This Video Proves Hillary Has Given up Trying to Tell Even Halfway Believable Lies Now

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After decades of lying, perhaps Hillary is just getting burned out. Perhaps she’s just started resorting to blurting out whatever random nonsense comes to her. Or perhaps she already knows it doesn’t matter what she says anyway because she’s untouchable, above the law.

In a CBS This Morning report on the notes the FBI made regarding the agency’s meeting with Hillary on her mishandling of classified information, this is what’s being reported:

The FBI notes also reveal that Clinton told the agents she couldn’t recall receiving any briefing or training on how to handle classified information as Secretary of State.

Oh really? Continuing —

When presented with a confidential email with the marking “C” next to the top of the paragraph, she speculated it was marked in alphabetical order, and she questioned the classification level.

The “C” on a classified document doesn’t mean “confidential” or even (if she was just guessing with common sense) “classified”, but instead, she figured it means the document is marked alphabetically?

Really? That one doesn’t even kind of make sense.

It makes none.

See for yourself… Hillary has given up on even putting effort behind her lies now:

It’s this bad now, and she’s not even president yet.

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  • nlightened2

    A house built with lies is like a house built with cards. eventually there is only one……


  • Herman Nelson

    I guess hillary thought C was for Cookie. It makes you wonder if she’s watching Sesame Street all of the time.

    • Sovereign_Citizen

      C is for cookie? That’s good enough for me!:)

  • Bush’sDelights

    After fighting the release for months, new emails reveal that Hillary Clinton used her private home server to transmit classified details of exactly where American Ambassador Chris Stevens was before the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

    Because her emails could have been easily intercepted by foreign entities, Hillary Clinton likely handed over details of his location to Islamic terrorist killers.

    EXPOSED! Hillary TOLD Islamic Terrorists Where To Kill Ambassador …

  • g.johnon

    first sign that you are up to no good is having Pelosi defend you on television.

    • Chongtlewis1

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  • MarkovDeBeeste

    Laws are for peasants. Just ask the Hildabeast…between coughing fits and seizures, of course.

  • George W Hill Jr

    See I’ve finally figured out the problems with Clinton’s and their ilk … they must lie…

    ///////////THAT IS HOW THEY WERE TRAINED TO THINK…///////////

    they have been trained to just ignore the truth as we know it… …and think Yale lawyerly … which is insane to most of us…but

    /////////////THAT IS HOW THEY WERE TRAINED TO THINK….and honesty was not a subject… they think truth is relative to the finding of the courts …

    Is not logical to us (normal honest people) … but is allowable and required in their minds
    my theory is … see they think a lie it is lawful if the court accepts it…. the lies they tell …are not lies …until it is proven in a court to be a lie… any and all conduct or misconduct is lawful …until its proven (judged) not to be so…

    THE (any) CONDUCT IS OK …if and until it is proven not to be…by the courts …

    IN their trained mind that any unlawful conduct is ok …until proven not to be…

    Until it is proven not to be …in a court of law…. that is … the court is the final arbiter not reality …see any unlawful and or untruthful conduct just IS … like BC said…

    until judged not to be… …and even then all appeals have to be exhausted …

    THEN and ONLY then … can they decide what is truthful what is not …

    after all that and conviction too … then I guess they will acknowledge the lie conduct … and misconduct as stipulated in the charge …

    lies not real to them like they are to us.. …their reality is the judge and jury …

    until then in their mind there can be no truth or lie… and that is why we normal people see the reality can recognize truth … they can not.
    that is what must go thru their brains … they must be trained that way…

    She can not tell the truth because she does not know the truth… she is unlike normal untrained people… we have to learn the truth to survive … life is real.

    to HRC there is no difference between a lie and the truth till the judges rules…

    … what they say is not a lie until proven
    … all she can do is follow her twisted logic… do what she trained to do … see in their(HRS-WJC) mind there is no right/wrong … until the court decides…

    Unlike the rest of us where truth is reality… what really happened… to them reality is decided by the courts…THAT IS HOW THEY WERE TRAINED TO THINK? maybe that why we think she is insane, or just pathological liar.
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  • Shadow_58

    That Bit*h is nothing but a liar. Even lowly Privates in the Military knows the material classifications of documents. This lying bit*h was First Lady for eight years, a United States Senator and Secretary of State and she’s trying to tell the American People she didn’t know what the letters meant on the documents? Time to kick this sick bit*h under the bus and start out fresh.