This New Music Video From Sarah Silverman Will Make You Want To Barf: “That’s My Luxury… It’s Called White Privilege”

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Liberal mouthpiece Sarah Silverman has a new song for all of us… It’s called “I Love You America, The Song”

Rather than trying to sum up her totally incoherent bloviating, we’ll let the Twitterverse handle that part.

Here’s the song – please get a barf bag before you hit play – and then check out a selection of community responses below.

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  • Chris

    The barf bag is full, I need a larger one to fit her and Israel into.

  • darkhorse

    Sarah Silverman is NOT white — she’s a JUU

    • Caius Keys

      That’s the game they play at Harvard,

      “Oh yeah, lots of white kids go here!”

      • darkhorse

        most people don’t realize this…

        • Caius Keys

          I tangled with one of their Bolshevik alumni —

          Opened up my eyes to a lot of hard truths…

          • darkhorse

            glad you are awakened… the Truth is amazing once you see it…..

  • darkhorse

    Disqus has been deleting my truthful expression about the juus engineering all the wars..including Viet Nam…because they make $$$ from them DISQUS IS PREVENTING FREE SPEECH HERE…the zios are fully behind this, s we all know!!!

  • darkhorse

    guess we need another KKK people

    • Roy Hobs

      Although I agree with you in part, this kind of message just feeds the already anti-white hysteria.
      The KKK, although began as a necessity, is really a dinosaur now. And most likely, if one were to do an in-depth study of the group; we will find Jew infiltration probably at it’s inception.
      Any time more than 5 White men get together and start talking……..surely the Jew will find his way in and infiltrate the group.
      So………….we really don’t need the kkk. We just need men to stop being cowards and start calling it like it is. We have a Jewish Problem….period.
      Not until we can bring back the Jewish Question back into public discourse, as in the days of Henry Ford and Charles Lindbergh, we will forever be their slaves.
      It is very ironic in that history has proven that the Jews need limits put on them and no one would have ever questioned that 100 years ago. But now anyone who even raises the question, is marginalized within seconds. But our ancestors — specifically the Byzantines — didn’t have a problem speaking to this issue. We need men with courage.

      • darkhorse

        yes we do…and women …I’m a woman and I’ve been speaking out the truth regarding the Jewish Problem (as you call it) and they certainly do infiltrate everything because they are serpents slithering around bringing death and destruction upon everyone…

  • Sir TuberKopf

    She is a poster child for dumb k¥ts. Blacks commit 70% of the murders in the US. There’s a reason they have a problem with police shooting at them. African American males are only 7% of the population but commit the majority of all murders. Please let that sink in stupid liberals. And no the devil didn’t make them do it. They did it of their own accord.

    Would you like to hear some really racist statistics?

    Black Lives Do Matter!


    The prison population would go down by 37%,

    There would be 53% less gang members,

    Obesity percentage would drop 11%,

    Average IQ would go up 7.4 points, putting us 3rd in the world tied with Japan,

    Average SAT scores would go up almost 100 points,

    Average ACT scores would go up 5.5 points.

    AIDS & HIV would go down by 65%,

    Chlamydia cases would go down 54%,

    Gonorrhea would go down 69%,

    Syphilis would go down 58%.

    The average income for Americans would go up over $20,000 a year,

    Amount of people in poverty would drop 34%,

    Homelessness would go down 57%,

    Welfare recipients would go down by 42%,


    And many criminal defense attorneys would have to find another line of work!

    Black lives do matter!

  • It is not Paranoia

    What the fuck

  • John C Carleton

    Lets see, Holly Whore and the “music” industry, are controlled by zionist.
    Zionist believe they are better than anyone else in the world.
    Zionist believe it is not wrong when they murder people in illegal wars, because they are better than everyone else.

    So seems to me, we should be talking about Zionist Privilege.

  • Dr_NOS

    Come to think, I feel privileged that I am Caucasian (white, in vulgata). As a matter of fact I told my oldest son that when he decides to marry, I want a blood sample of my future daughter in law, just to make sure that no negro genes are there. I am OK with Mongoloid group race though

  • Dow Jones

    Jooganda as well as Neanderthal khasarian rapists makes me physically sick. USSA can’t you stop this s#it already?

  • Ratcraft

    I have white privilege says the Jew.

    • Tommy p

      She’s got big nipples, though

  • lan

    Thank you for offering to care about me Sarah. So kind of you. I’ll take cash or bitcoin.

  • Tommy p
  • Joel W

    And by white privilege she most certainly means Jewish privilege.

  • Zionist Hunter

    WOW, a satanic khazarin jew c@nt spewing her Talmudic garbage. Go figure

  • Caius Keys

    Sarah the Bolshevik Princess — Hey nice stuff!

    I’m taking it so I can redistribute it to my friends and keep some for myself!

  • SP_88

    If white privilege really existed:

    I wouldn’t have to worry about finding a job because my white privilege would ensure that it was simply handed to me.

    And if I lose that job, I wouldn’t have to worry about being evicted and thrown out on the street and lose everything I own, because of my white privilege.

    I wouldn’t have to worry about studying in school because my white privilege would ensure that they would give me a diploma regardless of whether or not I could read and write.

    I wouldn’t have to worry about getting pulled over by the police and getting a ticket for some traffic violation because my white privilege would get me out of it.

    I wouldn’t have to worry about being shot by the police during a traffic stop or some other encounter with the police because the police don’t shoot white people at twice the rate of black people, because of their white privilege.

    I wouldn’t have to worry about becoming a victim of black racism while walking down the street during a BLM protest, because my white privilege would protect me from them.

    I wouldn’t have to worry about being accused of racism because, white privilege and stuff.

    And if I really had white privilege, I wouldn’t have to listen to such a dreadfully horrible song like this while throwing up everything I’ve eaten over the past two days plus a kidney.

    If there really is a such thing as white privilege, then I got screwed. Either that or mine’s broken.

  • Irish_Gypsy

    Is there more going on here? Notice this is a HULU programming, I mean production.


  • Z-Boy

    She isn’t white. I still like her though, she is usually funny. Being of the Master Race myself, nothing she can say or do can hurt me.