This Is Why They Should Knock First: Multiple Cops Shot, One Killed in No Knock Raid

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A lot of people — innocent people — and their pets have wound up dead during no knock raids in recent years in this country.

A no knock raid is when officers can serve a warrant on a house without notifying the residents first. At all. Period. Without ringing the doorbell, calling first, a knock, nothing. Police typically do it in the middle of the night or in the wee hours of the morning, too, when people are more likely to be asleep. The majority of these raids aren’t even for violent crimes or imminent threats to life and limb, but drug crimes.

So a lot of people tend to die. It’s a pretty stupid way to enforce laws.

We live in a country where the citizenry are armed. If it’s the middle of the night and you hear someone busting through your front door, and if you exercise your 2nd Amendment rights by owning a firearm, your first reaction is going to be to draw that firearm to protect yourself and your family.

If you do that when a burglar or worse is breaking into your house to possibly cause harm to you and your family and property, then you’ve done the wise thing. That’s called self-defense.

However, if you pull your gun in the same scenario, only replacing the burglar with a SWAT officer, it’s very likely you, and possibly your family and pets, might end up dead. Really dead. Shot 22 times and left to bleed to death dead, like this Marine:

U.S. Marine Jose Guerena was shot twenty-two times by a SWAT team planning to execute a search warrant. He retrieved a legally possessed rifle in response to sudden intruders, and the SWAT team opened fire on him before establishing any communication. The team later retracted its initial claims he had opened fire when it was established that Guerena had never fired and his safety was still on. The police refused to allow paramedics to access Guerena for more than hour, leaving Guerena to bleed to death, alone, in his own home. Members of the SWAT team subsequently hired legal defense and a large following of fellow Marines held a memorial service at his home with his widow.

Or you might end up charged with capital crimes because you thought you were defending yourself but you didn’t realize the people breaking into your home were actually police officers.

Here is just another example of exactly why no knock raids are stupid.

Killeen, Texas resident Marvin Louis Guy is currently being held at the Killeen City Jail on a $3 million bond for opening fire on a Killeen Tactical Response Unit and a Central Texas Organized Crime Unit that jointly descended on his home at 5:30 in the morning without knocking first to serve a narcotics search warrant last Friday.

Multiple officers were hit. Detective Charles Dinwiddie later died from his injuries.

Based on this excerpt from the Killeen Police Department’s press release, the officers weren’t even going in through the front door:

On Friday May 9, 2014, just after 5:30am, members of the Killeen Police Department Tactical Response Unit and the Bell Organized Crime Unit were attempting to serve a narcotics search warrant. The TRU was beginning to breach the window when the 49 year old male inside, opened fire striking four officers.

While police may refer to this as a “dynamic entry,” it really just seems like a dumb idea — especially in Texas — or at the very least, a bad idea for a gang of armed men to break in through someone’s window at the crack of dawn and not expect a response in-kind.

The cop was killed because he was shot in the face. He was shot in the face because he was trying to crawl through these people’s window while they were sleeping like a common criminal would.

And why is all this deemed necessary over some drugs? No one’s life was in immediate danger here. It begs the question why these officers couldn’t have waited for this man to leave his apartment to go to the grocery store to arrest him, because certainly that would have happened at some point. Now one of those officers had to die over it. Was it worth it?

Is it ever worth it?

What happened to cops who protect and serve? These officers aren’t soldiers, but they dress up like them to fight a phony war on drugs which, like the war on terror, will never be won. Prohibition has never historically worked. Besides, if cases can’t be made without paramilitary style no-knock raids conducted on sleeping people in their homes, perhaps the officers don’t have a very good case to begin with.

We live in a country of increasingly militarized police forces. Over 90% of towns with 50,000 people or more have SWAT teams now. Why exactly are our government agencies doling out billions of dollars in military weapons to our local police departments? The American Civil Liberties Union makes a pretty good point: towns don’t need tanks.

During the commission of these no knock raids, many innocent people have been gunned down. Children and pets have been shot and killed all across the nation. Elderly people who attempted to protect themselves have been slain in their homes and officers later found out they weren’t even in the right homes to begin with.

When the officers do it, it’s considered their “duty”; they were just doing their jobs when someone’s eight-year-old accidentally gets killed during a raid. On the other hand, when the average citizen fires under what they thought was the guise of self-defense on people they did not know were officers for breaking into their homes unannounced in the middle of the night, well…those people get charged with capital murder.

