They Just Keep Saying ISIS Is Going to Attack America’s Electric Grid

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Leading into another 9/11 anniversary, the normal al Qaeda scarefest is nowhere to be found. This year’s fearmongering is all about ISIS, and September started by taking the rhetoric up a notch.

Back in August, it was all about how ISIS is tremendously well-funded and like nothing the Pentagon had ever seen and another 9/11 was on the way. Then we were told an ISIS terror attack on American streets is highly likely; so likely, in fact, that an Imminent Terrorist Attack Warning By Feds on US Border alert was released featuring the possibility that ISIS groups operating out of the Mexican border city of Juarez might attack the U.S. with car bombs, although no specific threats had been received.

Then we were told that there are nearly a dozen jets missing from war-torn Libya which could be used to strike 9/11-like targets.

The new and latest September-fresh talking point is that ISIS is going to attack America’s ‘frail and vulnerable’ electric grid. Frank Gaffney, founder and president of the Center for Security Policy in Washington, has actually given it the monicker “grid jihad.”

Not only that, but they are being VERY specific on exactly how ISIS could commit this act and all the ways it could cripple the country if they did.

At a recent press conference, Dr. Peter Pry, a former CIA officer and head of the task force on National and Homeland Security, went on record that America’s power grid faces an “imminent” attack by ISIS — and the media has run with it.

 “There is an imminent threat from ISIS to the national electric grid and not just to a single U.S. city,” Pry warns. He points to a leaked U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission report in March that said a coordinated terrorist attack on just nine of the nation’s 55,000 electrical power substations could cause coast-to-coast blackouts for up to 18 months.

“The Congressional EMP Commission, on which I served, did an extensive study of this,” Pry says. “We discovered to our own revulsion that critical systems in this country are distressingly unprotected. We calculated that, based on current realities, in the first year after a full-scale EMP event, we could expect about two-thirds of the national population – 200 million Americans – to perish from starvation and disease, as well as anarchy in the streets.” (source)

Here are just a few of the headlines now coming off the news wire.

Chicago Tribune: “ISIS has changed the game for America”

If ISIS gets a nuclear electromagnetic-pulse device and succeeds in setting it off in America, it could shut down our electric grid and plunge America into the Dark Ages.

KBOI2: “Experts warn of ISIS attack on US power grid”

And what makes the grid so vulnerable is that it’s so open and obvious, which experts say makes it ideal for an attack.

Washington Examiner: “New ISIS threat: America’s electric grid; blackout could kill 9 of 10”

“Inadequate grid security, a porous U.S.-Mexico border, and fragile transmission systems make the electric grid a target for ISIS,” said Peter Pry, one of the nation’s leading experts on the grid.

“By one estimate, should the power go out and stay out for over a year, nine out of 10 Americans would likely perish,” said Frank Gaffney, founder and president of the Center for Security Policy in Washington.

WND: “Expert: ‘Imminent’ ISIS threat to U.S. power grid”

Pry surmised such an attack on the U.S. power grid “wouldn’t be difficult for them.”

“There are … open-source computer models where you can figure out which are those nine critical transformer substations where if attacked would take down the whole national power grid,” he said.

“So something like that could be arranged. It could happen tomorrow. It could happen next week.”

So glad he’s busy giving out precise instructions on exactly how to accomplish this. Let’s continue.

International Business Times: “ISIS Will Target the U.S. Power Grid, Former CIA Says; Could Tap Other Fellow Extremist Groups to Do the Job”

“All they’ve got to do is contact the Knights Templar, wire these guys $10 million, I mean they’ll do anything for money. And say, ‘Hey, go across that open U.S. border and take out the electric grid in Arizona, or New Mexico, or Minnesota or New York. Or the entire nation.'”

Oh so knocking out the grid would run them about $10 mil?

KGNS.TV: “Security experts warn about possible ISIS targets in the US”

“Unfortunately, there’s a lot to evidence that enemies of this country have figured out that if you attack that very vulnerable grid, they could cause cataclysmic damage to the American people,” Gaffney said.

Gaffney says the “domino effect” of an attack on the electric grid could reach all corners of the country and be deadly.

