This Teen Created a Free Robot Lawyer App That Just Overturned 160,000 Parking Tickets

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by Jake Anderson

Got a bullshit parking ticket? Now you can appeal it in less than a minute. The new chatbot tool, DoNotPay, uses previously successful appeal letters to draw up a customized template, allowing users to avoid courts, legal fees, stress, and having to use a lawyer.

So far, the free app has overturned 160,000 parking tickets in London and New York. With a success rate of 64%, DoNotPay has appealed $4 million in parking fines in just two cities in only nine months of operation. In 2014, New York City collected $546 million in revenue from parking tickets.

Stanford freshman Joshua Bowder created the app after spending an exorbitant amount of time crafting his own appeals for parking tickets. He read thousands of pages of documents related to parking tickets released under the Freedom of Information Act and consulted a traffic lawyer. Then, using PHP and Javascript, he created a conversation algorithm that aggregates keywords, pronouns, and word order. Like many chatbots, Browder’s app becomes more intelligent each time it is used.

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DoNotPay is not commercial and Josh plans to keep it that way. In an interview with Anti-Media, Josh said he was driven by a sense of social justice and a desire to help vulnerable people who are exploited by policing-for-profit schemes. Josh also wants to use technology like artificial intelligence for humanitarian purposes.

He finds it “irritating and disappointing” that bots are usually created for vapid commercial uses. In reality, he says, algorithmic intelligence and chatbots are a “humanitarian goldmine.”

DoNotPay also assists with delayed or canceled flights, payment-protection insurance (PPI) claims, and even legally disclosing an HIV-positive health status.

Josh describes his creation as “the first robot lawyer.” People are describing him as the “Robin Hood of the Internet.”

“If it is one day possible for any citizen to get the same standard of legal representation as a billionaire,” Browder says,“how can that not be a good thing?”

Josh says government agencies have actually been supportive, even using it to test for glitches. He also received support from his friends, one of whom he says has created an app for scanning blood to test for the likelihood of malaria.

Josh wants to continue developing artificial intelligence applications for the public good. He’s spoken with entrepreneurs about how to use apps like this in conjunction with driverless cars.

What’s on the horizon? Josh’s summer project is an app to help Syrian refugees seek legal asylum. The chatbot he is planning would translate Arabic to English and then draw up legal paperwork.

Josh also plans to expand DoNotPay to Seattle.

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  • Mike

    cool app, you can bet since it takes money away from the cities LAWFULLY that it will soon be banned.

    • Cracker122049

      Not a doubt about it!

    • NonYo Business

      Yep, you know it. But then again, it might not with enough support.

    • There are already several commercial legal form completion services in operation. His is just free, but remember that you usually get what you pay for.

  • MarkovDeBeeste

    He was doing fine until the one about him developing an app to help Syrian “refugees” seek asylum. I don’t care how much good work he’s done with fighting bogus parking tickets, that does not excuse him enabling muzzie invaders.

    • NonYo Business

      If America came to my country and bombed the Shit out of it, I would leave also. If America gave Billions to Isreal who then Bombed the shit out of my country, killing my family; I would leave also. Wake up douchebag, you have more in common with “muzzies” than you do with your fearless leaders.

      • Geez, I agree with both of you. Cognitive dissonance! LOL! We do have much more in common with “muzzies” than our leaders however once their numbers go up in a society they will start enforcing their will upon others and I am totally against that.

        • MarkovDeBeeste

          Absolutely…notice what happens to formerly great American cities when the darker minorities achieve numerical superiority over whites (Detroit, Washington, D.C., etc). The Irish Catholics took over Boston simply by outbreeding the WASPs. It’s a numbers game…and we’re losing.

          • It hasn’t taken minority incursions to ruin great cities, since non-minorities have messed them all up, long before the minorities got there in sufficient numbers. All that America’s cities need to complete the plan is someone to fiddle while they burn.

        • A muzzie sounds like something you put on a dog’s face.

      • MarkovDeBeeste

        I agree…the muzzie invasion is a problem we (that is, our dear leaders) created. Still, regardless of what created the problem we have to deal with the fact that we are being invaded by third-world cockroaches who are bent on converting or killing us…and taking over. Keeping the bastards out is the only logical way to handle this in the short term. Long term, we should simply get the hell out of the Middle East and let them slaughter each other which they would do regardless of whether or not Uncle Sap was involved.

        • Razedbywolvs

          The problem with that is you keep paying the people who ship them in, to keep them out. You don’t have to be a Genesis in economics to figure out why you will fail.
          You want a successful idea?

    • Razedbywolvs

      Is some one who designs a gun enabling mass shooters?
      There are people to blame for the muzzie problem. This kid is not one of them.

  • NonYo Business

    This is a Citizen. And yes, a Rebel. Or as our traitors in power would call a Terrorist. And damn am I proud of him. Lets follow this man’s example and help where we can.

  • Constitutionalist

    I was considering looking at his APP until I got down to the last paragraph: “Josh’s summer project is an app to help Syrian refugees seek legal asylum.” Well, now he can just go fuk himself.

    • Maybe he should come up with an app to free Americans from their massive ignorance of their own history and the results of their failures to do their duty.

      • Constitutionalist

        Do you not see or notice what these refugees are doing in the countries that are taking them in?

        • It is truly any worse than what our own domestic criminals and traitors were doing to us before the “refugees” got here?

      • I always knew you were an ignorant waste of good genetic material.