Think the TPP Is Gone? Wrong — It’s About to Get Replaced with Something Much Worse

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On January 23rd, many Americans rejoiced as Donald Trump formally withdrew the United States from the TPP.

The only problem is, the TPP is about to get replaced with something even worse.

Quietly in the background, discussed in meetings even more secretive than those under which the TPP was negotiated, some 50 countries have been formulating the Trade in Services Agreement known as TiSA.

Negotiations for TiSA have been going on since April 2013 and have primarily been led by the US, the EU, and Australia.

Coming to the TiSA negotiations, it is common knowledge that three members—the US, the EU, and Australia—led the negotiations for the past five years ostensibly for crafting an “ambitious” and “comprehensive” trade agreement. It is supposed to be based on the best provisions of the bilateral and regional trade agreements already signed by some of the participants. (source)

So far these nations have gone through at least 21 rounds of negotiations on this agreement.

Countries involved include (but obviously aren’t limited to) Australia, Canada, Chile, Chinese Taipei, Colombia, Costa Rica, the European Union, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Liechtenstein, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, US, Pakistan and Mauritius.

So, why is TiSA so bad? What would TiSA do?

According to Counterpunch:

The Trade In Services Agreement (TISA) … if passed would prohibit regulations on the financial industry, eliminate laws to safeguard online or digital privacy, render illegal any “buy local” rules at any level of government, effectively dismantle any public advantages to be derived from state-owned enterprises and eliminate net neutrality.

Earlier draft versions of TISA’s language would prohibit any restrictions on the size, expansion or entry of financial companies and a ban on new regulations, including a specific ban on any law that separates commercial and investment banking, such as the equivalent of the U.S. Glass-Steagall Act. It would also ban any restrictions on the transfer of any data collected, including across borders; place social security systems at risk of privatization or elimination; and put an end to Internet privacy and net neutrality. It hasn’t gotten any more acceptable.

As Counterpunch put it, the implementation of TiSA will be the equivalent of letting megabanks decide what is good for us, as “not even the TPP contemplated the entire elimination of regulations of any kind against the financial industry.”

Counterpunch also notes that, “Hypocritically, TISA would prohibit developing countries from adopting measures that countries like the United States used to facilitate its industrial development when it was an emerging country in the 19th century.”

Interestingly, China has been kept out of TiSA negotiations specifically at the behest of the United States:

Significantly, the US has ensured that China is kept out of the TiSA brigade, despite overwhelming support for its inclusion. The US repeatedly blocked Beijing’s application for joining the TiSA talks in 2012, despite support from the EU and a majority of the participants. Meetings were largely held at the American, EU, and Australian missions in utter secrecy. At times, the participants also congregated at the Centre William Rappard that houses the WTO. (source)

One thing is clear; TiSA has always been the backup plan in case the TPP and TIPP failed. In fact, TiSA was reportedly modeled directly off of the TPP.

Although Trump did mention reinstituting Glass-Steagall on the campaign trail, filling his cabinet to the brim with Goldman Sachs and even House of Rothschild now that he has been elected seems to directly contradict that sentiment.

So… what will Donald Trump do with TiSA?

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  • Frank

    I doubt this will go very far, as it is in direct conflict with the “America First” theme and proposed legislation that will require US Federal Government agencies to “Buy American.”
    The financial industry (aka: “big banks”) are already robbing the masses, so the TiSA would make it even MORE legal, or open the gates for even more abuse and malfeasance by big banks (?) More and more people are waking up to this robbery, and will choose to keep their money at home, under their mattress.
    Despite the warm and fuzzy feelings about the economy suddenly improving with the election of Trump, the US economy, and that of most of the world, continues to slump – causing the continued, slow failure of major nations saddled with record debt. If you look at the horizon, that’s not a Bail-Out you can barely see, it’s a Reckoning, and those with the most to lose will lose most.

    • Buy American what? There is so little manufactured in this country that we’d have to look pretty hard to find anything American made worth buying.

