The Whole Thing is About To Come Unhinged: 6 Ways To Prepare For the Next Collapse

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Since the last great recession of 2008, economic forecasters and preppers alike have warned of the bottom dropping out of the economy. The proverbial doom prediction of “it’s not if, but when” was used for years as a call to action to get ready for a much larger economic disaster. Well folks, it seems that history is repeating itself. This week, George Soros cautioned the public of an impending economic crisis.

Speaking at an economic forum in Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo, he told an audience that China is struggling to find a new growth model and its currency devaluation is transferring problems to the rest of the world, according to media. He added that a return to rising interest rates was proving difficult for the developing world.

The current environment reminded him of the “crisis we had in 2008,”The Sunday Times in Sri Lanka reported on Thursday morning. “China has a major adjustment problem,” he added, according to Bloomberg. “I would say it amounts to a crisis.”

The Reality is Stark and the Consequences are Clear

For years, Mac Slavo of SHTFPlan fervently warned his readers to stock up on physical assets and to prepare. His weekly economic posts proved of economic strife, but many believed he was all hype. It seems the day is finally here and we are looking at the possibility of this crisis being more unforgiving than its predecessor.

Mac states, “All you have to do is look around. The signs are everywhere. There is an industrial recession in China, lackluster holiday sales prove there is a consumer recession in the United States, real estate is stalled and is re-collapsing and stock markets around the world are set to buckle. If you’ve yet to prepare, the time is now because the whole thing is about to come unhinged.

What is about to occur is mirroring what happened in 2008. In fact, given the many national and world events that has plagued us in the past, it seems that this looming crisis on the horizon is the perfect storm for disaster.

Mac goes on to warn us. What to expect is to expect the unexpected because uncertainty is the name of the game. We don’t know how far markets will crash, what will happen with the U.S. dollar or what will happen with geopolitical tensions; and our way of life could change literally overnight. In the last 15 years, we’ve seen what systemic breakdown does in countries like Greece, Cyprus, Venezuela and Argentina.

The lessons learned are clear – you better have supplies on hand. In Venezuela, for example, they couldn’t even get toilet paper or condoms. In Greece, people were lining up in droves to get expired food that grocery stores were throwing away, and perhaps just as significantly, access to lifesaving medicine was lost when Greek credit markets were locked up.

The reality is stark and the consequences are clear – there will be panic, confusion and violence. Are you ready for that?

If You’ve Yet to Prepare, the Time is Now

Unlike the recession of 2008, this economic beast will not be held off. There will be extensive amounts of wealth lost leading to drastic cutbacks by consumers. Moreover, you can expect massive  job loss. In 2008 and 2009, the U.S. labor market lost 8.4 million jobs, or 6.1% of all payroll employment. This was the most dramatic employment contraction (by far) of any recession since the Great Depression (Source).


Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

As well, you can anticipate food prices to increase even more than they have over the last few years. In fact, the price for food has drastically risen since the last recession; and according to this chart, prices are set to steadily increase with this next crisis.


As Slavo points out, now is the time to invest in your future so that you can limit your exposure to this potential game changer.

1. Get prepared. At the very least, buy food, products, and supplies in bulk to help you prepare for price inflation. If you have the means to do so, invest in 30-60 days worth of supplies so that you have everything you need. Having these on hand will help you if times become more difficult. You can use this free online series to begin creating a personal step-by-step preparedness plan for your family; or, buy the best-selling book, The Prepper’s Blueprint to use as a reference in your preparations. As well, if you can manage, get out of debt, organize your finances and find ways to free up some of your income for an emergency fund to help you create a personal safety net.

2. Preserve wealth. Choose hard assets (dry goods, precious metals, land, livestock, skills, etc.) for long-term investments so they will hold their intrinsic value over time. Holding these types of investments will insulate you from inflation and other economic issues. Further, tying your money up in assets will help you avoid the inflating prices of food sources in the future, thus furthering your cause of self-reliant living.

3. Invest in food. One thing analysts and financial pundits agree on is that, in general, commodities will continue to rise. When others are buying foods at inflated prices, you will be consuming your investment when it was purchased at a lower price. Using a combination of shelf stable foods, you can create a well-rounded food supply to depend on when an emergency arises. Further, these foods last a lifetime and would make sound investments for future planning. Ideally, you want to store shelf-stable foods that your family normally consumes, as well as find foods that are multi-dynamic and serve many purposes. Dry goods like rice, wheat, beans, salt, honey, and dry milk will provide you with an investment that will grow in value as prices rise, and also offer you peace of mind in case the economy further degrades. This food storage calculator can show you how much food should you need to store. As well, read Emergency Items: What Will Disappear First for more ideas.

4. Learn how to grow your own food. In a homestead environment, a person wants the land to work for them as much as possible. Invest in fruit trees, seeds, and garden supplies. If you really want these peak foods, find a way to grow them yourself. Further, if you live in a rural area, consider investing in trees and bushes that will lure wild game. The trees and bushes can provide you with added sustenance and help you stock meat in your freezer. Here is a how-to guide for creating a garden quickly.

