This Teen Reportedly Survived the Boston Marathon Bombing, the Paris Attacks, and Now the Bombing in Brussels

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Can you believe this kid’s amazing, astounding, unbelievable luck?

A nineteen-year-old Mormon missionary named Mason Wells was reportedly injured in the Brussels airport bombing, where he suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon, burns, and shrapnel injuries. By his family’s account, Mason is lucky to be alive and blessed by God.

But even luckier, however, since this is reportedly the third terror attack Mason has survived in recent years.

Mason’s dad Chad told ABC News that Mason just so happened to be in Paris during the Paris attacks, and he was also supposedly just a block away from the finish line where the Boston Marathon bombing took place.

Can you believe this kid’s sheer and fantastical luck of not being dead but also somehow always being in the wrong place at the wrong time???

After Mason is done surviving multiple terrorist attacks, apparently he plans to join the U.S. Naval Academy.

Can you believe it?


Can you?

…believe it?



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  • Mike

    I call BS.

  • doucyet

    Dude……………buy a lottery ticket!

  • Dow Jones

    Al CIAduh brand I$I$ now attacks NATOstan capital Brussels; the Europeon

    Pedophile Politburo’s Washing town puppet meisters are very very desperate.

    New “improved” Gladio from the real terrorists.

    Onward Urupp to the inevitable collap$€ of this NWO supremacist scam.

    New “improved” Gladio from the real terrorists.

  • James West

    He just might be the terrorist or a crisis actor here’s your sign. Just kidding glad you are alive .

  • Gil G

    Allah spares him for a greater cause apparently.

  • Guillotine_ready

    On the scene 3 times equals involved in some fashion.

    • Elizabethscoleman3

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    • archer

      Apparently some are saying the vids from the airport are actually from a Russian airport not the one in Brussels, I can’t believe this was another false flag but it’s starting to sure look like it.

  • Jim

    Crisis actor. I mean there are coincidences and then there are “coincidences”. I bet if they dig deeper, they will find that he was also at the Colorado movie theater shooting, Sandy Hook, and the San Bernardino incident as well.


    Luck? Right. Something there to look into. Impossible.

  • disqus_LATgE14cG2

    Remind me not to hang around with this guy.

  • Harry L

    Crisis Actor named Mason. Good one!

    • Doc Holliday

      Lol, right?

  • John_Smith001

    maybe, or a CIA asset

    • Jeffersonian

      Bingo! Mormon was our 1st clue! The CIA has a long history of recruiting mormons!

      • sunshine ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ˢᵘᵖᵖᵒʳᵗᵉʳ

        Came here to say just this. CIA asset GUARANTEED.

    • Amerrikasfinest

      Bingo… guessed it….now go past Go and collect your $200.

  • Publeus

    — After a couple of decades of the moderately well publicized Fed war against the Mormon Church, the Church leadership finally caved and made a deal with a Devil. Utah is now the property of the Intelligence Community. Many Mormons are quite upset about this, but only mumble quietly to escape being targeted. The Mormon Religion itself is now an asset. Just another cover group.

    I expect that it won’t be long before a major split, and of course the malcontents will be demonized. The hailed separation between Church and State was always a sham, but now, the last pretense is falling away.

    Which do you choose; Church, or State?

    All roads lead to Rome…

  • Alot more on this @ ; go read for your self

  • Jeffersonian

    There all fake events! Not to mention how the CIA has a long history of hiring mormons (like Robbie Parker, the Dad to Em-I-LIE Parker), Glenn Beck, Robert Bennett from Watergate, Mitt Romney who’s family was involved with CIA drug running, and on and on)!

    As an Engineer, that has had more classes than High School math teachers, I can tell you that there is no freaking possibility that this happened coincidently! It would be like hitting the Powerball 3 times in a row! Give me a freaking break! These FAKE bombing events are getting ridiculous! This latest hoax event is no different than the Boston Smoke Bomb! Want to bet that they were ALSO running Drills just coincidentally like Boston was running their Bomb Drill at the same exact location and exact same freaking minute that they tweeted their fake bomb would be going off and sure enough! The terrorists bombs went off that exact same minute and exactly the same spot that there little drill was running.