“Water requires power, food requires power, transportation requires electricity, finance, telecommunications,” explained Gaffney.

Peter Pry even showed up on Fox to advertise, er, discuss the ISIS electric grid threat:

At this point, all the bases on this scenario have been covered. The only thing they didn’t do was give senior ISIS leadership a tour of a major power plant, complete with fake badges and blueprints as take home souvenirs.

If these experts and reporters have left any detail to the imagination on exactly how ISIS could carry this plan out and what precise steps are needed to make it a reality, I’m not sure what that is.

The repeated talking point also seems noteworthy, considering  that one of the last warnings former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano gave to her successor in an ‘open letter’ before heading out the door was that a cyber or physical event that knocks out the power grid will occur – and it was not a question of “if” but “when.”

That’s in addition to last November’s massive emergency drill dubbed GridEx II [PDF] specifically for grid takedown scenarios which involved thousands of agency officials North America-wide, including those from Mexico.


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  • Adol Hintner

    That would be fantastic, we could get rid of these nonsense electronics in cars and go more mechanical, points, etc.
    Last time my electric went out for 2 weeks from a storm I got tired of trying to save Refrigerator food and just opened cans. My propane cheap stove took to long to cook, so I switched the propane to map gas and cooked on the back porch. I suggest Map gas, it heats food 2 times faster, but you have to cook outside.

    • Lee

      Your kidding right? Do you know how big this would be on US soil?! It wouldn’t be all flowers and roses buddy, they would literally begin to take over America

    • Billy Bob Joeadoodle

      It actually wouldn’t be good because we need energy for the lights outside,hospitals,the electric lamps for people with deprssion for the winter, and heating for the winter….We will die!!!!!!!!

  • explorer

    It always amazes me that fear mongering also acts as a brainstorming for terrorists. Why don’t they just tell them how to do it…

    • Rick E.

      Because “they” ARE the terrorists! Think about it.

      • explorer


  • Marc

    You would think the Drug Cartels wouldn’t want an attack. That would cut into their profit. I can just see the Isis bunch go you against them.

  • Synick46

    The CIA and Mossad are planning…oops!!!…I mean ISIS is likely to…

  • M Fr Nch

    Well this has me a bit divided. On the one hand it would make life initially more difficult, but that would be overcome in a reasonably short time since I have most needed items already. On the other hand it would probably kill off a lot of those too ignorant or self important to even try to adjust. I am sure looting would be one of the first responses though how they would use that tv is beyond me. In this instance we can just look at the black friday yearly fiascoes and see that there is no shortage of ignorance in the country.
    Since GMOs, vaccines, and spraying are not killing off enough I guess somebody wants a more entertaining way to kill off a lot of the population. I am undecided on whether it is a good thing to let the ignorant kill each other or not, because of the mess that would need to be cleaned up.
    If the grid goes out, the fun will start in about 3 or 4 days. I suggest some popcorn and a way to fix it, and maybe some lemonade, it will be interesting to watch.

  • Sharon Springfield

    Let’s assume the plan is to have this happen. The people in control would be “killing off” all the sheeple that aren’t prepared. Who would be left? All of us who HAVE prepared and are awake. So now you have nothing but a population of awake people who are pissed off and all have loaded guns. Not sure they want to go there. Personally, I am thinking this is to keep us looking one way, while they are raping us in other ways. Constantly keeping us thinking about the supposed threat of ISIS keeps us from paying attention to other things that will probably affect us more in the future.

    • tophand62

      Sharon…..You don’t think that Homeland stocked up billions of bullets for the stupid sheeple that are going to die off all by themselves do you?…..The billions of rounds are for the ones that’re left……US

      • Sharon Springfield

        Oh I hear you and know full well about those billions of bullets. And maybe I am being a bit hopeful in thinking that there will be enough of US to manage THEM regardless of the amount of bullets. Bullets (currently) need a human behind that weapon. And I do not believe that the entire military will choose to follow blindly and kill all of those that remain. Besides, if the grid does go down, just the day to day of trying to survive for everyone will come into play. We won’t have time to worry about Homeland. We will have to worry about our next door neighbor. At least in the beginning.

