Think Your Job is Safe from Robots? You’re in Denial

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Machines have been taking over our jobs for a long time. Ever since the industrial revolution began in the early 19th century, the human race has been racing ahead on a non stop train to automation town. While the first factories obliterated countless jobs, for most of the past 200 years, the rate at which our jobs have been automated has been fairly steady and predictable.

However, a new surge in automation is upon us, the likes of which we probably haven’t seen since the 1800’s. With the rapid advancement of computer technology, coupled with slow economic growth and widespread calls for a higher minimum wage, never have companies had more motivation to automate, as well as the means to do so on a wide scale.

In other words, many of the jobs that were once considered untouchable by robots, are about to disappear forever. By some estimates, nearly half of the jobs in the US may face automation over the next two decades.

Many of the first jobs to go will be low wage professions, since the workers in those fields are the most adamant about raising the minimum wage. Unfortunately for them, the writing is already on the wall. Their jobs are already being replaced with machines. Just this week it was revealed that the first automated grocery store was opened in Sweden.

And Domino’s just unveiled a new pizza delivery robot in Australia.

However, automation certainly isn’t going to end with these low wage positions, and a lot of people are deluding themselves about that fact.

But even as we face the prospect of increasing automation, and fewer employment opportunities, most American workers remain confident – perhaps too confident. A look at some new numbers from Pew Research Center shows that worker sentiment toward the future speaks not just to inflated confidence, but perhaps a sense of denial.

The Pew brief cites a 2013 study from Oxford University, which says that as much as 47% of American jobs are subject to automation in the near future. In other words, as much as half of the American work force may be facing a serious employment crisis, and we’re really doing nothing about it. Using that as a starting point, Pew surveyed Americans to drill further down into this dilemma, and see how Americans feel about the unnerving prospect of mass automation.

As expected, a majority (two-thirds) do expect that within 50 years, robots and computers will take over most of the menial work from human employees. But – and here’s the big hang-up – a majority of workers also think that their own specific professions or jobs won’t be impacted.

65% percent of Americans understand that automation is going to wipe out nearly half of the job market, but 80% are at least fairly confident that their job won’t be automated in the next 50 years. I suppose it’s human nature. We all want to believe that our jobs are too sophisticated for a robot. It’s not only frightening to think that we could lose our jobs, but in a sense, also insulting to think that our jobs are simple enough for software to take care of.

However, we all need a reality check. Take a look at this job index. You can look up pretty much any kind of profession, and it’ll tell you the likelihood of that job becoming automated. There’s a good chance that you’re going to be shocked to find that you’re very replaceable at your workplace. I’m a writer, and even my job had a 33% chance of facing some degree of automation.

There’s a massive wave of layoffs and automation coming, and even some jobs that require problem solving and creativity may not be spared. Are you ready for that eventuality?

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Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .

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  • Nexusfast123

    The system inexorably substitutes labour with capital. The system will not be amended to take into account these changes so will will end up with a small core of even richer people and a large pool of idle labour. What do we do with useless human assets? Answers below.

  • bill lopez

    For the sake of all the low or no educated minimum wage workers in America, we should absolutely stop moving forward with any kind of advanced technology in manufacturing.

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    • Johnny Paytoilet

      I don’t know where you’ve been, but about 80% of the manufacturing done here the US when I was growing up in the 1950’s is now coming from foreign countries. Cars, clothing, consumer electronics, you name it, is now done offshore. There are many reasons for this, most not so good. This is especially true when you buy something made in Viet Nam, a place that cost 58,000 Americans their lives & severally divided a nation.

      • Given that the premise of the article was humans being replaced by robots, even the off-shore manufacturing plants that have taken our jobs haven’t been automated any more than our domestic ones had, when they closed. Luddism is alive and well and has been exported as well. SInce the 58,000 Americans lives that were ended in Vietnam mostly belonged to people who had already violated their oaths to protect and defend their Constitution, good riddance.

    • Razedbywolvs

      it’s just not possible to stop. About the only thing you can do is eliminate copyright in an attempt to distribute the technology directly to the people and hope some type of Peer to Peer economy can replace our current system.