5. Raise your own food. Rather than paying hard-earned money at the store for eggs, poultry and dairy—raise them yourself. Chickens are very easy to care for and can provide you with meat and eggs throughout the year. Additionally, you can find substitutions for these peak foods with a little research and ingenuity. For example, rabbits would be a suitable protein replacement and can even be raised in more urban areas. Similar to chickens, they don’t require much care and with some effort can be fed from the homestead’s garden or you can grow fodder. They are also great breeders and will provide you with ample amounts of meat. These are the 10 best meat rabbit breeds. As well, for the modest price of purchasing a fishing license, you can stock your freezer with fresh-caught fish.

6. It all adds up. Again, do what you can to pay off debts ahead of time and work to restructure your outgoing funds to lower your expenses as much as possible. Debt only enslaves you further, and finding ways to detach from the system will break those shackles. As well, look into finding additional income streams. The more income you can set aside, the better off you will be. That way, if your main income dries up, you have a fall back income and won’t have to go into default.

We Have a Choice

This economic crisis is projected to hit much harder than the 2008 recession and will last longer. The truth of the matter is that we stand at the brink of a precipice and the choice is yours to make: you can ignore the tell-tale signs or get ready and brace yourselves for it. It’s time to get ready because it’s about to get real.

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Contributed by Tess Pennington of Ready Nutrition.

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    Stay safe stay frosty …..out

  • The smart money is on real money, IMO. Anything that is paper-based and/or deposited in a bank will disappear with the bail-ins, and would be, at least, less of a loss if it was converted to gold and/or silver under the owner’s physical control and possession.
    I do not believe that there will be a global or widespread collapse of markets, rather a continuous downhill slide in values and reliability. If all of one’s resources are in a recognizable form like currency, they will be usable until that is devalued to the level of unusable, like the paper money became in Germany, for anything but burning because the BTUs in the wood that it could buy were less than that in the paper. Beyond that, living in one of three vans for the last 30+ years has taught me that it is far easier to reduce ones cost of living than to increase ones income. The mobility can solve a variety of problems quickly, although one must reconcile oneself to pity and/or scorn from those who cannot or will not understand eccentric lifestyles.

    • Rick E.

      I hear you on your post! Believe it or not I get crap from people-especially relatives-about living off of the grid.

      They ask; “what will you do if you get sick or have a heart attack, or something”, “don’t you miss being around people?”, “you live 28 miles from the nearest store and mailbox?, oh that’s awful”.
      “how do you go online and watch TV”, and it goes on and on!

      Eccentric lifestyles can give one a good measure of freedom while retaining ones individuality and sense of self worth.

      • sunshine

        My dream is to live off the grid one day….you are so lucky!

        • DeeDee Denise

          It’s going to be one of the only ways to survive in the coming years….There are plenty of ways to make money and most of that will be online. Companies need people working from home and you can work from anywhere in the world in most cases!…Good Luck

        • Rick E.

          We should find a way to email each other, then I could really tell you all about my living out here without hogging the forum here. Thanks for your comment!

      • I’m still pissed I don’t live like you do, lol! Sounds like a dream to me.

        • Rick E.

          After living out here off of the grid for going on 4 years now, I can honestly say that it IS worth the trouble! And, just yesterday I had to drive 7 miles of the access road in 4WD high, and almost 2 miles of it in 4WD low! It’s an inconvenience at times for sure, but it IS worth it! I couldn’t get out at all for several days due to snow and mud.
          But there’s no nosy neighbors, no cops on this 10 mile long thrashed road, no noise other than aircraft and mother nature!

    • anna miller

      good response about the physical holding of precious metals. How many have their gold/silver on paper only? Of course Roosevelt forced citizens to turn in their gold in the Great Depression, for paper deposits. I wonder how many would comply if that dictate should arise again. Forget about those who have judged or still judge you for your “eccentric lifestyle”. You are far more equipped to handle adversity than those who have lived for consumerism. Those who laugh first shall laugh last. good comment.

      • Lydiahwang

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    • sunshine

      I think living in a van is awesome and I’m jealous I can’t do it (but we have a pretty big family). We have considered a RV though. It makes me laugh, I think of the oooold SNL skit with Chris Farley saying “You’ll end up in a VAN down by the RIVER!” and how terrible that sounded back then and how fantastic and freeing it sounds now!

      • I have been contemplating starting a chat group on
        The only thing I’ve decided is the name: down by the river…

        • sunshine

          I would love to join your chat group so if you do it, let me know! Yeah I do worry about that kind of thing when my kids would get older, but I figure I could get a piece of land and build a large garage/barn where we spent most of our time…but who knows, it’s all speculation.

          • Keep an eye on this one because I’d entice several others from here, if possible. My primary interest is in a greater diversity of topics with a narrower range of subject material.

          • Don’t use proboards, they’ll shut you down!

          • What is a proboard?

