This Video on the CIA-Backed D-Wave Quantum Computer Will Change Your View of Reality Forever

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Meanwhile as everyone was busy arguing over the bread and circus elections, the CIA was busy funding a computer so powerful that it is described as “tapping into the fundamental fabric of reality” and the man who owns the company says being near one is like “standing at the altar of an alien God”.

What exactly do you suppose they are doing with it?

You have to take a few minutes and watch this. It will change the way you look at “reality” forever.

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  • grumpyhillbilly

    My predictions.

    1. The Russians will, if not already found, the planet. It’s likely inhabited, which creates problems like more wars.

    2. Those conscious free super thinkers will turn on their inferior humans.

    3. Alternative realities is just figurative bull feces. If I’m wrong, hooray for more problems created by geeks. Makes one almost root for Yellowstone to blow. Now that would be old school reality.

    • bill lopez

      How well does a quantum computer stand up to a 500 grain 45-70?

      • That is exactly why the control freaks want to make sure you cannot have such a device as a 45/70. Then they would lose their control if people actually woke up and realized what is happening on this planet.

        My problem with all of what we call technology today is simply this ? Can we trust the people that control it to use it for good purposes of humanity ? As well does our own history show us that humans have already created many nightmares with their so-called technology and are we really moving forward or backward ? I see it all as just more control mechanisms that elites use for their own benefit and little else. Seems quite obvious to me !

        Do you really trust Google, NSA, CIA, and many other entities to do what is right and good for the benefit of humanity ? I do not. Too many signs that clearly say otherwise. I say we use great caution going forward and focus on resolving many issues here on this planet before we go much, if any further and allow more control mechanisms.

        • tnetcenter

          In a word? NO!

          We can’t trust the owners of this (or any technology) to do what is good for humanity! Just look at how existing owners abuse their power and position now! Google is censoring search results for the liberals, Facebook is abusing Conservatives and Christians, Progressive Insurance directly supports the PROGRESSIVE agenda and on and on and on it goes!!

          • Agree on all counts. We all live under many illusions created for us to control us ! And all come from our own government and the corpratocracy they have created. Science is part of the schemes these days and has little validity in many parameters because it is funded 100% from these sources and therefore has little reason to be ethical on any level except to do the bidding of their funders. A kind of closed loop of criminality or wrong intent at a minimum. see my site , my name

            Here is how TPTB get way with their bad acts rather easily

        • Tom Tom

          CIA funded the creation of Google.

        • GenEarly

          People should have the Liberty to choose how to live. Some could choose to remain free on Earth to farm and raise their families. Others could choose to become AI beings to explore the stars. Freedom is the key.

          • Sounds great and valid, but I think we need to fix this planet and ourselves before we venture anywhere else and phck it up like we are already doing in close space. We have junk on the moon , mars and a lot of junk floating around in close orbit to earth that is about to self destruct.

            I am convinced we are being watched because we are dangerous to other intelligences. Ever since the first nuclear explosions we have had a lot of sightings of somebody watching us and it has only increased tremendously as more technology has come forth. Somebody or somebodies will not allow us to do any more destruction. Not sure at all what price will be paid, but we are being observed for a reason.

            We sent out our own warning to others of how ignorant we are and they came to see for themselves. Probably out of their own concern.

          • Tim Webb

            The truth is far more profound.
            “But I say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgement”.
            This created universe is precisely and everlastingly monitored by the God Who fills it; not one of Whose words will return unto Him void.
            He is not willing that any should perish; but many will perish.
            A new dawn is coming.

          • Agree one must wonder what is the connection between what we have been told is God and what we are seeing in the skies that we call aliens ? I would refer you to Rupert Sheldrakes work on morphic fields as well as others who have studied the Akashic record. It seems the idea of God and science could well be interconnected. Problem is science is a closed loop of thinking, or nonthinking as the case may be ? Mostly because the academics are deathly afraid of losing their funding , so truth takes a back seat to everything ! In many ways science has become a false religion of sorts ?

          • Brett

            The problem with science is there knowledge of things they want us to know nothing about. If even a small portion of us REALLY tapped into our true power and potential ‘they’ would all be fucked! And I tell you it’s the one thing that scares ‘them’ the most. It keeps them awake at night. And its why they need to take control of us. Im only scratching the surface of my ‘hidden talents’ but I urge everyone to start searching within…

          • That is what my site is about, “Our Inner Powers” and inner journey. check it out for many answers my name

          • Brett

            Cheers, mate. I will check it out…

          • Brett

            We are living the book of ‘Revelations’ now….

          • Revelations is not about and end time or collapse. it is about your own personal inner journey.

          • Brett

            Hey mate. I have bookmarked your site and it looks really good! Thanks for putting the site together as I will be visiting often. Just going through the ‘Inner Power’ section now. This is the area we all need to look at now. There are many secrets to be found I trust. Cheers, B

          • I am a student to of Edgar Cayce and Santos Benocchi. Santos is from Australia. Both came to me at the right time and influenced me. I also talk about other important people to read as well. Enjoy and Good on ya ! spread the word and lets get everybody started on their own inner journey. That is the only way to change anything ! We all need to look at the log in our own eye first and then change what we need to change and have the courage to speak out against the control freaks we call our governments !