    The Paris attacks also had a freaking Drill going on the exact same time, and exact same freaking cafe location as their drill! They were busted because someone released a video of the drill being set up, and low and behold they all scatter and leave just minutes BEFORE the event, and then the terrorist comes with guns a blazing at the same place the police/emt just fled and had the area blocked off for their little drill!

    So, anyone want to bet that Brussels had a drill going on either at the same time or just days prior?

    Just like 9/11, Sandy Hook, Houston Hoax, San Bernardino, Paint Mohamed in TX, TSA shooting, Naval Yard, Cassidy Stay Hoax, Smelliot Rodgers hoax, the VA News Reporter hoax! What do ALL of these (plus many, many more) have in common? If you guessed a Drill going on at the exact same location as the events they claimed unfolded, and conducted at the same time as the event or a few days prior for the exact same event they claimed unfolded!

  • Amy Thorpe

    His mother was in the Boston Marathon race and they were waiting for her at the finish line about a block away. he would have been about 16 at the time. Then as a missionary stationed in Paris he was there for that bombing but wasn’t a victim in that one. Then they were escorting a missionary leaving for her mission to Ohio out of the Brussels airport. Missionaries get moved around a lot so it makes perfect sense.

    • Publeus

      — I really don’t mean any disrespect, but it makes imperfect sense.

      If you see a guy at a bunch of different fires, maybe he’s a fireman…

      … or an arsonist…

    • jaguar

      Wow!!! You’ll believe anything, won’t you??!!! Looney Tunes!!!

    • Amerrikasfinest

      Mormonism is a cult period. It is not a religion. i should know I studied them for about 2 years close up and believe me they are definitely a CULT. And the CIA can mind program and mind f*ck cult members into doing their bidding much easier than a regular person.

  • Asylumsix

    Pretty obvious he’s an alien.

  • whydowanttoknow

    No FN way.

  • SP_88

    No way. The chances of being in a terrorist attack are very very low. The chances of being in two terrorist attacks in two separate countries on opposite sides of the ocean are astronomically low. The chances of being in three separate terrorist attacks in three different countries is zero, unless you are somehow involved in the terrorist attacks. So the only real possibility is that he is lying, or he is somehow involved in these terrorist attacks. Because there is just no way that he could be at or near the scene of three different terrorist attacks just by chance. No way.

  • Publeus

    — I saw a blip of this on a tabloid channel (CNN, I think). That’s interesting. Practically no one can stretch belief enough to credit this as a stroke of incredible luck. I don’t know the particulars. Maybe he’s involved. Maybe his Dad, and he was along for the ride. Maybe his Church group. Either way, obviously the tactic has become so commonplace and streamlined that it’s not even disguised anymore. Hidden in plain sight, as it were.

    So we have passed the point of blatant lies, and are now deep into plain propaganda. Lies have to make sense to work. Propaganda can be the stupidest thing that you ever heard, and a lot of people will repeat it anyway to toe the party line. This is a turning point in our culture.

    We have changed today. I wonder what this brazen contempt may herald.

  • Asylumsix

    luck? he’s the one doing it ;O

  • Amerrikasfinest

    And would you believe wolverines make great housepets? He is a crisis actor period.

  • Harry L

    the kid’s getting a lot of press. Can’t you feel them mocking you??

  • Pat Taylor

    Hey… I have a bridge in San Fransisco that I’m selling – CHEAP!

  • Ken, Megapolis

    Hi. For starters we wish a potential new recruit success in his application. We always do??
    My vital observation here is to avoid CAPITAL and major cities like Boston and Mumbai. More so during major events like a marathon and a public holiday.
    I wanted to visit London because I was happily admiring some nice foto’s taken from the London Eye. A rethink is in order.
    Glasgow is OK but I know the cops will be out in force this weekend and asking “What’s your name? What are you doing here? Who are you staying with?”
    Fine if I’m being arrested. None of their effing business otherwise.
    Cops suck and I would personally prefer Sharia Law to the direction this over intrusive society is going.
    So help me God.

  • traveler25

    It’s all true, I wad standing next to him all three times.

  • You mean he wasn’t at Sandy Hook?

  • Silvertone

    I swear there was another man who was supposedly at one of the movie theater shootings and the Boston Marathon attacks. I believe he met with Michael Bloomberg for some gun control propaganda. There was also the same crisis actor from Sandy Hoax and the shootout in Watertown, MA. She was interviewed by CNN in both instances.