Thousands Of Shocking Threats Of Violence By Obama Supporters On The Eve Of The Election

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On social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, thousands of threats of violence were posted by supporters of Barack Obama on the evening prior to the election.  If you doubt this, just go on Twitter and do a search for keywords such as “Romney riot”, “assassinate Romney” and “if Romney wins”.  We have seen very serious threats of violence against Mitt Romney and his supporters for weeks, but little action has been taken to shut these threats of violence down, and now they are reaching a crescendo as we reach election day.  At the moment, law enforcement authorities and the mainstream media do not appear to be taking these threats of violence very seriously, but they should.  Just look at what happened when the San Francisco Giants won the World Series.  Horrible rioting broke out in San Francisco and a city bus was even set on fire.  But that little bit of rioting is nothing compared to what could happen on a nationwide basis if Mitt Romney wins this election – especially if there are allegations that Romney stole the campaign.  If Romney is victorious, expect to see allegations of “voter fraud” and “election fraud” from the other side.  If there is a belief that the Republicans “cheated” (whether true or not), this would provide all of the justification that those out committing violence would need.  Many of them would actually consider themselves to be “standing up for democracy” or “fighting for their rights”.  Hopefully the scenario that I just outlined will not play out.  Hopefully Obama supporters will be calm if Romney is declared the winner.  But we would be very foolish to ignore the thousands upon thousands of threats that we have seen over the past few weeks.

This is a topic I have written about before, and I received quite a bit of criticism for writing about it.  Apparently supporters of Barack Obama should be allowed to endlessly spew out threats of physical violence against Mitt Romney and his supporters and nobody is ever supposed to say anything about it.

Yes, there are a lot of Republicans that are saying some very cruel things about Barack Obama, but people know that if you make a physical threat against Barack Obama you are likely to get a visit from the Secret Service.

Apparently the same thing does not apply to threats against Mitt Romney.  Every single hour, large numbers of physical threats directed at him and his supporters continue to pour in.  If these people mean just a small fraction of what they are saying, we are going to see American cities burn if Romney wins.

Most of the examples that I could have included below I decided not to post because of the vulgar language used.  A lot of children will end up reading this, and so I decided to try to keep it as clean as possible.

The following are just a few examples of some of the “cleaner” threats of physical violence and rioting that have been posted on Twitter just tonight…

If obama doesn not win im gonna go burn down every house who has mitt romney signs outside their house! (Link)

If mitt Romney win tomorrow, point blank, we might just start a riot ! # Team Obama tho, so I got faith in our president. (Link)

If Romney wins, we gona start a riot (Link)

if Obama wins i will burn every romney sign in breezewood! (Link)

I always wanted to be in a Riot , and if Romney wins my dream might come true. (Link)

If Mitt Romney wins; I might go around blowing heads off (Link)

RT @Ska_Supernova: If romney win imma start a riot! (Link)

Lol but if you go for Mitt Romney i’m not going to burn you alive because that’s whatever you believe in. I’m #teamobama tho (Link)

Romney better start digging his grave cuz if he become president somebody might assassinate him..ALL BLACKS AND MIDDLE CLASS GONE TURN UP!!! (Link)

I would personally assassinate Mitt Romney if he wins… but I think Al Qaeda will beat me too it! (Link)

If Romney gets elected I’m going to burn down the White House so he doesn’t have a home (Link)

Trust me, it gets a lot worse than what you just read.  You can see more threats against Romney and his supporters from recent days in this article right here.  But please be warned, some of the language used is quite shocking.

Of course many in the mainstream media insist that we don’t even have to worry about what might happen if Romney wins because Obama “has it all locked up”.

For example, as I am writing this Nate Silver of the New York Times is projecting that Barack Obama has a 92.2% chance of winning the election.

Other publications are expressing similar sentiments.  An article on Business Insider today had the following headline: “Either The Polls Are All Wrong, Or Mitt Romney Doesn’t Really Have A Viable Path To Win The Election“.