Although, sometimes the Grand Jury fails to indict. Capital murder charges were recently dropped against 28-year-old Henry Goedrich Magee after he shot and killed a cop during a no knock raid on his Central Texas home over some marijuana plants he had been accused of growing. The state ultimately couldn’t prove Magee knew it was police and not intruders who were entering his home before he opened fire nor could they disprove that he was acting in self-defense…because he was.

Some 40,000 of these no knock raids happen every year in this country. The CATO Institute not only released an interactive map of botched paramilitary raids, but a white paper with an extensive catalog of mistaken raids and abuses that, at 103 pages, is long enough to prove that no knock raids are a horrible pratice that needs to stop.

This writer knows that she lives in America, so we at least have the superficial appearance of a Constitution and Bill of Rights that includes a Fourth Amendment which is supposed to protect the nation’s citizens from unreasonable search and seizure. Just having probable cause a crime was committed doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have to at least ring the doorbell first.

The longer these raids continue, the more people are going to needlessly die. What justice are these ill-advised tactics possibly serving?

It’s just…stupid.

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  • Rick E.

    This hopefully, WILL be repeated until cops STOP acting like thugs and act like they actually do work for we who pay their stinking salaries! When one acts like a criminal in the night, one can and should get treated like a criminal in the night!
    WHat do they expect will happen when a person is awakened in the night by someone in their house? MOST folks would try to protect themselves and their families!
    How are we to know who’s breaking into our houses? In MANY cases, they get the addresses wrong and STILL act as though they’re in the right!

    • Thomas Rice

      They are lucky only 2 went down,,
      Pick the wrong person to screw with and they could sustain massive casualties,,
      THIS is why we have a 2A

  • It’s not stupid if approached from the authoritarian perspective. No knock, middle of the night raids are about fear and about “priviledge” being exercised by those ” in authority”.

    The intended message is dual and clear, we can do what we want, when we want –to the “bad guys” in whom they hope to instill fear and “if you do this, THIS is what happens”/”this is who you paid us to “protect” you from”–to the sheep who need to be kept in line AND faithfully paying the tax bill which pays for the whole shebang.

    Midnight raids have very little to do with the law or anything resembling justice. This is about CONTROL. Picking a guy up without incident outside of the Walgreens just doesn’t have the panache of a flash bang poppin’, dog stompin’, (ahem…collateral damage) intensive midnight raid, see?

    They will continue to do this so long as they believe that we will allow them to do this. So long as the sheep choose fear over personal responsibility. So long as we believe the lie that “drugs=violence” instead of “government=violence”.
    Strap in, it just gets bumpier from here.

    • don’t forget that buying horticultural items will be closely monitored, check out the personnel in the parking lot at your local nursery, the guys in tactical gear, full auto and drone controllers. They will be watching Grandma to see if she buys too many pots and steer manure

    • knotjammin2

      They will keep doing this until there are those that stand watch and announce their coming.

      • Reverend Draco

        I had a cop get bent at me, years ago. . . I was standing outside a local liquor store – I was “unofficial” security, and the owners were happy for me to be there to help look after their older children who worked there in the afternoons/evenings.
        A car pulls into the side parking area, away from the sight of the door. . . and a cop sends a kid in to do a cigarette sting. I sorta shook my head at the owner’s son who was behind the register. . . and he sent the kid packing.

        Yessirree. . . the cop was not happy with me. . . but there was little he could do, as I had the owner’s permission and blessing to be at the store.

  • concernedRN
  • GrandpaSpeaks

    “Due process” would have protected both sides.

  • Hammerun

    Here’s a little tip.
    Want to stop someone from doing something? Wasp spray, range 15′ to 20′. And it will stop anything!! Just a mist in the air will do.
    I’ll leave it to your imagination how to deploy it. But, it will work.

    • Rick E.

      I know of a guy who stopped the cops in his doorway with a bottle of gasoline! They wanted to enter illegally without a warrant. He presented the 2 liter bottle of gas, and was 2 feet away from them and said “go ahead and shoot”. The cops stood down. (for the moment).