        • tophand62

          Agreed…..I don’t know if anyone really understands the implications of grid down….Police and Military will stay on the job for a few days, but then when it comes to doing a job or taking care of your family, we will all chose to take care of what’s most important….It’s not going to bother me either way….I already live “grid down”….(and that doesn’t mean solar/wind power, I live completely with no power except for a little generator I run on methane that I make myself)….(and my nearest neighbor is 8 miles away)

          • Sharon Springfield

            I admire anyone who can give up the modern conveniences. So may I ask, how do you do internet in your current setup? And I will freely admit that I am envious of NO neighbors for 8 miles! LOL

          • tophand62

            Wireless internet hotspot, through my cell provider….Expensive, but since I don’t have satellite TV or satellite Internet it’s a way to stay in touch….Plus, it travels with me…I can be on the back-side of the ranch and be on the internet, (I don’t have data on my dumb-phone)…I don’t give up as much as you’d think, but you should try it sometime, just pull the main breaker on your breaker box and try to live without for a week….Good practice…Cheers…

          • HawkEye1971

            The Generator will no longer work if an EMP happens. The circuits in the Generator that turn the power into 110 volts will be fried. The motor’s will work but not the converter for 110. Anything that has an electrical chip will be fried. You will have to think more outside the box. Consider making a box that is EMP proof and leave a generator in it for just the SHTF day. But it will need to be a water powered generator. Because after the EMP hits. You will not be able to pump any gas for the motor ever.
            People will be in madness and do things you would never think of. To be really prepared for an EMP, means to think and write down a full list of how to survive it and then act it out as if it really happened. Act it out for at least a month and see were you stand on improving your life survival.

          • tophand62

            Actually this article did not talk about a EMP/CME grid-down scenario specifically…Although, in that particular scenario, there would be no one to communicate with, no internet, or phones, so I wouldn’t need electrical power at all…I currently only use tech for my ranch business, talking to clients or marketing livestock…In almost any imaginable scenario I will easily slip into a pre-technological lifestyle, which I mostly already live….

          • Josey Wales

            th62, would like your input on other types of communication. Phones will definitely be the first to go.

          • tophand62

            Hey Josey…Check these out on Amazon…I have a dozen stored in Faraday bags along with small solar chargers…They will receive signals from the larger Ham operators and we can use them as short range units to communicate when on recons or hunts….….Keep your powder dry, TH62.

          • Josey Wales

            Will do and the link much appreciated. I think the dual rig is the best for the buck. Take care. ..stay safe. J.W.

          • Moralmonday

            Just remember boy when other countries come and take over; they will be killing off the white men. Blacks will still be here! You have every right to be scared boy!

          • Josey Wales

            Show how much you know about history. Like I have told you before your ignorance is infinate and so are your childish comments.

          • Did you also buy a computer that can be used to program them, they being SDRs? Where will the power come from once you go sub-technological?
            Most Hams are as oblivious and unprepared for griddown as most others. WTF is a Faraday bag, a anti-static bag delivered with devious marketing?

          • If you only need a little bit of electricity, you’d be better off to replace your generator with a wind turbine and/or photovoltaics, since the sun will still be there, and it drives all of the weather. Replace all of your AC devices with low voltage DC and you can install crowbar devices on the supply line that will protect everything from EMPs without removing them from service.

          • What do you use as feedstock to make the methane? How many spare parts do you have for the generator? Can you do all of the repairs on the generator yourself? If you use manure from your animals, can you keep them fed? If not, how long will it take to eat everything?

          • tophand62

            I have no worries, I keep around a 100 hens, I raise a couple hundred calves and around 700 lambs a year….I also have broodmares and foals as well as saddle stock, no shortage of biomass for the methane digester….Between the deeded and leased ground I run on about 10k acres and keep a stock of around 250 tons of hay on hand for winters or drought years….So, short of a Yellowstone caldera eruption I should be in pretty good shape for feed and water, (windmills and ponds)….I have a 10×10 shed I built that is EMP proof and I keep a few small generators in it that are converted to natural gas, as well as one big 25 KW Onan that was a propane unit that I changed the orifices in…Besides, I really don’t need electricity anyway, it is a luxury for me as I have everything rigged to run on the methane…Gas lights, heat, and cook stove…. Wood heat and cook stoves as well…No need for refrigeration as we can or smoke all the meat and can all the vegetables…Really and truly, an EMP would not effect my outfit much at all with the exception of using the wagons and mule teams more…

          • What do you have to protect your hens from what caused the destruction of millions of them in factories recently?

