent our entire legislative process, with a pen and a phone with EO’s. Dictatorial power? Explain how we have sanctuary cities, violating federal law, and no one does squat about it. Explain how a president can just turn over parts of the internet to the U.N. without a real national debate. Explain how the NSA can unconstitutionally spy on Americans, admit it, and continue unabated, anyway. Explain how our own representatives in D.C. exempt themselves, from the very laws they foist upon the rest of us. Just because I don’t read, word for word a bill, doesn’t mean I am not AWAKE to the end result as I witness it unfolding. We should be skeptical !!! Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR . As far as this site goes, they still have the right to publish what they want. As far as people go being subjected to propaganda, it has been going on since the dawn of civilization. Just a lot more sophisticated now. As far as the MSM goes, they have not done their job, to provide Americans the unfettered truth, on which to base thoughtful decisions. And when that happens, RUMORS and half truths do indeed abound. That is indeed human nature. And explain to me just what a FREE SPEECH Zone is in this country I grew up in, and went to war for. Things have changed and not for the better !!!

        • Al Mather

          Not challenging the right of the site to publish what it wants …just putting the credibility of it’s fear mongering in perspective.
          The reason this site exists is to pander to folks who desperately WANT to believe things are not as they seem… that THEY are awake and aware of the TRUTH as it relates to the imminent financial collapse, the coming of the aliens, the mind control, the pending martial law, the psyops,false flags, gun grabs,genocide and eugenics plots, the evil rich people, the evil Obama administration, the depraved child sex scandals… basically all the fake news that’s fit to print and a few legit stories here and there to keep it real.
          Richard Reid was on a flight to Miami..that took off in Paris.. the incident happened and they diverted to Boston… he was delayed in Paris due to his appearance and demeanor and he checked no bags… they came up with no reason to deny him ..he had missed that flight .He came back the next day with a reissued ticket.Same flight.

          • Bob1

            Al and Ken. I do indeed stand corrected on Richard Reid. You are correct. Was going off memory. It was another gentleman in 2001 who tried to take down a flight in 2001, going into Detroit that brought us the TSA. As far as fake news goes though, where is it that the MSM is much different in what they put out, without proof, from unnamed sources, than any site talking about the boogey man. Of course, they SOMETIMES put out a retraction, after the damage is done. Please explain how you two show up in tandem. Why bother? Tell us 9/11 happened the way the MSM and Hollywood movies have propagandized the American people. Then when you get done tearing every poster in here a new ass, tell us that the BBC didn’t broadcast on live TV, reports of the destruction of building 7, WTC, before it happened. Of course seeing it live on TV, doesn’t mean jack shit. We are all just mistaken. And just what about the 1000’s of architects, who are experts in their field, who say no way to what happened that day. Pick and choose as you want. I do believe that when autopsies of dead people call two gunshot wounds to the back of someone’s head a suicide, something is wrong. Then when you get done with that, explain Project Mockingbird, OKC bombing, first WTC bombing, open borders, Fast and Furious, the destruction of crime scenes, and removal of evidence, government officials who plead the fifth, refuse to answer (STONEWALL), investigations, why no bodies at school massacres, and then restrictive laws implemented just afterward, based on no factual evidence. Tell me that Vietnam happened because of the Gulf of Tonkin, when the former Defense Secretary is on video record, saying it oops didn’t happen, guess not, well after the fact. There is just too much evidence, and enough lies being spread, for either of you two, to come on any forum and call anyone kooks. And if we all are, you two are the only one’s in town, who seem to have all the real facts about everything. There are enough lies, and disinformation to go on ad nauseum. But you two have all the facts for us to hear? Thank you for your input on Mr. Reid. Again, I stand corrected. If I need facts, you two are my new go-to people.

          • Al Mather

            Dude..I have been here on Daily Sheeple commenting for months. Just look.

            I have no interest in explaining ,confirming,or debunking some laundry list of Govt corruption ,breach of public trust… whether real or imagined …that you come up with as a response.

            My comment was ONE thing…this article is INCORRECT in reporting a law being signed to take over all media.THAT is false. These laws in NO WAY do that.

            What I AM noting is that before everyone just jumps on the conspiracy bandwagon …perhaps they do a little investigating as opposed to giving a site that exists to promote conspiracies from the believable to the completely idiotic ….credibility.

          • Bob1

            Thank you for your assessment. Hope 2017 is good to you. I may be wrong at times, but not always. My opinions are mine. Have yourself a nice day.

          • Al Mather

            Happy New Year Bob.

          • Al Mather

            BTW…not to keep nit picking the point… but I just refreshed. The Detroit guy was the underwear bomber… that was in 2009 LONG after we already had TSA security. If my memory serves me ..we had TSA security when I flew Oct. 2001..just weeks after 9/11.

          • We often show up in tandem because I use the Disqus “Follow” feature to keep tabs on users I think leave interesting comments or recommend good discussions. When Al makes a comment or recommends a discussion, it shows up in my Latest Comments or Latest Discussions feed.

            I can’t explain everything, but I do know that when blatant lies are used to pin everything on shadowy conspiracies, I stop giving Chicken Little any serious attention.

        • So many statements in that post are simply false. Who told you the UN controls the Internet, and why did you believe them? What thousand page laws were immediately ready to go? Sanctuary cities don’t violate federal law, they just don’t enforce them. That’s part of how federalism works. Why do you think Executive Orders are able to circumvent Congress?

  • nvrancher

    Wake up and understand, Congress past it, Obama signed it. It is a Republican controled Congress. Did your House member vote for it. Did your Senator vote for it. When asked these cowards will tell you that they had to vote for the NDDA, otherwise their political opponents will call them anti military. How about we call it what it truly is, anti American.

  • RightofAttila

    Another wasted, useless, unnecessary law. The democrat party took over the media long ago.

  • jrdeahl

    Unless these new laws were by Obama’s pen (executive orders), the republican congress has been working with Obama on these !!!!

  • They’re very obvious but they think they fit right in which seems like some type of psychosis.

  • Bob1

    I will leave this comment page with the following. Some of the smartest people I met, appeared to be hilly billy, fact confused, dumb asses. When in fact, they could easily run circles around just about anybody. You don’t make friends calling people names and insulting them. When that happens, facts don’t matter. Psychological games come in all shapes and sizes. If you read my posts, not once did I comment on the contents of this article. We as a nation need to take more care in what we do. And hold local, county, state and federal officials accountable for what they say and do. They are supposed to be accountable to the citizens of this nation. We have been asleep for too long. I got the opportunity to put a few things out there that should be researched. Research requires due diligence. There are a few posters that are trying to encourage that. I suggest that we all do that. Check your sources. Be careful in what you trust. Thanks for the forum, now me, Jed, Granny, Ellie Mae and Jethro, got some things to do. Have a good 2017.