      • Hammerun

        I think and believe we are already at the point that a raid is staffed with personnel that are “giddy” to shoot. So it would be reasonable to assume that that 5man geared up stack that is outside your door is more often than not is more than ready to shoot and kill you.
        So that leaves the question, are you going to be killed in a firefight or just be gunned down and killed?
        There is a friend of mine that possesses a serious background, we were having a discussion about something akin to this.
        He stated that, “you” in a mortal situation will know whats about to happen.
        His theory is to not be killed alone, take some of them with you.
        Once their casualties are down on your doorstep, that slows their momentum.

        • Rick E.

          I would HAVE to opt for taking someone down with me. Fair is fair. An eye for an eye-a life for a life.
          Barn storming, rabid and uncontrolled dogs must be stopped in any way possible! Sorry, I didn’t mean to demean and thoroughly insult dogs. But that’s what many cops act like.

  • Rick E.

    I have a fence around my 20 acres, and then a fence around the house itself-about 2 acres. They’d have to get by the fences, (inner fence is wired for detecting intruders), then shoot my dogs, then IF UNDETECTED by then, they’d have to brace me, as I would be wide awake by then!

  • Chantal_Designer

    I am terribly sad.. that.. not.. all of them went down.. ;(

  • knotjammin2

    I have no sympathy for any cop that violates the Constitution. Let them bleed out!!

  • Herman Nelson

    Entry teams stacked and packed down the side of the house facing the door? No problem. Remington 1100 12GA with extended tube, slug and 00 buck mix, fire through the door at foot/knee level, sweep slightly from left to right and continue to fire. Call 911 screaming that your house is being attacked by gang bangers posing as cops.

  • ThankYouJesus!

    ..X 100.000 !

  • AimForTheirEmptySkulls

    “The longer these raids continue, the more people are going to needlessly die.” ———When a uniformed Gestapo thug dies, it is NEVER “needlessly”. In fact, it’s NEEDFULLY!!!

  • crazy2medic

    This might be an interesting case, Texas has a law on the books that says”if before any resistance is offered, a peace officer uses or attempts to use greater force than necessary a person is justified using force even deadly force to resist that arrest”

  • crazy2medic

    Exactly, and doorways are considered killing cones, windows are even worse, can’t believe they’d try entry through a window, seems they need to go back and examine their tactics! The survivors that is!

  • CharlesH

    You come crawling through my window in the wee hours of the morning, the last thing you’ll see is the end of my 12 gauge – thug or cop – makes NO difference. DEAD..

  • George_Costanza

    I think directional bullet proof glass is going to be the hit product of 2015.

  • Herman Nelson

    I guess that was good that I had socked away several crates of the old ChiCom and east german 7.62X39. But then again, maybe I did not.. 😉 Hard to say what’s been stored these days.

  • Gen

    Who can sleep soundly anymore?

  • crazy2medic

    You are correct my bad

  • crazy2medic

    Uh .338 won’t do 5300fps, the fastest commercial cartridge will do is 4225fps and that ain’t a 338, great cartridge though able to penetrate body armour at 1200yds

  • Jesse Alday

    Multiple hidden 12GA shotguns set up around leg/groin height at fatal funnel points and “shrapnel” devices set to go off will do nicely. Can’t wear entire body length armor, it kills mobility. If you have the capability to set up a reliable gun like an AK/RPK, FAL/G3, etc. with a camera and remote link with an apparatus to fire and track or pan left right up down with the press of a button you could thwart an entire attack. Imagine for a moment, setting up a gun across from your property looking toward where your adversaries would be assaulting from and hammering away at them from 1 or multiple positions, take away their means of retreat by turning their MRAP’s fuel tank and tires to shreds, counter-snipe their snipers, wipe out all backup that arrives. Yeah, some of this might seem far fetched but they seem hell-bent on preparing to kill us, why not do the same in return? Also, if you could take down their birds (minus jets unless you have a stinger or can afford a SAM) chances are they might re-think their assault. I personally enjoy the idea of luring them into a fake room as the *entrance* and then sealing their team off from the outside and burning them alive on the inside or setting up an array of shotguns from multiple angles to rip them to pieces once they make it in and get trapped. This IS WAR and it’s only heating up. Prepare now.

    • Thomas Parker

      Wow, you have a rich fantasy life. With this and your knowledge of guns, we should make you our chief tactician.

      • Jesse Alday

        Nah, I just have more good ideas than I have money to finance them. SAM Site and stingers was just for fun. When it comes to fantasies, I have nothing compared to what our very own Government is envisioning for us.

