“This Has to be the Cruelest Thing I’ve Ever Seen”: Moments After Killing Tamir Rice, Police Shoved, Cuffed Consoling Sister

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The November police shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was carrying around a BB gun that the 9-1-1 caller said was “probably fake”, has already made waves after video showed police killing the boy within one or two seconds of arriving on scene.

Newly-released video, that officials had previously tried to keep under wraps, was released revealing what happened during a 30 minutes span after the shooting. It supports the accusations that mother Samaria Rice previously made claiming that police didn’t attempt to revive her son or provide any medical assistance after-the-fact, but instead ‘mistreated’ other members of the family. Benjamin Crump, a lawyer for the Rice family stated at the time:

“All the witnesses say they didn’t see police officers attempt to perform CPR,” said Crump, adding: “They’re supposed to de-escalate, not escalate a situation, and everything you see in that video escalated the situation.”

What the video shows after the already damning shooting is creating fresh outrage at police behavior:

Literally adding insult to injury, video shows police tackling Rice’s 14-year-old sister to the ground as she ran to Tamir’s body moments after the shooting.

Video shows that officers Frank Garmback and Timothy Loehmann then handcuffed her and placed her in the back of the squad car, while doing nothing at all to help revive Tamir Rice or sustain his wounds. They just stood around. The Guardian reported:

The newly released video shows the girl rushing towards her brother. Loehmann’s partner, Frank Garmback, the driver of the police car, blocks her and forces her to the ground. The officers handcuff her and put her in their car, which is parked steps away from her wounded brother.

As Tamir suffers, the officers wait. One stands with his hand on his hip; neither attempts to save the boy’s life. It is not until a man later identified as an FBI officer arrives on the scene – four minutes after Tamir has been shot – that the boy receives any help.

Nearly 10 minutes after the incident, emergency responders arrive and take Tamir away on a stretcher.


“This video shows in crystal-clear HD that the responding officers acted inappropriately and recklessly, both in how they handled the shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice and the events that immediately followed,” said Benjamin Crump, a lawyer for the Rice family, who has represented the families of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

Another lawyer for the family, Walter Madison, told NOMG: “This has to be the cruelest thing I’ve ever seen.”

While most police certainly do have a difficult job, that sentiment does little to explain all the things that went wrong in this case.

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  • Reverend Draco

    “While most police certainly do have a difficult job, that sentiment does little to explain all the things that went wrong in this case.”

    True. . . but unbridled ignorance coupled with extreme mental illness explains it all quite handily. . .

  • American Soldier

    The author must be bored. Instead of digging up more dirt to stir the fires already burning racially how bout an update on this incompetent cop? He is being tried for homicide, the boys family is suing and will likely win against the Cleveland Police dept as they confirmed they never checked this officers background or performance records. What I’m saying in all sincerity is how about sharing the few reports where we the people actually win a round? True this is not over but so far I’d say the cop and the Cleveland Police Dept are screwed! No it will never bring back this 12yr old but it is refreshing to hear when justice is being served on behalf of this family. Peace.

    • Joe

      When you call successfully suing those that need to be hung knowing not a cent will come from the murderers you elevate these thugs far above the law. Would YOU be satisfied if a murderous thug killed your children and you succeeded in suing the townsfolk leaving the murderers alone even granting them a paid vacation (administrative leave) and possibly a transfer with a promotion to goad the murderers to go elsewhere to kill more innocents? Are YOU sane? Seems to me you are trying to control and limit the discussion as to what these murderers actually deserve which is to be hung!

      • American Soldier

        I AGREE 100% I just cannot say 100% what I feel online, you have summed it up well though so thank you.

  • Reverend Draco

    Did you think of that all by yourself – or did a diseased elephant shit it into your skull & you enjoyed the taste?

  • Not Trusting

    You are an absolute scumbag! Things like this should happen to people like you & your family. YOU are what’s wrong in this world!

  • Joe

    Skip is a good moniker for you as it seems your brain skips off the logic track and is happy on the idiot track.