I honestly don’t know how people get paid to write that kind of stuff.  This election is super close and it has been for months.  According to the latest Gallup tracking poll, Mitt Romney has a one point lead over Barack Obama with likely voters.  A lot of people on both sides are proclaiming that it will be a landslide for their guy, but I simply do not see it that way.

This is going to be close.  In fact, we may not have a winner on Tuesday night.  In fact, if it goes into the courts we may not have a winner for weeks.

We could very easily end up with another Bush v. Gore scenario.  Only this time it might tear the entire nation apart.  Obama and Romney both have hordes of lawyers ready to roll, and neither of them would hesitate to contest the results of the election if there is still a realistic chance of winning.

The funny thing is that it really does not matter that much which candidate wins anyway.  Our nation has been going downhill for decades no matter who has been in the White House, and it will continue to go downhill under either Obama or Romney.  When you take a very close look at their policy positions, they actually agree far more than they disagree, and no matter who wins this race the next four years are going to be worse for America than the last four years have been.

But like so many millions of other Americans, I find election night to be absolutely fascinating.  So I will be glued to my television just like so many other Americans will be.

And I think that a number of states will end up being much closer than most people originally thought that they would be.

For example, I believe that Romney has a very real shot of winning Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.  I am not predicting that he definitely will win those states, but he does have a legitimate chance.

Romney might even make things interesting in Minnesota, although that is more of a long shot.

It should be very interesting to see how it all plays out.

Many Americans are happy that this election season will soon be over, but unfortunately this election should not really be viewed as the end of something.  Rather, I believe that it will be the beginning of a disturbing new chapter in American history.

A whole host of polls and surveys have shown that the American people are angrier today than just about at any other point since World War II.  In recent months, this anger and frustration have been bottled up as people have waited for election day.  Right now, true believers on both the red team and the blue team are optimistic about the future because they are totally convinced that they are going to win this election.

But when a winner is finally announced, close to half the country is immediately going to be bitterly disappointed.  And then when things continue to get worse in this country despite “their guy” winning, the winning side is not going to be so pleased either.

This election could end up being the “release point” for a lot of the anger and frustration that have been building up in this country for a very long time.  You can almost feel the tension in the air.  All it is going to take is just the right “spark” to set it off.

If you have any political signs in your yard or any political bumper stickers on your car, you might want to start taking them down – especially if you live in a densely populated area.  Hopefully cooler heads will prevail, but I wouldn’t count on it.  There is just so much hate and anger out there right now.

So pray for peace, but also watch your back.

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Contributed by Michael Snyder of The Truth.

Michael Snyder is a writer, speaker and activist who writes and edits his own blogs The American Dream , The Truth and Economic Collapse Blog.

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  • R J Ambrozaitis

    Your blatant bigotry will not serve you well with this fraud. As for links well RNC, Rush Limbaugh and perhaps Romney for President HQ would suffice.

    • OldGuy

      My son came home yesterday and told me that a large group of ethnic kids were causing trouble in every class by calling anyone, including the teachers, racist if they did not vote for Obama. Of course in the name of political correctness the loud mouth punks in the class were treated with empathy and understanding. I counter that “bigotry” with this, if you don’t vote for Romney then you are also a racist. (Now take note, I have not said who I will vote for so keep that rhetoric to yourself.)

      The trouble is that both perspectives above are self serving and corrupt. Neither are valid points and to take either side based on skin color alone is pathetic at best. Both parties trolling for POTUS are going to fail this country. There is no other option at this point in history. Neither candidate is going to be able to do a damn thing to help.

      I will make my vote today based on the lesser of two evils analogy because it is the only way I can make a choice. If an upheaval does occur post election then I will, and I repeat, WILL stand my ground to protect my family against any who wish to violate my rights. I don’t care what color your skin is. If you wish to do me and mine harm I will fight back and so will most of those I know. We will not be in the streets “rioting or whining like little puss!es” but if you come to my neighborhood you will likely not leave intact. Take your sh!t attitudes and ideas home and rot in them.

