Three Per Day: Walmart Limits Ammo Sales

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Amid reports that Walmart stores around the country would hold off on re-stocking their shelves of ammunition in the wake of the Newtown Sandy Hook shooting, the world’s largest retail chain says no such policy has been implemented.

But, due to surging demand for ammunition ahead of what many believe is an attempted gun grab by the government, a Walmart spokesperson said on Thursday that the company will limit customers to three boxes of ammunition per day:

“In order to take care of as many customers as possible, starting Thursday, Jan. 24, all ammunition sales were limited to three boxes per customer, per day as supply is limited at this time,” spokeswoman Ashley Hardie told Reuters on Wednesday.

Walmart was a charter member of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s coalition against illegal guns and adopted a 10-point code established by the Responsible Firearms Retailer Partnership that goes beyond what the law requires.

Data released on Monday by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System showed that nine of the top 10 days for firearms checks from Nov. 30, 1998, to Jan. 27, 2013, including Dec. 14, 2012, occurred since Adam Lanza killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School and then shot and killed himself. Lanza also killed his mother before the school massacre.

Source: Huffington Post

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  • Cnsay

    Sam Walton was a dedicated hunter and gun enthusiast. I’m sure he wouldn’t put up with this crap if he were alive and still running the company.

    • Anonymous

      you dame right this is bull shit were the fuck is the ammo

  • patriot


    • SKIP

      You mean Wal-Martinez or Wallllahhhhmohammad

  • buttcrackofdoom

    must be an OLD picture. my wal-mart has maybe 5% of the shelves left have ammo on them. no common cailbres that people actually need/want.
    remember, an armed society is a polite society!

  • Red Scare

    Funny you mention COMMIEMART. I find buying ammo from communists is the best way to go anymore. 440 rounds of Eastern-bloc 7.62×54 for under $100 bucks (at least pre-Hook). Best deal you can/could find. Ditto for 7.62/5.45x39mm

    • SKIP

      True enough, have several thou of 7.62x39mm myself in the tuna cans and cheap.

  • ncjoe

    You people are full of shit. Wal Mart is a private business and can conduct business how it sees fit, not how you see fit. And if they conduct business in a way you are not happy with, tough shit on you. It does not make them communist or anyhting else. But your response makes you an asshole.



    • RedScare is an idiot

      Walmart is publicly traded company. Translation: not private

      • SKIP

        He missed (or rejected) that comment when I made it some time back.

    • MrEmAN

      90% of Wal-Marts products are made in Communist China, you should re-think before you open your mouth troll….

    • Wallimiyama

      I do see one asshole…just one.

  • AR15 Bob

    Im sick and tired,every time Washington farts ammo becomes impossible to find,thats why I reload, buy components when I can get them stock up then dont worry,at first he investment is costly, but after that, it pays for it self,no ammo shortage.

    • Zombie Sniper

      Right on AR!!!!

  • Heimdall

    When I bought some ammunition at Walmart, the clerk Ideed me even though I am obviously way over 21. There was another guy there at the spying on me and the whole transaction, who he was, I don’t know but he didn’t buy anything and he didn’t have a question. The clerk gave me the wrong ammunition, right caliber, wrong specific ammo, not what I had asked for, and I didn’t realize it until I was about to put it in the trunk. The returns manager gave me hell about it and cited laws about leaving the store with the ammo. I am sure that no law prevents their refunding of money to a disgruntled customer. It probably just prevents them from reselling it. Since it was their mistake, they should eat the loss.

    The main point though, is their hostility to gun owners and the 2nd ammendment. It shouldn’t be a surprise when you consider that they do most of the buying from communist China, they actually carry a line of clothing from China that ridicules us, the American People by carrying the name “faded glory,” they treat their workers and their customers like garbage, they destroy small businesses in droves, and they are rapidly headed in the direction of a complete monopoly. When that happens, kiss the low prices goodbye!

  • ncjoe

    Why are you idiots blaming Wal Mart for this situation? It is not Wal Mart’s fault that ammo is scarce and overpriced. It is the fault of idiots like you who are panic buying ammo. The depth of your stupidty is astounding. You should not have survived into adulthood, unless you live in your mother’s basement and spend all your time on the computer and not out in the real world.

    • Wallimiyama

      wow…do you need a hug?

  • whyarewesostupid

    I was at 2 different walmarts today in lexington Ky all they had in 1 store was a couple of boxes of speer gold dot 40 caliber and shot gun shells and a little buckshot the old guy workin in there said no 22 and the he couldnt remember the last time they had .223 even tula . So I dont see why they need to limit it because they dont have any!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have not seen a box of 22 or 9 mm in months IN ANY WALLY WORLD at least since x-mas anywhere in lex ky / BUDS gun shop does have 1000 rnds of wolf for 450 plus tax and I didnt look to see what caliber it was since that is double what I paid last summer. They do have .223 1000 rounds m885 green tip for 1099.00 plus tax i just kept on walkin if the time comes when I need it that bad and at that price there will probaly be plenty layin around aint that what Sam Elliot SAID IN /// /WE WERE SOLDIERS ///// NOT ONE MORE INCH ////// GOD BLESS AMERICA OR WHATS LEFT OF IT / KEEP ON PREPPIN JUST BUY OTHER STUFF THEN WHEN THE SHEEPLE FORGET THE PRICE WILL DROP . I ALSO WAS IN A SPORTSMAN WAREHOUSE TODAY AND THEY HAD ABOUT 4 OR 5 BOXES OF SPEER GOLD DOT 40 CALIBER . SOMETIMES I JUST LIKE TO GO LOOK AND THINK ABOUT THE INSANITY OF PEOPLE YALL TAKE CARE.

  • whyarewesostupid


  • Robert

    Let me ask you something: Why in the hell do you need more than three boxes for? Are you such a terrible shot that you need all that ammo, or are you just paranoid that the big bad government is going to take your pretty little guns away? Not possible. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against guns, just the owners. I work in the sporting goods department at Wal-Mart, so I deal with them everyday. I keep getting asked the same damn question: “when is your next shipment?”. I give all of them the same answer, “I don’t know”. I swear I’m selling ammo to toddlers.