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Three Dead And At Least Three Injured In ‘Rolling Gun Battle’

Chris Carrington
The Daily Sheeple
February 21st, 2013


Three people have died and at least three others have been injured in a ‘rolling gun battle’ and multi-vehicle pile up on the Las Vegas strip police have confirmed.

Sgt John Sheahan said five vehicles were involved, including a taxi that burst into flames killing two people. A Maserati and an SUV were also involved but the SUV had left the scene before police arrived.

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  • Rick45

    Mexican drug cartels. Expect to see more as long as the borders stay open.

    • SKIP

      Could also be black thugs, the illegals in Vegas seldom drive Maserattis and SUVs but the blacks love em.

  • ncjoe

    Closing the borders will do not good. The only thing that will do ant good is if American citizens stop using illegal drugs. Dry up the demand, the producers will go out of business. Don;t blame the cartels, blame the users.

  • jimbo

    Las Vegas was born from criminals surprised there isn’t more violence. Sin City! Never been no plans to either!

    • SKIP

      Jimbo, it is a fun place to visit, food, drink, rent and entertainment is cheap, so too, apparently, is life as it is everywhere in Amurkistan now.

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