      As to the threats against the POTUS and candidates, that is something I can do nothing about. There are literally thousands of paid enforcers in this country and if they can’t help (sarcasm) then who can. That is not my fight. I believe that all cowards, who make these kind of “safe” internet verbal attacks, are a byproduct of stupidity and inbreeding (this includes all races). Ignorance has become the dominant genetic trait this century and unfortunately there is no cure for it. Common sense is on the fringe of an extinction event.

      Regardless, I wish the best for my fellow humans, you are gonna need it if the cesspool overflows any further.

  • Milo Mindbender

    Iam suffering from “Electoral Disfunction”, and want all this to end quickly. Why can one side claim a lock on the moral high ground, and persist in supporting these azzhats? when did threating to riot become a legitamate form of free speech, and why isn’t this actionable as a conspiracy? I voted last week, but really am tired of the circus, and will be glad when all this bullcongress is over, the constant bombardment of overvolumed, droning is numbing my grey matter, and grates like fingernails down a blackboard. I almost don’t care who wins pull the chain and let’s circle the drain, this ride is now in progress.

  • Jean

    I have little doubt about the validity of the threats – I belive they are part and parcel of public office. However, they ARE supposed to be investigated by the Secret Service, IIRC.
    I also would place money on the race and economic class of those posting. (Hint: I’m in the middle class, but wasn’t involved in even a peaceful protest when Obama became HNIC. But, I’m WHITE, what does a racist like ME know?)
    Meantime, my family is living paycheck to paycheck – and I earn a GOOD salary doing what I do. (Performance engineer in Boston, look it up.) From that we live a “good” life, w/ 4 humans, 2 dogs, one car and one motorcycle. We rent a townhouse.

    I am worse off than I was 4 years ago – but so is the entire country, and many far more impoverished than I. I’m at least working…

    Sad thing is, like with a two year old or the Muslims, they throw a temper-tantrum, we give in: we are seen as weak, and RIGHTLY so. If we sent out the national guard with orders to shoot to kill, these riots would disappear in 5 minutes. It is the incentive to profit that drives these animals – and that is all they are, regardless of skin color, is animals. Treat them like a rabid dog: Distance first, a bullet second, minimal pause between 1 and 2.

    In my younger days I would not have been so vicious; I’ve learned a lot since then. Constant handouts and hand-holding does not make for a responsible adult, and with TPTB specifically working to get us back to a feudal-type cartel / corporatocracy, with economic chains?
    Screw it, let the bullets fly. It’s “worse” yet “better” at the same time: innocents will be hurt, but they were hurting already – and the guilty will be punished. MUST be punished.

    Until that lesson sinks in and hits home, election fraud, economic slavery, currency manipulation, GMO (not a nutter, but GMOs are still in the “weird science” realm, and the corruption of politics is still tainting any research into just WHAT we changed, and HOW it affects us. I used to think food was food, learned more, etc.), combine the serious sugar content of our foods (in chips and meats and salsa and ketchup and .. .. ..) with the laws FOBIDDING sales of sugary drinks…? WTF? Where’s my country, dammit?

    Getting to be too far gone (and I’ve read economic analysis that indicates no matter what we do – even if we fully de-funded the military and entitltements for a year – our debt would still choke the country within a decade, and even if everyone paid 100% taxes for a year, wouldn’t offset the debt.)

    There was an old story about lemmings I think is relevant here, it was actually done under auspices of DISNEY – the lemmings were herded together – stampeded, effectively, in a swirling pattern. The cameras followed them to a cliff, where, one by one, they all fell over the edge, or maybe even ran over the edge – hence the fallacious meme of lemmings jumping off a cliff.
    It was created, manufactured, for entertainment.* The lemmings on the outside of the herd can see the cliff, but cannot stop – they’re stuck. The lemmings towards the middle cannot see the cliff, so they keep pushing. Herd mentality, mob mentality in humans: the ones in the middle don’t know WTF is happening, but push the edges over the cliff.

