Thousands Protest in Germany Over Mass Sex Assaults in Cologne

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The horrifying mass sexual assaults that occurred in Cologne and other German cities on New Year’s Eve, as well as the subsequent cover-up of those events by the government and the media, has led to protests by the anti-migrant group known as PEGIDA. According to police estimates 1,700 people joined the North Rhine-Westphalian chapter of PEGIDA at the Cologne train station on Saturday.

They were met with 1,300 left-wing counter protesters, who decried the PEGIDA protesters, the sexual assaults against women, and Germany’s archaic sexual assault laws. 2000 state and federal police were present to keep the two groups apart. Reports have since trickled in, revealing that the police have used tear gas and water cannons against the right-wing protesters, after the police claimed that members of PEGIDA threw bottles and fire crackers at their officers. As a result, several of the protesters were arrested.

The sexual assaults in Cologne have sparked outrage around the country, and a shift in opinion towards the asylum seekers from the Middle East. Even the ardently pro-migrant Chancellor Merkel has been forced to toughen her stance towards the refugees, to placate the growing anger and unease over the situation. On Saturday she promised to deport criminals and reduce the overall number of migrants in the country. “Serial offenders who repeatedly rob or repeatedly affront women must feel the full force of the law.”

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  • earl hickey

    Germany let all the refugees in and welcomed them. Germany deserves what is happening now. It was entirely predictable. I don’t feel sorry for them. How can such a collection of smart people individually be so stupid collectively ?

    • AllodialTitle

      … whatever happened to those drought stories and gov’t controlling the weather tinfoil hat propaganda?

    • Frank Energy

      What is “Germany” it’s people or the powers that be?

      No, the people of Germany do not “deserve” this

      And where are you from? Just saying, USA or UK holds no higher bow than Germany.

      • earl hickey

        Germany is a country . they elect politicians who made the decision to let the refugees in. thus the people who elected these stupid leaders deserve whatever happens as result of this stupid decision to open their borders

        • Frank Energy

          You are so fucking wrong…..the people get to vote on the “leaders” placed in front of them by the real powers that be. Wake the fuck up, bro!

        • jaguar

          I have news for you!!! The leaders of all countries have been put in their positions by the Global Elites… Votes don’t count!! You are not in Reality !!

    • none

      The Americans thought they would be allowed, to assult Muslim woman. Since there is something written about it in the Korean.

      • jaguar

        What the crap are you smoking?! You’re brain is totally fried !!

  • jim_robert

    So… leftist idiots, what happens when the radical Muslims come marching in to meet the radical gays in SF, Boston, etc. to implement their Sharia law?

    Right. I KNEW you leftists were THAT stupid. And it WILL happen.

    • masterblaster

      They will be throwing the gays off roofs like they do in the mid east. Freaking dumb azz Libtards. Those right wingers in germany should not waste time demonstrating go straight to the camps and eliminate them

    • sunshine

      The only good thing they’ll ever do.

  • Battlesheep

    “Serial offenders who repeatedly rob or repeatedly affront women must feel the full force of the law.” – Merkel.

    What’s this “repeatedly” nonsense? Once is enough.

    • whiteberry

      I thought the same thing while reading!!!

    • masterblaster

      Your avatar is a arab muslim tank

  • Tatiana Covington

    Come on, Germans, stand up and BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF THOSE RAPISTS! Hang them high!

  • whiteberry

    Send them all back to their own countries and let them rape and kill each other…

  • doucyet

    We have a lot of room to talk……Our southern border is wide open, Mexicans crossing by the train load, our prisons are full of illegals, our cities are full of criminal illegals, while obama does his happy dance and changes the subject………

  • emptymag

    The German government has the same problem as Obama…NO BALLS! When all else fails, lie.
    Or take a page from the US & don’t say anything.

  • AllodialTitle

    Serial offenders ? how bout a one time rapist? How many wenches did clinton ” know ” w/o their consent?

  • Frank Energy


  • lilred

    Two words- ethnic cleansing

  • kirkpatrick

    “Serial offenders who repeatedly rob” will be deported? They get more than one chance?

  • Frank Energy

    Well Germany was just added to my shitlist.

    • jaguar

      I’m glad I got to see Europe before its destroyed… Europe was amazing with all it’s beautiful Architecture and magnificent scenery… Good bye Europe.

      • Frank Energy

        same here, it was really cool 15 years ago, now I am disgusted.

  • Guillotine_ready

    A lot of people are commenting on how to deal with the muslims in Germany and elsewhere and some ideas are good ones but then I have to remember, the southern border is allowing rapists and thieves and killers to come in daily and once caught the poor excuse for a human in the white house lets them go. But the people do nothing about it. So I suggest getting your own failing nation in order before judging anyone else. And americans have guns, ammunition and no excuse.

    • Good comment but like over there, nobody wants to go to jail for life.

  • Which is why we will all collectively refuse to disarm. They wish to make that painting at the Denver airport prophetic except that gas-mask dude with the scimitar will have a helmet full of bullet holes after we get done with him – same with all followers.