          • tophand62

            Seclusion….I am several hundred miles from the nearest commercial chicken farm and off the flight path of most wild migratory birds…

          • One pass by a drone seeding the appropriate pathogen would end your seclusion in the same way that Stuxnet was introduced into the Iranian uranium enrichment plant, deliberately. Those pathogens spring up because of crowding in factory farms, but they can be introduced into any susceptible population. Domestication can cause the same problem.
            Are you in the Big Horn Basin?

          • tophand62

            Did you miss the fact that I am on 10,000 acres?!!….I am a far cry from “factory farm”, and would be one of the last places that a drone would fly over….I have nothing they want and I’m far down the “threat matrix”…Just an old cowboy.

          • tophand62

            There will be a lot of people dead before they get around to me.

          • That’s true because you are more likely to starve due to your overwhelming case of complacency.

          • tophand62

            LMFAO…I raise over a 1000 head of livestock a year you moron…Go try to troll on someone else.

          • Maybe you should stick to doing that instead of posting fantasy.

  • Rick E.

    Our economy is in trouble, and our dollar is in big trouble! Therefore, a false flag grid-down scenario is just what the doctor ordered!
    In this manner they can empty our bank accounts, raid out 401Ks, etc., and blame it on ISIS, Iran, Russia, China, or any other boogeyman that seems most useful and plausible at the time!

    • Sharon Springfield

      That reminds me…I need to go buy some more silver while I still can.

      • Make it junk silver so you’ll have small change to use until trade resumes in a big way.

    • If you haven’t already liquidated your paper, are you waiting on the bankers to help you? Really?

  • tophand62

    MATH QUIZ……. How long would it take a captured Syrian jet to get from the Sonoran, Mexico/Arizona border to the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant?….Talk about a major grid attack…..BTW, the answer is minutes, it’s about a hundred miles and it would be a close thing to scramble fighters to intercept……

    • Sharon Springfield

      Forgive my ignorance tophand62, but would the takedown of the Pale Verde plant take down the whole grid? Or just the west? I know that a lot of them are interlinked (except Texas I think).

      • tophand62

        No Ma’am…..It wouldn’t take down the grid at all….But, Palo Verde is the largest Nuke plant in the nation, and IF, it can be attacked, it would cause a “trigger event”…Also, if they could cause a meltdown, it would be a major coup for the “enemy”….Think Fukushima…

    • If they breach the containments for any of the reactors, it will be like Fukushima in Phoenix.

  • Rick E.

    Good points made Cara, but before I can speculate on the story line, I’d have to research this a bit before I will offer an opinion.

  • Rick E.

    I have no idea Cara.

  • godisvictorious

    then “they” should put down their drug or perversion of choice , get off their fat lazy a** and do what we hires / appointed or give them a paycheck to do – DEFEND THE COUNTRY !!!!

  • Food water shelter.

  • amazedbyidiots

    They don’t need ISIS to take down the power grid it is so overloaded and fragile it is regularly taken down by heatwaves tornadoes ice storms blizzards flooding. Last winter they ran out of poles to replace the ones destroyed by ice and wind. Anyone who has to depend totally on an electric supplier is not paying attention. As long as this country spends it’s money policing and arming the world instead of upgrading crumbling infrastructure it will be in danger of massive collapse; whether caused deliberately or just ignored. Hopefully the next storm that hits Wall St. will happen so quickly the banksters won’t make it to their safe homes in time. Then they will find out how edible their hedge funds printed money and other magical “products” are.

  • Insane Image of America, if ISIS were to take over our country’s power grid/electrical system.

  • DHS is for COG.

  • If you haven’t responded by now, and don’t by the time the bonds become worthless paper, what are you waiting for?