          • Free internet forums( but they’ll shut you down if they don’t like your discussions. You don’t say much about the transgressors of both World Wars so your board may be okay but I wouldn’t use them unless you have a script to scrape the site and back up the content daily.

          • I had never heard of before, but they aren’t my tentative choice, which is, fwiw.

          • Well I haven’t heard anything bad about them so far but I am not one to know about that stuff(not an experienced free forum guy)… I’d rent my own server and host it myself: my hosting account, my board, my content, my rules but if one does not know the tech aspect of all that I would use a service like that, just make sure they are VERY liberty minded. Also look around for any complaints about them removing content, that would be a red flag. I’d surely be interested in browsing your forum.

          • The key word was tentative, the forum doesn’t exist, yet. I’m interested in an alternative to this one where I can elimination the flood of off-topic threads, ad hominem addicts, and potty mouths and provide a place where the like-minded can come together to explore and pursue ways of enhancing our individual liberties. Those three problems will be the three issues to which my moderation will be directed, and I will act without warning because the TOS will be very simple, disobey and posts will be deleted. Repeat and the offenders account will be deleted. You will be one of my founding members, if you wish.

          • I’d LOVE to be a member! I always wish to learn from others, if you are a mod though you are going to have your work cut out for you, that’s why I don’t run one myself. The last snapshot of Eric’s board is here: – you will see that it is a VERY well organized forum and I have never seen the “ban hammer” dropped on so many members before. I was banned twice, each time for merely asking a question! I guess I didn’t ask it in the right place, I dunno but he was STRICT with those rules, far more strict than anyone I have ever previously observed but consider the content(Flat Earth) so there was probably a need for that.

            They recently moved to here: – so maybe they did their research and this is a better option? I don’t know but I felt it was worth mentioning to you for the possible value.

            I think it’s great you are thinking of doing this!

          • I wouldn’t be a moderator. I’d be the owner. There would be three simple rules: no ad hominem attacks, no profanity, no hijacking of threads. Since members would be able to create threads at will, there is no reason to hijack one. Asking questions that are off-topic would constitute a reason to start a new thread. When all else fails, I am a strong believer in the Socratic method.

          • mirageseekr

            You could make an earthbag house for a fraction of what that barn would cost and it would be a lot nicer to live in.

          • sunshine

            Oh yeah? Do you have any links? It sounds interesting but I’m also on the Gulf Coast, you think it’s feasible down here?

          • mirageseekr

            Just google and youtube earthbag house and or construction and you will get tons of information on it. You may have to pay for a few dump trucks of clay in that area, I am not sure the soil mix there would be right as is. I am freezing my ass of in Ohio so that is not a problem for me, we have tons of clay.

          • sunshine

            I will, thanks much 🙂

            Yikes, Ohio? What general area if you don’t mind my asking? We almost took a job in Columbus but it wasn’t to my liking (no offense). I did notice that up far northeast it snows A LOT! Brr!

          • mirageseekr

            I am about 25 min south of Cleveland, still in the snow belt, and ya it sure does get rough here at times. Columbus gets about half the snow we do because we get the lake effect off of Lake Erie. I guess being born and breed here makes you a little more tolerant of it. On the other hand I have spent time on the Gulf coast and while it is pretty it is also unbearably humid for me and your bugs grow to mutant sizes lol. My ideal spot would be more west like Arizona, Nevada way. Nice dry warm weather.

          • sunshine

            Yeah the Cleveland area and the snow belt was what I was thinking of….YIKES! Although I am originally from WV/VA and in WV it snows probably as much as it does in Cleveland (we are high in the mountains). But I never got used to it, I hated every minute of winter (spring sucks too…it always floods but summer and fall are stunning). True about the Gulf Coast, the humidity is awful. But, last summer we went to TX and drove through Louisiana and East TX and THAT was the most god awful humidity I’ve ever felt in my entire life and the bugs were truly insane, it’s not that bad where I’m at so I definitely now understand how bad it can be! I’ve never been out west but a family member went and said they were never so happy to come home and see trees and the greenness of our mountains, so the arid moonscape brownness might bother…lol 🙂

            Is there snow on the ground now?

          • mirageseekr

            So far it has been a mild winter, today is really the first major snowfall here. Considering it’s January I won’t complain.

          • D.Moore

            LOL, that means we can eat them there bugs if we have to! (sarcasm) Not going to matter where we live if Yellowstone decides to blow. Keep supplies and have a way too get clean water, you can always boil water, the rest is relative if something does go wrong, this is the best advice I know.

  • morecotwo

    This is great! Another dire and bearish crazy prediction. Get ready for the market to soar!

    • M_111

      Then…buy! buy!! buy!!!

      • morecotwo

        That is how it always works.

    • D.Moore

      We can hope it’s not all gloom and doom

  • sunshine

    Aww, where’s the link to growing a garden quickly??? BOOOOO!

  • berrybestfarm

    It doesn’t do much good to have food when you are freezing to death

    • In some of the areas I live around they dig up floor boards and burn them for heat leaving huge holes in the floors and makes walking through distressed properties very dangerous.