      • bbb

        that’s the whole point, bring jobs back to the country so that we can become again self sufficient and buy American again. GEEZ , some of you are so pessimistic

        • Eileen Kuch

          That’s what Trump’s doing, but it takes time. Already, around two companies who were either manufacturing products in Mexico or planning to move their production there, have decided to manufacture their products in the US. We must remember, Trump’s been in office barely a month, and already he’s done a lot.
          His immediate predecessor made a lot of promises back in 2008; yet, he broke just about every one of them. His pledge to “transform America” didn’t turn out to be what the people wanted, and he accomplished very little. He left office last month with only one accomplishment – the Iran Nuclear Deal. In his last term, he spent more time on vacations, playing golf, than performing his job.

        • Where are you going to find the trained and skilled employees that haven’t been created by the public fool system?

          • Padraigin Eagle

            Tamed and shilled employees: Exactly

            And the pubic tool cistern, but then all the whirled’s a stage and any and sundry with eyes wide shut are being played, the final phase of the matrix doth the wilfully ignorant well entreat.

          • Give my regards to Isabeau, Navarre, and Gaston.

          • Padraigin Eagle

            I’m Impervious to Imperious, and chicken hawks are a special treat 😉

            Sideways through thyme, Hawkwind, however, makes the cut, Silver Machines just fine.

            https: // www. youtube. com/watch?v=tXejh8HQrYs

          • It’s Ladyhawke, not Hawkwind.

          • Padraigin Eagle

            For sparrows it might be, for The Eagle, I give not a fig, nor even three.

      • walcon

        American made? I’ll give you a list.
        OK- I’ll get back to you.

        • Eudoxia

          Hang on wait Troy Bilt Brush Cutters made in the US with a 2 year warranty – no kidding. I’m actually considering buying one and I’m in Australia. But I must say if I wasn’t in the market for one I’d have to agree with your statement whole heartedly.

        • Rich

          New Balance (admittedly some models,not all)
          Gibson guitars
          Oakley sunglasses, etc etc.

          Look and you will find.

      • Juanaareynolds

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  • Lewie Paine

    No surprise as trump has already shown he’s an interventionist and not a free trader.

  • Badger Badgerism

    is not going to matter anyway…ww3..and fukishima radiation,,,the earth is dying and will soon be dead….this crap is laughable…there will be nobody or no life left for this treaty to manage.

  • catalanismo is hatred

    haahahahah I can not stop laughing about all those trumpzombies sick with hatred

    Their messiah have betrayed them =)

    • Eudoxia

      Leave the hate speech at the door. Hate is a word avidly tossed about by the Clinton camp by her disgruntled supporters. Projection is something easily recognised in a world where people are evolving and actually paying attention to what matters and searching for truth no longer satisfied by the corporate global irrational drivel and their shills. No longer are their opinions controlled by CNN or other MSN outlets and distributors of Double Speak. My suggestion try popping a couple of Victima and go scream at yourself in the mirror.

      • catalanismo is hatred

        not all the point of view are projections, you are very very ignorant about psicolohy studies. About the Trump fiasco his ineptitude, his ignorance, his hatred, his frauds, his corruption is not a projection it is a true so real like there are night and day

        Saldy Trump does not have a warm heart,he does not have a heart, least a sane mind

        he is only sexual depravation and the worst of America can produce

        • Eudoxia

          Do you mean psychology? Actually I’m far from ignorant on psychology matters having studied it extensively. You are clearly demonstrating your own hatred. This is self generated and it is called projection. You hate yourself and consider yourself inept but have difficulty with your own feelings of such self hatred, therefore you project it onto Trump so that Trump takes on those attributes and it ameliorates you. Unless of course you are using transference which is when you transfer unresolved rage toward previous love or hate-objects onto “surrogates” in this instance Trump.

          People always using the hate word are really making a statement about themselves. Your handle in your blogging name also is very telling.