  • Thomas Parker

    Nazis! I hate those guys!

    • sharonsj

      The Jews weren’t armed. Now they are.

    • Reverend Draco

      Yet you act just like them. . .

  • ramrodd

    they should knock first so the USA doesnt stay a

    they should knock first to give the people or children a CHANCE to not be murdered………..

  • Semper_Fi

    My old police dept accidentially hit the wrong residence in a no knock raid. The house was seperated by a wall and had a front residence and a rear residence. Unknown that it was two residences the Special equipment and Responce Team tore the door off the hinges and forced entry. Thank God no one was home when they ripped the metal door off its hinges to make entry into the residence in Wasington D.C.. It’s not worth the risk to try and catch someone with a handful of drugs from flushing them. Arrest them when they leave the residence and get a search warrant afterward. Calling loudly into the residence and even calling the residence to ensure it is not occupied. Then search it. Saving multiple lives. We only get one life.

    Retired Police Officer and Former Marine. One who never made rank to effect policy.

    Perhaps we are promoting the wrong people.

  • Alex1956

    An entire full scale rethink of civil policing in this country needs to be undertaken ASAP with massive changes enacted to protect the population from sociopathic, often psychopathic, unempathic, moronic goons.

    I’ve traveled all over the work and have never witnessed such a blatent abuse of power, ever, and spread nationwide. It’s beyond nuts. It’s downright evil!

    Something has to change before this erupts into something really ugly. By the way, I’m a former cop, a peace officer. Never call me a LEO.

  • Retired MSgt USAF
  • Sorry, gestapo tactics are frowned upon n America . . if cops won’t follow the law, then mortality rates will clime.
    Law enforcement better get with the program or you will become targets and the odds will mount against you for
    a long and prosperous life ..

  • mike360000

    Hooray for the good guys! Finally some bad guys shot and killed!
    It was just a matter of time before this happened as the bad guys continually show themselves to be above the law. But its’ sad this hasn’t happened earlier and on a much wider scale. It WILL happen again and more often as people becomes aware that their greatest threat is not from who the law calls criminals but from the law itself. They are the criminals and because of the breakdown of justice, it being thrown into the streets, people will start practicing their own justice, which the police will call *vigilantism*. In reality it is the citizens carrying out the proper justice as the police have become so corrupt they are no longer associated with justice, but rather the strong arm of a widespread crime syndicate. I am glad to see a few cops shot and killed for a change. Shows what it is like when the shoe is on the other foot!

    Disclaimer: As for me I am not calling for violence, but rather pointing out what happens when a justice system and government has gone totally corrupt. The above was the results of this and it is happening on a grand scale. Nor am I going to go out and commit any acts of violence in any way as I am not capable healthwise, nor do I need to in order that Natural Law follow its’ natural course in fulfilling events. I’m just telling’ya and I am grateful to see Natural Law in practice opposing tyranny.

    Michael– Deo Vindicabamur

  • Herman Nelson

    Ok. Now what about the barney fifes with priors of gunning down citizens and walking away? Do you care to throw some light on that or do you support the blue line brotherhood gang?

  • thetruthmaster1

    Its the New Domestic Arms race. it was said,”Control the Food and you control the People.” “Control the Money and you Control the Country.” And Who ever controls the Guns will Control Corrupt Politicians. People, Stock up heavy on both guns and ammo, as the Government is leading us into Civil War. Shoot Fast and often, and aim small. Aim for their Balls to stop the spread of more Ignorant offspring.

  • 41MagMan

    Would someone please explain the difference between a SWAT team unannounced middle-of-the-night break-in and what the Gestapo used to do in the 1940s? Seems to me that there are WAY more similarities here than differences.

    It is crap like this that we citizens need to nip in the bud by being much more proactive with our community policing. When local elected officials cannot see the idiocy of these no-knock raids, then they need to find jobs that match their skill set. Something in the yard maintenance or fast food service industries is likely appropriate.

  • Rob Genaa

    In police state Amerika, shoot first and keep shooting until there is nothing left alive. The life you save may be your neighbor’s from future execution by the political class’ henchmen pigs! !

  • bullet proof solar lights may be helpful, motion activated

  • Mike Fletcher

    Conservative Republicans are to blame for police socialism and its criminal behavior.