“This Could Be Worse Than Watergate”: Rand Paul Calls For Investigation Into Obama Operatives Who Colluded Against Donald Trump

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After weeks of shocking revelations that proved without a shadow of doubt that anti-Trump operatives throughout the federal government actively worked to stop Donald Trump from winning the election, Senator Rand Paul has publicly called for an investigation into what many believe was a sort of soft coup attempt designed to insure that Hillary Clinton became president.

While Paul has obviously disagreed with the president on a variety of political issues, his call for an investigation shows that even those who don’t necessarily “stand with Trump” are worried about the damage this anti-Trump operation has done to American democracy in general.

Perhaps the most shocking example of anti-Trump sentiment came in the form of a so-called “insurance policy” that was discussed between FBI agent Peter Strozk and his mistress, FBI lawyer Lisa Page. Strozk not only helped kickstart the sham Russian collusion investigation, he was also the leading investigator into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. Keep in mind Strzok was openly supportive of Hillary Clinton for president.

Infowars.com reported:

As Infowars has reported, Strozk discussed an “insurance policy” in case Donald Trump won the presidential election, in an exchange with lawyer Lisa Page, and almost certainly with Deputy FBI Director Andy McCabe.

Another Republican Representative, Jim Jordan of Ohio argued Wednesday that the majority of Mueller’s team opposes Trump. He also noted that the Clintons paid Russians to influence the 2016 election.


“We know, for a fact, the Clinton campaign paid Russians to do what? To influence the election. And yet we’ve had this months-long investigation by Bob Mueller with no evidence that President Trump worked with Russians in any way.” Jordan said in an interview with CNN.

“It’s not the anti-Trump messages that bother me about Peter Strzok.” Jordan added.

“Most of Mueller’s team is anti-Trump. We know that. What concerns me is the intent to carry out a plan to disrupt the election. Because as Mr. Strzok said, we can’t afford to leave this in we the people’s hands. That is a problem.” he added.

We are now clearly seeing the downfall of the deep states public plan to stop Donald Trump from winning the election as well as take him out after he did end up winning.

One can only hope that those involved are actually charged and, if found guilty, locked up.

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  • The protected class don’t go to jail no matter their crimes. It’s new-age feudalism.

    • Lunarcus Moonbatticus

      Exactly; the Law of the Lord of the Manor!
      & we are now Techno-Serfs as opposed to being medieval Agricultural Serfs, although the Tiny Home dimensions are the same as in Medieval Times…
      As Tony Hilder stated in Millennium 2000; “They want it all!!!”
      Tony was later wounded in an assassination attempt on his life!
      This was reported by Bill Cooper, who was executed on his front porch by none other than Texas Sheriffs Deputies in the Texas County where he lived.
      Bill sent his wife & child out of the country beforehand for their own safety!
      Cancer cure Doctors, whistleblowers like Seth Rich, and those who attempt to change the system (JFK, RFK, MLK) all end-up assassinated….!

  • Farmer Scott

    This one is bad for Obama too!
    Did Barack Obama arm ISIS? A stunning report by an investigative group known as Conflict Armament Research (CAR) leaves us little choice but to conclude that he did.

  • Lunarcus Moonbatticus

    BTW; there were to be an ‘investigations on;
    1. The airport ramp meeting in a private jet between then AG & Bill Clinton. excusing Hilllary from FBI Deep State charges. Result: Nothing!
    2. Voter fraud via the DNC. Result; Nothing!
    3. Uranium sales under Clinton aka ‘Trading with the Enemies Act’: Result; nothing!
    4. Obama’s un-Constitutional laws aka NDAA, FATCA, etc. Result; nothing!
    5. Deep State / Secret Government interference of the U.S. Presidential Election and the undermining of a sitting President. Result; nothing!
    6. A known massive pedophile network. Result; nothing!
    7. Attack on the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli as a result of HC’s incompetence. Result; nothing!
    8. AIPAC, SPLC, etc. subverting due process of US Law, interfering with the Executive, Judicial and Legislative Branches of government, and victimizing those critical of their actions. Result: nothing!
    9. Clinton Foundation as a money laundering entity. Result; nothing!
    And so it goes…! Nothing will be accomplished until these people are held accountable, and I don’t see that happening due to Doritos, Budweiser, and the scoreboard results!
    & the Deep State is betting on those to keep the masses on their asses and ‘entertained’ whilst the Secret Government continues on with it’s agendas…

    • Frank Energy

      Nice summary

  • Frank Energy

    Why are some of the “protected class” being disgraced, forced to resign?

    q me that

  • tommer

    Remember when the FBI agreed to erase and destroy the contents of their computers if they agreed to give testimony?Then they didn’t bother to ask any questions.Very odd behavior then but now I understand.Hang em all.