          • Brett

            Well said, Brother. Im going all out on this. I have been experiencing odd things since I started meditating. I have very vivid dreams and have felt something trying to break through. Im getting there and always learning and im pretty excited about these new understandings and developments; Im certainly growing because I can ‘feel’ it! Peace…

          • Be sure and look at all the links and videos at the site. It will take you a long while to read and absorb all the incredible information there and there is much more beyond that on the reading list. Enjoy and don’t be afraid to ask questions, we need more natural knowledge geeks who are not afraid to live it !

          • GenEarly

            I do not disagree, but are you saying strip malls are bad for other planets? and War? That is Earth’s prime form of entertainment!
            But if I must be serious, Freedom for the individual as long as that freedom does not interfere with another’s freedom must be a key of just societies.
            To Be or Not to Be? Evolution or Devolution? and is ProgreSS always “good”? I can only speak for myself in a cacophony of voices and passions, and sometimes I have to question my own judgement.

          • I am simply saying we have shit in our own nest in many ways and likely are being observed for those very reasons as a danger to higher intelligence ?

            I fully realize this line of thought gets strange very quickly, because we do not have a clue who or what is observing us or why, for sure ? But it does seem clear they are far advanced from we we are . And no I do not buy into most of what “ancient aliens theorist” have to say.

          • GenEarly

            I think the “ancient aliens’ is more than plausible, quite likely. Too many exacting, finely constructed pyramids around the globe.

          • I don’t doubt some of it is likely real or at least based in some ancient history reality. But the guys pumping this show are just opportunist who add a lot of iffy stuff and go down lots of wrong paths to make money and little else.

            I was reading Claus Dona, Rupert Sheldrake, Zacharia Sitchin and many others long before that TV show existed. They have simply fooled a lot of people just like most television does.

          • Tim Webb

            What we have though, instead of your utopian vision, is a society in which the overwhelming majority are being farmed themselves, for the benefit of a tiny minority.
            This tech will be used to identify pre-crime in every single one of the farmed.
            They will be eliminated upon detection of these thoughts; thus the survivors will learn to only think the thoughts which will enable them to survive; this is the ultimate horrorcaust, and it will only be pre-empted by the direct intervention, once again, of the God of all the universe in our affairs.

          • GenEarly

            Utopian??? I just advocated for liberty for the individual to choose their own lifestyle. If that isn’t possible then it’s time to ask God’s blessings, Sic Semper Tyrannis time.

    • way2inform

      Alternate realities are jot figurative. Electrons dont float around atoms like your grade school model, they blink in and out of our physical universe and when they aren’t perceivable here they are in another dimension that we cannot access. Because electrons are energy and energy cannot be created nor destroyed, they play in alternate reality and when they are over there, are apart of a larger thing than themselves just like when they are over here

      • Berner11

        My education with electron clouds and such is decades old. Is what you are saying actually the current accepted theory? Do you have a reference or title for the theory so that I could read up on it?


  • Elizabeth Greene

    They are using it to factor large integers, which allows them to break modern encryption. That’s the killer app for quantum computers.

    • NonYo Business

      Thats small potatoes. They already can crack any encryption out there. They are looking for the answer to all answers… Time, Space, Reality, the Human body… once you truly understand these forces, you are literally limitless.

      • tnetcenter

        Yeah! Just ask GOD about that!

        • NonYo Business

          I think we all do at one point of our lives

      • I_P_Frehley

        That answer is 42

    • nimbii

      And bitcoin encryption. That is an example of the evil that globalists will seek.

      Of course, if bitcoin can get hold of quantum computer time, they can fix that but how to get the time?

  • This is not going to turn out well.

  • David

    The problem I see with the predictions is that God made man in “HIS PERFECT IMAGE via recombinant DNA hybridization (dust of the Earth) and man is making quantum computers in “his own flawed image” ….the results will NOT be the same. ANY civilization whose technology evolves faster than its’ “spirituality, wisdom, morality” will SELF DISTRUCT (C. Sagan) and it’s back to “Darwin’s drawing board.”

    • Excellent comment and thesis ! see my site for more, my name + .com

      Humans have over stepped their own boundaries and likely about to do themselves great harm. I have long realized what we call technology may well be our demise, or at a minimum cause a great thinning of the herd ? And what exactly is going on at CERN ?

      • David

        Most of the hype about CERN is disinformation. The basic research at CERN is totally pure benign science. Smashing sub atomic particles apart reveals what they are made of and we have no doubt reached maximum resolution because of the Planck limit…. 1 x 10-33cm. This does NOT make black holes……black holes form from collapsed stars. ( order to break the Planck limit we would need a collider 100,000 light years in diameter!)

        • I certainly hope you are right. I do no trust much of any of what we call science these days for many reasons. Too many examples of horrific mistakes and science being used as a control mechanism or religion. Chernobyl and FUKU come to mind but there are many more to choose from.

