Thieves Raid U.S. Military Armory, Authorities and Media Censor What Weapons Were Stolen

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This story sounds like potential false flag set up, and it’s being intentionally censored and edited by authorities and the mainstream media.

The current report is very short. Weapons, the identity and quantity of which everyone is now being told has not been released by the FBI, have been stolen from the Lake St. Army Reserve Center in Worcester, Massachusetts.

For example, CBS News is currently reporting:


The break-in occurred sometime late Saturday evening. The FBI is currently searching for the weapons, which have been entered into the NCIC database — so obviously it is very clear what weapons and how many were stolen. Authorities on multiple levels were quick to note (over and over and over) that the missing weapons have no link to any specific terrorism threat.

And that’s all. The same short report was featured on Washington Times, but the entire story was later taken down. (Here is a link to the archived report.)

Bearing reports that the media is attempting to rewrite the story by walking it back to claim specifics on the stolen weapons are “unclear”.

Why? Because the specifics of the stolen weapons were reported in the beginning.


Initially, the Boston Herald reported it was a cache of “high-powered weapons” that was taken, linking to a local CBS affiliate’s live on scene report specifically mentioning 10 M11 pistols and six M4 semi-automatic rifles:

By the way, none of these reports discuss how it was so easy for thieves to break into a U.S. military armory and steal this many weapons. A surreal moment is seen in the newscast above when retired Army General Kevin Ryan is interviewed and says, “Any time that you have terrorist groups or just criminals breaking into police stations or armories stealing weapons in order to threaten the local government, the people, that’s something we all take seriously.”

Really? That’s something we all take seriously?

Gee. I kinda hope so.

However, as Bearing Arms notes, it was originally stated that a number of “long guns” were taken as well:

This intentionally murky invocation of “long guns” suggests heavier weaponry, either in the form of sniper rifles or perhaps even heavier weapons. What kind of weapons?

An Indiana reservist commenting on the break-in gives us an idea of the kind of weaponry you’d expect to find in an Army Reserve armory:

This is really bad! The amount of trouble it took to get in and steal weapons must have been worth it to someone. My reserve center in Indiana had a huge armored gun room with 2foot steel walls and tempered steel locks and tumblers. We had M-9s, M-16s, M203s, M-60s, M-249s and some old M-79s and probably some things that I never saw. Most Americans can buy long guns and handguns legally even in Massachusetts. If they want M-16/M-4, etc. It would have been easier to buy them as semi-autos through an out of state stray man purchase. So who would want full-auto military weapons and would not worry about selling them or transporting them and would not care about the police/law enforcement scrutiny? The only answer I can think of would be drug cartels and Terrorists. Drug cartels would need to travel all the way to Massachusetts or to transport the guns back to Mexico or central America. So the only people that I can think of who would need military grade, full-auto firearms within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts are a terrorist cell. We will find these guns very soon. I just hope it is not after a mall attack or stadium attack.

The Massachusetts media is walking back the original story of missing M4s and “long guns” to insist that the armory robbery only yielded handguns and “semi-automatic rifles,” which the Army does have, but in relatively limited amounts.

Keep in mind this happened just a day after the Paris attack, and just before ISIS released a new video claiming Washington D.C. is next. The stage is being set.

And as this story continues to get downplayed and edited (or deleted), authorities just keep saying over and over that these weapons are not linked to any specific terrorism threat.

It cannot go unnoticed that this is the same type of hazy report seen coming out of France back in July when a French Army depot was raided and explosives were stolen, including 40 grenades, 200 detonators, and some plastic explosives. Amazingly, it was reported that the base had had no security and no CCTV at the time of the theft.

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  • Maddog

    I’m sure they will tell us it was a pack of bible thumping, gun toting Christian tea party patriots. No sense letting a good French crisis get away without eliminating more American God given freedoms.

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  • LiberalsRLost

    breaking into an armory how easy is that to do????

    no alarms??? Hmmm hard to believe…

    I smell a set up for a false flag again….

    • Sovereign_Citizen

      NAILED IT!

    • Razedbywolvs

      Not that hard really. I heard one story of a guy walking into a maximum security building using a wet rag and a close hanger.

      • LiberalsRLost

        thanks….for sharing..appreciate it…

      • none

        All that effort for only six 6 full autos??? Well 9 9MM pistols? ????
        Sounds like maybe one person, all they could carry.
        When Bonnie and Clyde hit up arrmories, they took more.

        • Razedbywolvs

          and some old grenade launchers.
          What they say they took and what they really took are probably not the same thing.

