This Is Insane: Coordinates for Sandy Hook Targeted in Batman Dark Knight Movie

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For the conspiracy theorists out there, a tie in with the Sandy Hook shooting has been found in the movie Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.

In addition to references to ‘Aurora’ within the movie, which was the city in which James Holmes opened fire on a theater full of people on the night of the Batman movie opening, it appears that a map coincidentally identifying “Sandy Hook” as a target of criminals in the movie loosely foretells of an event to unfold at that location.

Curiously, the map contains no other legible references save the “Sandy Hook” identifier, which is specifically pointed out in one of the movie’s scenes.

“Get a GPS on it so we can start to figure out how to bring it down…”

[Sandy Hook reference starts at about 0:45s]

Coincidence? Or another Hollywood foretelling of events to come?

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  • just me

    Ummm…. I believe your tin-foil is a little to tight.

  • HUH?

    WTF, is this a joke? THIS is why theorists get a bad friggin name…

  • not trusting

    Don’t you mean Holmes allegedly shot into the theater? In spite of our emotional reactions, we still (for now, anyway) are considered innocent til proven guilty!

  • Anonymous

    it’s interesting if nothing else. really, what’re the odds of that. and the odds of neo’s passport in the matrix expiring on 9-11-01?

    And these aren’t the only instances of such coincidences…

    just sayin…

  • wake the fk up!

    Sure, and the Bart Simpson scene of 911 made in ’97 means nothing either…
    Youtube: The Simpsons- 9/11 Message Pre- September 11th

  • brandon

    Its been well documented that the CIA has massive ties with the media, it wouldn’t surprise me, but at the same time I have to say it’s pretty hard to believe. Maybe that’s the scary thing since fact is usually stranger than fiction.

    I say acknowledge the tid bit and move on. Unless something else comes along that gives very credible ties to the movie and “coincidence” there is little reason to make a big issue out of it. We have a bad stigma as it is because of the loons out there that we need to focus on the main issues people can understand.

  • rainmaker

    As Bugs Bunny would say, what a bunch of Maroons. Or Sheeple. This is all old news, and its all directed history. Watch this and then say, “well, it was just a co-incidence”. Or hard to believe.

  • blah

    I just looked a that part of the movie. This is a perfect example of someone seeing what they want to see.

    There is lettering on the map but it’s impossible to read.

    • freepalestine

      No it’s not. Watch the relevant videos and screenshots.

  • ManCavePatriot

    When does coincidence end, and statistical potentiality kick in? This Newtown perpetrator had eery similarities to the Aurora, CO shooter; and both with strong reference to this Batman movie. Could be a ‘copy-cat’ scenario; both dressed in military black assault garb using semi-auto weapons. Both exhibited antisocial behavior, but we haven’t been given any toxicological evidence to shed light on pharma influence. I’ve also seen a theory of a Masonic Ley Line that runs from Stonehenge to a Mayan Temple in Mexico. And guess what, the line runs right thru Newtown, CT. This whole conversation can get as weird as you want to take it. I also wouldn’t discount a possible ‘human sacrifice’ element to this discussion because of the total evil depravity of these events.

  • UK-0160

    Is it a coincidence that the Connecticut Emergency Services and DHS were conducting this course on the same day as the shooting:

    FEMA L-366 Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters

  • ChazzD

    There is a Sandy Hook, New Jersey. Since Gotham is loosely based on New York I would bet that’s why it’s on the map. Still a very strange coincidence.

  • ManCavePatriot

    Is it coincidence that Suzanne Collins, author of the “Hunger Games” trilogy, which pits 24 young people to fight to the death, lives in Sandy Hook?

  • akvalmet30

    It’s not uncommon at all for the zionist to brag about what they intend to do with early tidbits in film, print, media, etc. A LOT of it is kinda’ like an in-your-face “We are running the show and you can’t do anything about it GOYIM” act of arrogance. They are so sure of themselves and their plans for our destruction that they don’t mind bragging about it from time to time. After all, who in this day and age is going to stand up to them and their power? Many have tried no doubt, but they are a well entrenched group dug in better than ticks and unfortunately I feel the only one who will be able to effectively end them is God himself.

    • rainmaker

      Its not bragging. The elitists believe that if they warn or telegraph their intentions and we allow the occurance with knowledge in advance, that we are giving tacit approval for our own culling.

      The reason all this crap happens is because we allow it and hope that our “normalcy bias” will make everything alright. Its not.

      That same kind of normalcy bias was exhibited by several million poor souls in WWII.

  • willy J

    If you do not see a connection too bad.

    Connections ? then why do all I.D. numbers like our S/S card in Russia end in 666…….


  • doc

    production designer for dark night is nathan crowley , descendent of allister
    CRISISACTORS.ORG is out of denver
    HSEEP is homeland security emergency evaluation programs
    there were mass shootings in aurora dec 18 th and jan 5th
    aurora translates to red dawn
    the dc sniper , roberts , holmes , lanza, spengler the fireman shooter all used the same make and model remington bushmaster.

  • Philloz

    Even IF both names actually appear in the movie, so what? “Aurora” is not exactly an obscure name. It was the name of the Roman goddess of the dawn, the main character in “Sleeping Beauty,” a well-known atmospheric phenomenon, and, probably most importantly, the name of a famous manufacturer of BATMAN MODEL KITS in the 1960s and 1970s, when they were extremely popular.

    Sandy Hook: The name refers to at least half a dozen real towns in the United States alone.

  • Deb

    This is the work of the elete.. They are satan worshipers.. Things have been planned for years just like 911.. we can chooose to close our eyes or see it for what it is… They choose these sites as a sacrifice and for their agenda. Sacrifice… yep that’s what i said… If you look up sandy hook and all the evidence it doesn’t take a brain scientist to figure out something doesn’t add up. witnesses were not allowed to talk about it and families couldn’t see the bodies of their loved ones… Remember the oil spill? no one was allowed in… The reason hollywood is involved because many are part of the elete and their just getting bolder and were seeing it now.. These people worship satan period.. and they have a large group and from i can see it’s growing….