This Is Insane: Coordinates for Sandy Hook Targeted in Batman Dark Knight Movie

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For the conspiracy theorists out there, a tie in with the Sandy Hook shooting has been found in the movie Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.

In addition to references to ‘Aurora’ within the movie, which was the city in which James Holmes opened fire on a theater full of people on the night of the Batman movie opening, it appears that a map coincidentally identifying “Sandy Hook” as a target of criminals in the movie loosely foretells of an event to unfold at that location.

Curiously, the map contains no other legible references save the “Sandy Hook” identifier, which is specifically pointed out in one of the movie’s scenes.

“Get a GPS on it so we can start to figure out how to bring it down…”

[Sandy Hook reference starts at about 0:45s]

Coincidence? Or another Hollywood foretelling of events to come?

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