The Way Black Lives Matter Responded to Paris Attack Will Boil Your Blood

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Shortly after Paris endured a horrifying terrorist attack, which has so far lead to the deaths of 136 people, the supporters of Black Lives Matter and the Mizzou Protests have responded to the incident in the most sickening way imaginable. Rather than simply recognizing this event as a horrible tragedy that shouldn’t happen to anybody, they’ve decided that they are the center of the universe, and nothing in the world could possibly be more tragic than their plight.

It started over the weekend, when supporters for these movements took to twitter to express their outrage over the fact that the Paris terror attack was stealing their thunder. Here’s a few of the tamer tweets, courtesy of Breitbart. Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 15.03.27

“Equally messed up” should win an award for the biggest overstatement of the year. There is simply no comparison to be made between hundreds of people getting murdered, and systemic racism, whether real or imagined. Only the most self entitled narrow-minded person could possibly think that these issues have equal merit.

But it doesn’t end there. They’re so upset that the Paris attack has diverted attention away from their movement, that they started the despicable #FuckParis hashtag.

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Which eventually turned into nothing more than a tantrum over past crimes that France has committed against Africans.

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Again, that’s one of the tamer tweets. Others decided to post images of colonial French soldiers standing over the severed heads of Africans. Regardless of whether or not Black Lives Matter or Mizzou ever started with legitimate grievances, they clearly aren’t serving to better race relations now. They’ve committed themselves to an idea that always derails every racial justice movement that gets infected with it.

That idea, is keeping score. Obviously, everybody wants to get a fair shake in this world regardless of their skin color, and obviously, Western societies used to be really bad at treating minorities fairly. But the moment somebody says “you owe me this because of what your dead ancestors did to my dead ancestors” you’re no longer improving race relations, you’re inflaming them.

And that’s pretty much what these movements have turned into. They’re no longer about racial equality, if they ever were. They’re just an outlet for people who are keeping score. Not only does this explain why they think the French deserve this, or at the very least, don’t deserve any sympathy, it also explains why they think that the world has to be watching their every move, every day. They think the world owes them something, and they think everyone who is white deserves to be treated like shit. Whatever “evens the score” in their minds, is fair game.

To them, you can’t just be an ordinary person. You have to be on team white or team black, and they won’t rest until the scoreboard is even. However, that scoreboard doesn’t exist in the real world, so they will never be satisfied. Those of us who’ve actually grown up, know that the world doesn’t owe anyone anything. These kids will either learn that lesson and grow up themselves, or they will eventually lose all relevancy after their entitled attitude pisses off everyone.

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