    • cvxxx

      Nope. We should accelerate the adoption of robots and automation. The difference is restricting H1B visas and no citizenship provisions where the foreign worker returns home.
      We need to fund higher education in all states. get rid of the student loan system and institute guaranteed income. Work as we knew it is gone. Holding on to obsolete systems just sets the US for another crash.
      New taxation and economics need to be implemented.

  • Johnny Paytoilet

    There’s really nothing new here. When I was growing up in the late 1950’s, this was predicted. There were advertisements, books, documentaries, magazine articles, movies, etc. about how automation, the term used at the time, was going to eliminate labor altogether in the future. Make life easier for all of us! By the way, if the US would have a manufacturing renaissance, similar to that foregone era, it would in fact require substantially less workers. For example, a modern auto assembly plant now requires up to 50% fewer workers than a similar facility did back even in the 1980’s. However, don’t despair. Human ingenuity being what it is, something will developed to accommodate all those low wage, unskilled laborers you’re all concerned about.

    • Unless you are of child-bearing age, it is still in the distant future.

  • As long as people use Microsoft windows as their primary operating system I’ll be just fine, lol. I can always count on it to screw up therefore a need for me will always be there but hopefully my investments will get me out of w-2 employment, that’s the plan!

    • It is difficult to use a an OS which is usually dysfunctional and rife with security breaches as a primary one. I recently investigated 10, and I discovered that it is harder to sign into a simple demonstration than it is for a hacker to walk away with whatever s/he came for, judging just by the continuous reports on Krebs alone. The best way to get out of W-2 employment’s deficiencies is to write EXEMPT in the space allocated therefore on the W-4.

      • Read the privacy agreement on windows 10.

        I am ignorant about the tax law and how it is used against us save some minor details so although I would love to do that to get out of w-2 theft I don’t know what I am doing in that area.

        • I don’t remember who the speaker was, but I remember hearing many years ago that the IRS was like McDonald’s, every location being independently owned and operated. I was once garnished by the senior criminal investigator of the IRS office in Denver, and he had no compunction about ignoring the fourth amendment or even a shred of respect for due process. He visited the driving school where I taught during the day while I was out with students, and passed out copies of a multi-part NCR “garnishment” form to the president of the school, the payroll girl, my supervisor, and left a copy in an envelope for me. When I got back that afternoon, I looked up the cited section in my recently purchased two-volume collection of the tax code. I found it peculiar that the entire section had been printed on the form with the exception of subpart “a”, until I looked it up. Subpart “a” merely stated that the instant section only applied to federal employees…

  • Speaking only for myself, as a professional driver, the worms will have completed digesting me before any CDL vehicle can be efficiently and competently driven by a AI-driven system.

  • ShaolinWarrior88

    Now we start to see their agenda 21 coming to life. Self driving cars, dumb down cheap labor with open borders. Import the useful idiots literally. Most illegal aliens are completely illiterate. They come from a society with no guns and have no expectation of owning one. Will accept the forced narrative. Our younger generation of low information, brain washed, give me freebies are not helping either. Their fantasies of a Socialist Utopia is utter bullsh*t. In Eurabia the masses are taxed to death. While they may enjoy free healthcare and education, it comes with a 60-80% tax rate. Comrade Sanders and Communist Clinton will only accelerate this agenda further. While technology is our future, unless of course we suffer from an EMP attack and we are put in the dark ages and 90% of the people die off. Oh, gosh, They would not want that would they? Yes they would. I highly expect when Trump is leading in the national polls and on the cusp of victory. Mr. Obummer will enact his final play as president, before becoming Supreme leader. Martial Law to cancel those elections and not give up power. Of course one nuclear bomb would pretty o much do that as well. I am certain DARPA right now is already gleaming about building something cooler than Skynet could have ever dreamed of! Get your helmets on. This year is go time!

    • RE

      Before you bastardize AGENDA21, know this:


  • Tatiana Covington

    I knew about this by 1964: the obsolescence of man.