    *: I’m biased against Disney at this point (adulterating historic fairy tales, and copyrighting things in perpetuity via campaign contributions, plus the whole murdering animals thing; Killing for food or defense is different from killing purely for sport or for fun or entertainment. Hunting as a sport, with then objective of also eating the meat is OK, still counts as hunting for food. For those that object to eating meat – where did that hamburger come from again…? It’s made from SOMETHING.)

    So – Given that this is how things work, and that conservatives (lower case “c”) are always (a) reacting and (b) fighting with one hand behind their back, with the gloves ON – Maybe it’s time to concede this ship, take the historical artifacts (Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation; F*ck the coup presented in the Constitution, it LED us here, institutued the same problems we’d fled Europe to escape), brush them up a little (Well, the Articles, anyway, the Declaration can still stand on its own; maybe re-write in more modern terms so even those in the inner-city can understand it), and go Galt. It happened when we emigrated to the US; it will happen again. Such is the wheel of history.
    These are just the birth pains of the transition.

    • Kulafarmer

      Thank you for putting a smile on my face this morning,,,, my sentiments exactly, if TSHTF and everything goes to hell in a hand badket its going to be that much faster that we can reboot the system and get rid of the people who caused the situation that the country is in now, we will NEVER climb out of any of this if we leave it up to the self serving idiots who got us into this mess in the first place, it would also be good to purge our streets of the passives and the anxt filled with no marketable skills other than to text like crazy,,, (not marketable mind you) anyway, time for change folks, and thank you Jean

    • GrandpaSpeaks

      We are experiencing a birth pain now. That is why a full audit of the fed and ft knox are in order. So we can rebuild with truth and knowledge. But its like giving birth to a pineapple.

  • Jean

    Forgot a key element:
    RE this election, NJ is doing paper ballots because there’s no power; NY is saying “F*ck you” to those without power, they just don’t get to vote.

    So the fraud is endemic, and an integrated part of the system. PLANNED, if you will. (Add in the story that somewhere out west already posted the election results during daytime TV, why ANYONE would have faith in “the system” is beyond me.)

  • GrandpaSpeaks

    Bullies, I wonder if they are going to vote for Romney since they want to riot that badly. Iceland succeeded in their banking revolution without rioting. How? The banking reformers stood between the potential rioters and the police lines gaining the respect of the police. No riots ensued and their circumspection of the cabal activities showed Iceland really only owed 10% of what the globalists financiers had on their books for them. Greece or Iceland, your choice. Are we advanced enough to evolve without violence? Not without respect for each other, nosiree.

  • sandy bottom

    bring it, i stand ready to defend what i have AND EARNED on MY OWN, without gubmint assistance. a-holes.
    molon labe

  • terbo56

    And I will do the same- They were ‘conceived’ in a bag, and by Jesus they will leave this earth in a ‘plastic’ one if they think their gonna screw with me-

  • Lutz

    To hell with the Obama supporting freeloaders and perverts. You cross the line and justice will be dealt. Bunch of Godless brain-dead loosers.

  • L.A.

    And as the economy continues to sink and an economic collapse happens, Obama will blame Bush and “rich” people, and the Kool-aid chuggers will lap it up that it’s never Obama’s fault despite him being a whiney little cry-baby who did nothing for his first four years but campaign for re-election.

    Now that Obama has been re-elected, it will be interesting to see what he does now since he can’t campaign for a third term, or will he shove a recinding of the two-term limit for presidents down our throats like he did Obamacare.

    We’re just going to get four more renwals of the Patriot Act and continuous renewal of NDAA under Obama. Romney would have renewed te Patriot Act and NDAA too, so if either candidate won, our civil liberties are still screwed.

  • Yep, no matter who won, this crape would have been shoved down our throat.
    The republicans maybe learned a valuable lesson. You can notgo agzinst the people and hope for their support.
    Elected republican governors who got elected immediately lay off the union workers or attack any high paid jobs they can get their hands on. Gay marriage and women who are rapped cannot get pregnant also nails in the coffin. Since so many jumped on the women do not need birth control wagon, they may have not wanted to win. Who would ever even go there, unless they are mentally insane.