This Might Just Be the Scariest Tweet You Will Ever Read in Your Life

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Without further ado, what may possibly be the scariest Tweet you will ever read in your entire life:


… Told ya.

And don’t forget…

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Contributed by Melissa Dykes of The Daily Sheeple.

Melissa Dykes is a writer, researcher, and analyst for The Daily Sheeple and a co-creator of Truthstream Media with Aaron Dykes, a site that offers teleprompter-free, unscripted analysis of The Matrix we find ourselves living in. Melissa and Aaron also recently launched Revolution of the Method and Informed Dissent. Wake the flock up!

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  • The_Ipcress_File

    Wow, when you thought she couldn’t get any more evil.

  • mayday911us.

    No this is the person that gets to pick the next supreme court justice so you could screw up the country for 40 years.

    • Jenniferbakers2

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      • landy fincannon


        • Flagged and blocked!

          • So much for freedom of speech!

          • So much for relevant comments!

          • Relevant appears in the first amendment in the same way that reasonable (restrictions) do in the second.

          • Relevant is the fact that humans speak and robots don’t. Speech is human.

          • Speech has been held to be a generic term that allies to all communications, regardless of type. If it weren’t for that, only the output of printing presses, machines, would have freedom of the press. Freedom of speech isn’t constrained by it being a reproduction of speech, previously recorded, nor of speech generated by a machine (computer) programmed to produce it. The “bot” was programmed by a human being, so you only blocked the output of a machine that was programmed to produce a specific message. Since you destroyed the evidence, that is the only action that can be judged, and I will always give the benefit of reasonable doubt to an arbitrarily silenced speaker.

          • Lucky for me I don’t care about your judgement 🙂

          • I don’t need an anti-virus and never have since I have a Chromebook, one of the best features of the thing.

          • David E

            the first amendment only applies to government action. When one signs up you agree to their terms of service. Violate your agreement, your post gets removed. It’s not a free speech issue.

          • The first amendment only applies to Congress, as it says.

    • The SCOTUS have made themselves superfluous through their multitude of senseless and illogical “decisions”. Until We the People pull our own heads out, it doesn’t matter what the Supremes say.

    • Marlow Mosier

      There won’t be a USA in 40 years. It’ll be long gone.

      • David

        4 years would be a stretch.

  • harry freeloaderII

    The government considers use chattel. After all, we’re “deplorable.” Well, Hillary, I wouldn’t want you for a neighbor. You’d bring down the property values.

    • Smarty

      And the smell would be horrific !


      All those ambulances blocking the road wouldn’t help either!

      • harry freeloaderII

        LMAO!! That was a good one. Thanks.

  • Frank

    The choice is becoming more and more clear – enslavement or freedom. Hillary’s ideas for government will “shape” our future for us, Trump’s idea is to allow us to shape our own future. Do you want to have the freedom to make your own choices, or submit to having the government choose for you? Think carefully.

  • randy wellman

    it takes a village to mind yer OWN goddamned business.

  • Mike

    remember, this is how dictators took over north korea. They started with the children. Time to end all forms of public education.

  • landy fincannon

    Who’s your daddy ? Folks, at 20 trillion dollars in debt. The BANKSTERS own it all. Not only that the kings Esquires/lawyers have used legalese to make us sureties for the national debt. Put in its proper perspective, 20 trillion amounts too 640.000 years of seconds. We’re way beyond fixing this with any elections

  • Rayven Wrathchild

    Coming soon “It takes a Tyrant”.

  • Well slavery doesn’t come naturally so the future slave must be “shaped.”

    • It seems to come pretty easily to those whose minds were shaped by the public fool system, since long before Hillary was born.

  • TStephen

    It is simply the external evidence of the internal attitude. These people think of themselves as the elite saviors of the world. Who are The People to question them?

    • They are just scamming us so they can steal everything they can get while we swirl in their altruism.

  • TrevorD

    Oooooh a shiver just went down my spine. What a crazy twisted thing to say. What the hell next. Will she maybe tweet that she is dead?

    • You will know that she couldn’t send that tweet, wouldn’t you? I suspect Hillary sends her own Tweets the same way that George HW Bush scans his own groceries.

      • TrevorD

        Took me a few minutes to understand your grammar but ok, ya am stupid for not understanding an obvious fact. Thanks for teaching me

    • Bobby Hopkins

      hopefully trevor

  • Anyone who follows Twitter gets what they deserve.

    • Twitter is one of the best places to be seen/heard and right now is the biggest problem for the establishment getting trolled

      • Smarty

        I agree totally. And the trolling of the establishment is about the only use for Twitter that I can think of.

  • Razedbywolvs

    I think the school system is a basket of fruits and nuts at this point. The only thing turning them into fine young deplorable’s is the Internet.

  • Larry

    Hitlery: A bag of garbage on two legs !

  • Trico

    There is a rumor that FLOTUS (FTOTUS, Actually) is being considered to replace Hillary Clinton. This is according to Roger Stone.

    President Michelle Obama? Puke!
    Did this conversation really take place between Michelle Obama & a Reporter?

    Reporter: “Rumor has it that you are being considered to replace Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Presidential nominee. Michelle Obama, what would
    qualify you to be President?”

    Michelle: “Well, I have a lot of experience flying in Air Force One, a whole lot of experience. I also like Refugees a whole lot and will bring in many,
    many more Refugees than Barack did. I will Colorize America. I also like spending money, other people’s money, and I will spend like crazy. Barack only spent 10 Trillion dollars. I will double that.”

    Reporter: “What about the fact all prior Presidents have been men? Is being President a man’s job?

    Michelle: “Well, I don’t think so but I got that part covered anyway”

    Vote for Michell, NOT!

    • Kacy Stroud

      Who did GOD create First ” ADAM or EVE ” ? The men that FOUGHT and died in the Creation and fore thought of AMERICA, how many women died
      for this great plan of creating the American Colonies ?

      Because God chose a man to name ALL there was in the living realm, men that chose to start a country (AMERICA) wanted a MAN to be a responsible leader to all the peoples needs as well as the Nation …

      Its ” NEW AGE ” thinking from a few generations back (1970’s / 80’s) that has gotten us to change things (Black man / Woman / LGBT ?) and man did these people ” CHANGE ” things, this NATION is in the WORST shape it has ever been in because of these liberal minded ” UTOPIAN ” ” AQUARIUS ” types …

      By 2020 I don’t believe ” AMERICA ” will exist any more as it does presently, it will have been literally destroyed by Hillary, Obama, Joe, Biden, that Moran secretary of state,because all the liberals that wanted to have their way ended up getting us all killed because they didn’t know that our borders needed to be ” CLOSED ” they just thought we’d welcome them and everything would just be Honkey Dorey ….

  • TCGrace

    “Order followers are the people that keep the system of slavery in place.” – Mark Passio

  • GaryACook

    She’s always been an un-apologetic Communist; this is only news to those who have just started paying attention.

  • Oren Player

    I can hear it now. Women wailing in the maternity ward as the Obama cops keep saying … “you didn’t make that”… as they cart off the new borns to the government nursery where they babies are taken over by the government.

  • Tommy Applegate

    HiLIAR—-/y just go home

  • Tommy Applegate

    All those HiLIAR——/y supporters your being LIED to

  • Tommy Applegate

    Say it aint soooooo.

  • sixxfingers

    Pink Floyd wrote a very good song about this very subject.

  • posercom

    Will she shape them into something that Is pleasing to her husband?