This Election Is the Biggest Threat to the US Aristocracy Since at Least 1932

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Editor’s Note: That is, of course, if you still believe your vote “counts”.


The historical significance of the 2016 U.S. Presidential contest isn’t yet generally recognized. Consider the evidence regarding this historical significance, in the links that will be provided here, and from which the argument here is constructed:

For the first time ever, a Republican campaign ad against Hillary Clinton is entirely truthful about her and focuses on the most important issue facing voters:

For the first time since 1932, an American Presidential campaign presents an opportunity for the public to overthrow the aristocracy

And, for the first time in U.S. history, a realistic possibility exists that the voters’ choice between the two Parties’ Presidential nominees might turn out to be between two enemies of the aristocracy: Bernie Sanders versus Donald Trump.

However, if it turns out instead to be between Trump v. Clinton, then what will be the aristocratic backing of each?

On Clinton’s side will be Wall Street — and this includes the ‘shadow banks’ (the non-“bank” sellers of what Bill Clinton and the Republicans caused to become unregulated credit derivatives), from which Hillary Clinton is also receiving donations, and from which the Clinton Foundation is supported and overseen — along with other Clinton funders).

Clearly, this is the first Presidential contest since 1932 in which the interests of the aristocracy versus the interests of the public will be presented to the voters, for them to decide which of the two sides they’re actually on.

And, if the election turns out to be between Trump versus Sanders, then this will be the first U.S. Presidential election ever in which both of the major-Party nominees will have committed themselves to policies (Trump clearly on foreign affairs, Sanders clearly on domestic affairs) that the aristocracy vigorously oppose, and that present a severe threat to the aristocrats’ continued rule of the country.

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  • Reverend Draco

    I don’t see that the aristocracy opposes free shit in exchange for votes – that’s pretty much been SOP since before I was born.

    • The FSA(free shit army) should NOT have a vote because they will vote for… wait for it.. more free shit! Can we ONLY let the people who actually PAY the damn taxes to be the only voice or is that another crime of ‘muh hurt feelz?’

      Today my name is captain obvious 🙂

      • Reverend Draco

        The Founders had the right idea. . . no skin in the game = no vote.

        If I’m buying a new car, with my own money – how the hell does my neighbor – who isn’t paying a dime – get to choose what color it is, or which optional equipment packages are included?

        • Smarty

          The same way the fucker-ment gets to choose an “On-Star” package for you, along with a computer that records everything you do, and everywhere you go. (Not to be confused with license plate tracking of course). That’s how.

  • Broos

    Elect ‘Ranklin’ DeMan0 Roosevelt Sanders; make the ‘Mercan ¢OUNT$ Discount !

  • cynic

    Bankster kakistocrats and kleptocrats are far from ‘the best people’.

  • infamouscrimes

    It won’t be Bernie. Even if Killery gets indicted, the Dems with throw in Biden or someone else. No one with money is feeling the Bern.

  • robertsgt40

    The last time I voted was for Perot in ’92. That was the last time I thought “it made a difference”.

  • Mike Peters

    All I can say is point me to the armory, The aristocracy has already been allowed for too long to indoctrinate the minds of our youth into thinking this country is a democracy that will give them anything they want while greedily taking it from them before they ever receive it. Our nation is a republic. We live by a set of laws and I for one am tired of them not being enforced. Perhaps it time for we the people to start enforcing them.