          Is a true so real like night and day. I would also recommend going back to school that way you could redirect your unprocessed emotions into a more meaningful non detrimental activity. You could learn to spell before you comment that would be advisable. English is a complex language particularly written English. Even those who are well educated often struggle with it particularly with grammar and punctuation.

          • catalanismo is hatred

            Sorry maybe I missspelled but you are very confused. Actaully I love myself a lot and I do not think I am inept



            haahahahahahaham trumpzombies you are so elemental =)

            Stop hating and accept that your messiah Trump is now what you were waiting for =) haahahahahahahaha

            he is a mess, a total disaster =), and that is not a projection, =) it´s a fact

          • tavistock

            That escalated quickly.

            You’re out of your league.

          • Eudoxia

            He’s clearly insane but aren’t they all. People like him provide me clear evidence on character disturbed individuals. Such as 11 Hallmark Traits of a Troll

            1. They are not capable of intelligent debate the only way
            they can proceed is by provocation;
            2. Their spelling is atrocious as is their grammar;
            3. They rarely address the article but rather attack
            intelligent others as they have no opinion or counter claim themselves;
            4. If they actually address “the article’ they never have
            evidence to support a counter claim to back up their attack.
            5. They are vile and belligerent;
            6. The only argument they have (due to lack of intellect)
            is to berate and tear down others;
            7. They try and offend by name calling – this is the
            standard response of somebody who lacks emotionally intelligence;
            8. They use sweeping irrelevant statements full of vitriol;
            9. It is rare they’ll ever use more than one or two
            sentences never anything over a paragraph;
            10. They all sound like 7 year olds having a tantrum, that
            is due to point 7 above;
            11.They disrespect the rights and opinions of others;

            I could go on forever but I think I’ve covered the salient
            points. They are so easily recognised people should just ignore them and give no energy into the exchange as they are emotional vampires of the highest order. They are nothing short of psychopaths themselves. We really should
            not waste your time on them but sometimes I just love to see them go Full Chucky.

  • Chuck Morrison

    If this is real, then it will absolutely have to be addressed by the Trump administration. This is the real test. A failure to re-regulate banking will prove that Trump either doesn’t really understand the mess we are actually in (not likely), or is in fact actually on the side of the Money Changers and Corporate Hog Globalists. If President Trump actually addresses this, and attempts to impose necessary regulation on these lying, thieving, murdering Banksters, I believe they will try to remove him from office by any means necessary. The President may actually realize this, and this realization could be the cause of some of his conflicting statements and actions. He may be running (mostly) in place until he sees if he can get rid of more of the gators in the swamp before he starts talking about actual meaningful changes. This is about as hopeful as I can be, but I don’t really believe it. I suspect we’ve been sold out, and the proverbial bovine scat is about to hit the electric air circulation device. Evidence of this lies in the appointment of Goldman Sachs banksters to positions in his cabinet. We can wait a little bit, but we the people are going to have to actually do something. Winning an election isn’t enough. We’re going to have to let our presence be known, or we will lose our country.

    • Eudoxia

      I have to agree with everything you say. At times Trump’s decisions have been perplexing to say the least. Least of all some of his appointees. However, congress is full of globalists and elite banking minions all bought and paid for and working at the behest of their corporate Masters. I don’t envisage for one minute the swamp is an easily drained swamp. The creators of the swamp are also very old, antediluvian old. They know all the tricks. The Federal Reserve could not operate for well over 100 years with rank amateurs at the helm. They have all bases covered. Then there is the fiasco with Flynn. He has a telephone conversation, it is sensationalized and blown out of all proportion. Yet Clinton’s crimes get swept under the swamp rug – Flynn’s phone call pales in comparison. There is simply no contest. I don’t feel that meet the new boss same as the old boss is applicable here. I believe Trump went into this with good intentions at heart. However I don’t think even he is capable of truly understanding the depth of what lies beneath. What lies beneath is any ones guess and mine is it goes down one hell of a long way. I pray he succeeds because if he doesn’t we are all screwed.

    • Jessy Scholl

      I know one thing, Donald Trump has the power to declare martial law and he will do so.