    • Reasoniam

      What I heard over an Idaho station was that due to construction at the armory the alarm system may have been down. The report also included a list of items taken. 16 weapons taken from an Army Reserve in Massachusetts –

      • LiberalsRLost

        looks like someone with inside info knew the vulnerabilities….smells baaaaad…..!….lol…

        • Reasoniam

          My thought too.

    • TonysTake

      Inside Job! We had a case like this not long ago in Las Vegas. Turned out it was active duty and retired military in on the theft.

  • couple of pistols and a few semi-auto rifles….whoop dee.

    • Mark

      I think that the Occupied US government wants to up the ante, something more dramatic than mere small weapons fire.

      • guy named Ken Hagin, in 1950, reportedly had a detailed vision of multiple cities in the uSA being a fried-to-a-KFC-crisp ….

        • Mark

          There are many such prophesies. I expect it will happen soon.

  • Sovereign_Citizen

    Of course they have censored it! Cant have anymore advanced notice of what the next False Flag will bring:)

  • Mark

    Thinking people expect to see these “stolen” weapons make their appearance in an upcoming false flag.

  • Enough is enough

    False flag or not. Let the games really begin. Next false flag will bring death and destruction to the innocent.

  • Enough is enough

    These so called false flags. Are being done by terrorists. Ya the ones in are government. We all have been brain washed to thing false flag it’s just a set up no big deal. But WAKE UP!!!!!!!! False nothing people are dying and are rights are disappearing one by one. By the hands of terrorists Foreign and domestic. and the biggest terrorists of all are in Washington. So false flag I think not.

  • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

    The real story here is the cloak and dagger secrecy about what weapons were “stolen”. Anyone with half a brain expects there to be all sorts and varieties of military weapons and munitions stored in an armory-even in a reserve armory. The average persons mind could run wild, and they aren’t likely to be far off with what they might imagine. With that said, short of nuclear artillery rounds, there is precious little reason to be so secretive.
    I haven’t tried, but I’ll bet that with a little more information, the reserve center’s/units TO&E-Table of Organization & Equipment could be found, which would describe what weapons and munitions were allocated and approved for this center. So, what are they hiding?

    • Rick E.

      Great points made! My guess would be that perhaps they’re hiding info about a nuclear weapon of some sort is a possibility. There’s really no logical reason to obscure truth on this issue unless they have something very bad to hide.

    • archer

      They know exactly what type and how many, they will count the ones missing and compare serial numbers, frags are also very likely there and maybe claymores too.
      Semiauto, dont sound likely,

      • RandyJ/ProudSurvivor

        Of course they know-that’s the point. I served in a reserve 8 inch Field Artillery Battalion-before they were phased out-and even our armory was quite impressive by way of weapon diversity and quantity. 8 inch Arty could fire nuke rounds, though I’m quite certain we didn’t have any on hand-but there was ALL sorts of other stuff-including M16’s of course, M60 machine guns, M203 grenade launchers, hand grenades and if I recall correctly-at one time, LAW and Dragon anti-tank weapons. Infantry centers will also have mortars and rounds as well, in addition to other fun stuff.

  • Razedbywolvs

    I conceder anything my taxes paid for to be public property. So if your driving by a national guard facility help yourself to a tank.

    • aliasooze


    • Someguy

      That goes for police vehicles too. They set up a “steal iems from unlocked cars to prevent theft”… so if you see a runing police cruiser(or tank), hop in and drop it off at the police precinct so somebody can’t steal it.

  • desertspeaks

    what was stolen? well we can speculate, grenades, explosives, detonators, firearms and any missiles that they could lay their hands on!

  • Reasoniam

    Here’s the ID station report link 16 weapons taken from an Army Reserve; man in Massachusetts sought | KBOI-AM

  • archer

    They won’t attack the criminal pols, after all they are their benefacots.

  • archer

    It worked for JFK jr. didn’t it ,never got a chance to run for NY senate seat because of an untimely death, she got it instead.

  • reduce the pretend gov’t to a manageable level, about zero. then re-instate the Republic

    Fresh off the press:

    you promised all your property- which includes your thoughts, labor, body, stuff, ideas , etc to the STATE and you didn’t even know you did. You must rebut that presumption on the record before you can tell them to F&$^ off ! for details,

    they think they are the sole beneficiaries of ALL of your life/property

    gee,,, i wonder why my chromebook all of a sudden won’t open hardly any pages, but can access this from gmail and comment. The Church Lady knows the answer !!!

  • tinnerjim

    I hope they start with the MA state house….yet they are now refusing muslims…go figure. When I was in the Corps EVERY ROUND was accounted for…EVERY weapon was subject to a long train of custody… when will someone name the folks that are “supposed “to call themselves armors?

  • none

    Hitler eek, please do not embarrass her by misspelling her name.

  • Nek Xorp

    The “Weapon Armory Loophole”.