  • landy fincannon

    No man can nor sell , is just around the corner

  • Pyra Gorgon

    I think it is all B.S. junk science. That “quantum computater” is just a fancy demon summoning device. In the old days, they used candles, chalked out symbols, dumb names of things in dead languages, blood sacrifices, and some blasphemous recited poetry to go along with it all. Nowadays we have super high tech clean rooms, sacrifice of rationality and reason to believe any old lie, sterile sub-zero computer rooms calling out those things in binary rather than archaic dead languages, and the people are still just as empty today as they were back then.

    It is impossible for man to outsmart God. Not going to happen and quantum computer makers are NOT going to make a work-around God to get answers HE does not want us to have.

    • Brett

      Nicely put, Pyra. 😉

  • GenEarly

    “We” are creating synthetic life forms that may approximate the human form and have sensory capabilities. These “AI” forms or vessels will then be loaded with one or many synthesized mind personalities to form a “person”. This is still, while quite advanced, still in the realm of the “physical’ or “material”.
    Next comes the spiritual. We are all spiritual beings inhabiting for a “lifetime” a physical body. It is an advanced evolved animal body that has been married with a spiritual being. The joining of spiritual beings to these new synthetic, super computerized bodies is the real crux. Freedom of Spirit has, is, and will forever be the crux, as long as the physical universe is concerned. Life exists of course outside of this physical universe, and in fact is the creator of this physical universe.
    Man never came from mud.

  • Tim Webb

    Intelligence is not wisdom.
    Releasing these machines will simply enable decisions to be made which are manifestations of man’s ultimate folly; his belief that he can be as God.
    The time for the long-promised second Judgement, but this time by fire, rolls on apace.
    And did anyone notice that the measurement of all things today centres on the Q-bit; whereas in olden times it centred on the cubit?
    There is nothing new under the sun, and what has been, will be.

    • Brett

      What has gone around, will always come back around? Universal Law…

  • Berner11

    “Machines that outpace humans in everything.”

    What could possibly go wrong?

  • Paul Mitchell

    the thought of being able to imperiously pop into another dimension, steal some
    resources and pop back home. Sounds like an imperialist’s dream (or wall
    street’s) dream come true.

    People, clean up your own homes (Earth)
    before you try to invade and destroy other worlds.

    The really big question is, if we find another dimension will we be able to plant an American (or German, Russian etc.) flag to claim it as our own?

  • Mary Robertson

    The reason why this is now up for discussion is because it is all ready been accomplished. They just now have to make it public for them to actually let it be known so that it can be accepted. His predictions are crap, because they all ready are. I now would like him to list predictions 4, 5 & 6 as to what the outcome of predictions 1, 2 & 3 offered………….

  • David

    I AGREE with you 100%….”man created god in his image.” Most people who believe in God believe that God is a super powerful all knowing “being”….an anthropomorphic image of man. The God revealed in ancient scripture and Incarnated in the flesh 2000 years ago in Yeshua ben Joseph (Jesus the Christ) IS NOT the God invented by man. Learn about the “Elohim”…..It may change your view…..God is the “Spirit” (not a supernatural ghost as there is no such thing as the supernatural) of existence “QUALITY” ….love, compassion, tolerance, forgiveness etc…all the “qualities” that atheists ironically search for. and fail to find. This “spirit” is NOT external to Creation but exists AS CREATION…..this TRUE God dwells within and works THROUGH His Creation and His PERFECT Laws. Since God’s laws are PERFECT…there is no supernatural because that would require a violation of something which is already PERFECT…a non-sequitur. The error made by all humans, atheists and believers is that they perceive Creation as a single event and claim this is what the Bible traches. Yeshua taught this concept is wrong and that CREATION is an eternal PROCESS..that never began and will never end. This TRUTH was proved by the French chemist Louis Pasteur 142 years.
    In Christ. who revealed this REAL God….david

  • David

    Pollyanna….you will never know who God is until you understand that God’s existence is manifested in YOUR heart as LOVE< COMPASSION<FORGIVENESS etc. Stop thinking of the man made God out in the Cosmos someplace and look in your heart where the REAL God dwells. THIS is what Yeshua ben Joseph taught and man made a religion out of Him. Tragic…….

  • David

    Sorry…I have no idea how the previous post screwed up! Here’s the corrected…..

    Pollyanna….you will never know who God is until you understand that God’s existence is manifest in YOUR heart as LOVE, COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS etc. Stop thinking of the man made god out in the Cosmos somewhere and look in your heart where the REAL God dwells. This is what Yeshua ben Joseph taught and man made a religion out of Him. Very tragic……

  • Heavenly_Traveler

    Mankind did not create quantum mechanics he only discovered it, like most of our so called inventions they where discoveries and not inventions at all. God made all of this and we simply discover what HE has made. The laws of physics,thermodynamics, math virtually everything are discoveries. The bible quoting GOD has said that there is NOTHING new under the sun nothing because it was made long ago.

  • Michael Arana

    We already know what they are doing with it. They are changing reality. It’s called the Mandela Effect.