This Is How Drunk Driving Cops Are Treated by Other Cops

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If you were pulled over for driving drunk, I don’t think you would expect any mercy from the law. Your absolute best case scenario, would be spending the night in jail, and facing heavy financial penalties for your crime. But just like every other crime, when a cop does it, the same rules and consequences don’t necessarily apply.

On October 16th, Officer Danielle Branes received a call from a movie theater employee, claiming that a drunk man was about to drive home from the parking lot. That man was Deputy Jim Porter, who instead of having his life completely ruined, was treated with kid gloves and was even offered a ride home (which he refused). Here’s how the whole incident went down according to several body camera clips.

Despite driving home drunk, and even admitting that he was drunk, he wasn’t arrested. They didn’t even give him a breathalyzer or field sobriety test. Instead of being called out for endangering the lives of other motorists, he gets an apology. And who knows what transpired between his fellow officers when the body camera was turned off? Just as it’s obvious that Officer Porter was drunk and broke the law, it’s pretty obvious that his peers are conspiring to keep him on the force, and out of jail.

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

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  • Yet another reason to abolish police departments and return to law enforcement by the well-regulated militia, as we were given for the purpose.
    Beyond that, if a drunk driver can do so without causing harm to another, s/he has committed a victimless crime…
    I routinely see sober drivers driving in a manner that would cause me to arrest them for careless and/or reckless driving, were I a police officer.

    • Reverend Draco

      The majority of auto accidents are caused, not by drunk or drugged drivers, but by sober drivers. Somewhere in the vicinity of 2/3-to-3/4 of all auto accidents are caused by sober drivers – so let’s outlaw driving sober.

      • It depends on how you define sober, since multiple scientific studies, many of which have been replicated multiple times, have found that driving while talking on a cellphone, regardless of whether it is handheld or not, resembles the driving done by someone who is impaired by alcohol at a level that would be prosecuted as DUI.

        • Reverend Draco

          True – but they’re still sober.

          • Subjectively but not objectively.

          • Reverend Draco

            Objectively but not subjectively.

          • Neither is prosecutable driving under the influence since there is no prohibition of driving under the influence of a cellphone conversation.

  • Smarty

    If you watch carefully around the 3:15 minute mark, it looks like he pissed himself too…. or maybe he spilled a beer on his balls….

    • otis cambell

      Same thing. Piss beer.

    • Spid

      Poor pathetic POS mumbling drunk cop that soils himself and feels above the law. The department must all be proud.

    • whiteberry

      According to the paper that is “vomit”… 😉

  • mirageseekr

    Fire everyone involved. I wonder how many people this POS gave DWI tickets to that had a fraction of the impairment he had?

    • Cracker122049

      All of them ,that’s for sure! One set of rules for them and an entirely different set of rules for the peon,that being US!

  • StevetheHun

    Yeah. Cops are above the law. They see to that. the law is for you peons.

    any other questions?

    • csbubba

      Thin BLUE line:
      COMPLY or DIE!

    • I ignore it, well, I wouldn’t drive drunk because that is wrong and endangers others but other BS laws? I live like they don’t exist.

  • doucyet

    I really don’t why people get so angry at this sort of thing, it’s favoritism plain and simple. For those that get so incensed, ask yourselves, have I ever done this? If your answer is no, you lie also!

    No one was hurt, like one guy said “no harm no foul.” If someone was hurt I would expect a whole different outcome and the guilty party pay the consequences.

    • Bill the eighth

      Then you are a fool. Police HAVE killed people driving drunk and got off completely.

      • doucyet

        And “civilians” haven’t?

        You are a fool for reading and not comprehending my comment before you shoot your mouth off………

        • Bill the eighth

          No, you are the fool. Civilains go to jail, cops go home copsucker.

          • doucyet

            Still no reading comprehension? You’ll get it by the time finish 4th grade don’t worry!

    • Reverend Draco

      “No one was hurt, like one guy said “no harm no foul.” If someone was
      hurt I would expect a whole different outcome and the guilty party pay
      the consequences.”

      This is what I expect always.
      If a guy has a BAC (an arbitrary, random metric if ever there was one) of 147,000.008 – if he doesn’t harm anyone he has committed no crime. The only crimes involved is when the guy gets assaulted, kidnapped, and robbed by the State for the heinous crime of causing no harm to anyone.

  • Cracker122049

    Just another example of the good cops doing what they do,they do whats good for cops!

  • seaoh

    The female cop was absolutley correct there was not enough probable cause to arrest. His keys were not in the ignition at the theater, and his vehicle was not on a public highway when questioned at home. In most states you have to be on a public road to be arrested for DUI. The officers @ the theater could have arrested or detained him for public intoxication thats about all. They probably could have/should have confiscated his keys at the mall but they were not required to.

    • Bill the eighth

      You really think you would have had the same results if she had been talking you?

    • Frank

      Bottom line is that he was allowed to slide on a thin margin – because he’s a cop and cops are rough on cops who arrest other cops. I asked a cop that lives in my neighborhood who told me that despite knowing what the “right thing to do” is, cops are put in the position of doing what is right or potentially sacrificing themselves and committing career suicide because of how they will be treated by their own. Those who stand on the “Thin Blue Line” have a tendency to eat their own for such transgressions.
      Back to what the on-duty officer(s) SHOULD have done or COULD have done to err on the side of public safety; I believe that Washington State, and the counties thereof, has a statute pertaining to “Physical Control” – when an apparently intoxicated or otherwise impaired individual has sole possession and control of a motor vehicle, police may arrest or detain the person upon Reasonable Suspicion. If a peon patrol officer has any doubt, they can always call a Supervisor to the scene and let a senior officer make the call. The facts of the situation may not amount to Probable Cause, but the cops really don’t need that level of proof to protect the public long enough for the guy to sober up.

  • BestEver

    Corruption redefined. Sickening!

  • whiteberry

    Good ole Kitsap County cops… they used to be cool like that to citizens believe it or not!!

  • Plasmael Homunculus

    Protect and Serve has morphed into Protentious and Swerve!!!!!!

  • I’m not any more fond of those who are ignorant of our centuries old system of justice than I am of alcoholics.
    I have never worn a badge, so you are operating with a massively ignorant point of view.

  • Herman Christian

    Oh ease the hell up Joe ?
    I think taking a tour of your own pet shop would turn up plenty your not so rabid about . Thousands of people are directly and indirectly maimed or killed by actions of others and I just wonder how consistent YOU are with your condemnation acquiescence ?

  • James

    Do not think in America that a cop will not murder you to protect a fellow cop! And that they are not such F ups that they will need try again & again to do so. Been there & survived that in America. So what is new here?

  • In a sane world you would be right.